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You don’t need sugar-packed over-flavored sports drinks to get your electrolyte fix before, during, or after your workout. Each Nuun tablet is loaded with enough electrolytes for 16 ounces of water. The flavors are subtle and not overly sweet, and Nuun tablets contain absolutely no sugar.

  • Each tablet flavors 16 ounces of water
  • No sugar
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Replenishes in a tasty way

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Note: these are now called Nuun Active.

I take them with me when I'm backcountry skiing or mtb'ing or hiking in the summer, i.e. situations where I'll be working hard and sweating lots for hours and hours. Otherwise, these or any electrolyte supplement are unnecessary, you won't need to replace electrolytes because you haven't run out of them.

The nutrient composition of Nuun electrolyte tablets is comparable to other performance brands like Skratch, meaning that there're enough electrolytes, particularly sodium, to really help restore a dehydrated body. Read and understand your labels because many "hydration" products are crap. Nuun is good, though.

Nice things about Nuun electrolytes is that they're pressed tablets that can be packed individually. I usually wrap one in plastic and tape it to the side of my water bottle. They're also easy to handle with gloves on, unlike powder or some pills.

I tried adding a tablet to my water before I took off on an outing, but it seemed to spoil. So, instead I've learned to add the tablet 5 minutes or so before I need it. It takes about that time to dissolve. It works just like Rolaids or whatever that antacid is that fizzes when you drop it in water. For that reason, you need to leave some empty space in your water bag or leave the lid off you water bottle so the gas has somewhere to expand, or you could get sprayed as if you opened a beer that was dropped.

I got the tropical fruit flavor. It's nice because it's not too sweet and there a few flavors in the tropical mix that keep it appealing. And the effervescence gives some carbonation to the drink, which makes it refreshing, like when you glug some soda and say "Ahhhh" afterwards.

All in all, I think Nuun Active electrolyte tablets are one of several quality options on the market. I happen to like the tablet form and the tropical flavor, so I'm sticking with Nuun.

Go To Electrolyte Replacement

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size

I love using Nuun on a ride, after a ride or when hungover.
Not too overpowering, but still tasty. They have kept me out of cramping trouble numerous times!
Super easy to carry a whole tube with you while you ride too!

Human Fuel

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

My wife has been adding Nuun to her water for her marathon training and has found that she doesn't need to bring energy chews with her, so it's nice to be able to get all your workout energy in just a water bottle.

Hot weather necessity

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The lemon lime flavor is subtle, but thats okay. Im not into the overpowering, super sweet sports drinks like Gatorade.

For working, hiking, etc outside in the heat, this is a great way to replace electrolytes without feeling bogged down by sugar.

Also, no carbs = a great option for diabetics.

stay hydrated and go longer!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

i work (and play) outside all day, often in 100 degree weather, and need to stay hydrated. i started using nuun because they are compact and easy to carry. its like carrying 6 gatorades if you have access to water. i think it tastes better than gatorade and doesn't leave that film in my mouth. i've also tried some of the other tablets and found they didn't dissolve as well. nuun is my favorite by far.

there seem to be some flavor problems among others. i personally stick with the citrus flavors. the cola, banana and some others are a bit artificial. do some taste testing.

Value for money when buying 8 packs

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I usually buy single tube from local store and they are not cheap. It is cheaper to get 8 packs if you find your favorite flavor. Mine is lemon lime. Hydrate and does not make you thirsty unlike some other Electrolyte.


    I got the strawberry lemonade to take on a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon because they are light weight and can be added to water I am already carrying instead of carrying separate sports drinks in addition to water. Tried it out when I got it and tastes pretty good.


      I use nuun daily and appreciate the added flavor and electrolytes it gives to water without adding calories.

      Monica, if you use this every day you might also look up the new Nuun All Day product. This new product has a reduced Sodium content and an increased vitamin content so that it can be consumed throughout the day, every day. Plus you get more tabs in the tube! Happy Hydrating! ~Your Nuun Representative

      anytime, anywhere

        love this stuff! i use it on a daily basis, as a treat at the end of my hike, during my bike rides, or just something to break up the monotony of drinking water all day. i especially love it when traveling or on an extended trip. traveling, i keep the tabs in my bag so that i can fill up my nalgene on the other side of security and drop some tabs to mask any funky tastes from the local water. backpacking, these tabs are so much lighter to carry than sugary mixes. plus the tubes keep the tabs from getting all messed up, no matter how long they're in my pack. only flavor i haven't tried is lemon tea. my three favorites are lemon+lime, fruit punch, and tri-berry.

        Steve, if you love this product for every day use, you may also want to try the U by Nuun product. It has a more tea-based flavor rather than a sports drink flavor. It also contains some vitamins in addition to the electrolytes. Final bonus, the tube contains more tablets so you have less to carry around. I use both products and love them both!!!

        Sugar drink alternative

          I have a real issue with sodium depletion, and between these and the Margarita shot bloks can keep my levels up on long rides. I like the convenience, and I go for grape, orange and Lemon lime with no complaints about taste. A nice no calorie hydration option.

          Wanted to love these

            Wanted to love these for their uber-convenience while backpacking and for the reasons every other reviewer seems to love them, but I just didn't. Something about the taste didn't sit right with me, and unfortunately it was the only thing I brought along, so I drank water for the whole backpacking trip, and my buddies didn't want them either. I'll give it four stars, as is seems to do what it's supposed to do, I just didn't care for the taste.

            I will admit that some flavors are better than fact I don't usually recommend trying Banana or Kona Cola to a first time user as those flavors do taste pretty artificial. However, try the Strawberry Lemonade or the Citrus Fruit for a more mild flavor. Some folks will mix this at half strength for a more mild flavor or mix at double strength for more electrolytes and less cramping. That is one of the great features of this product, you have complete control over how it tastes and how it functions to meet your needs. I wouldn't give up on it completely, just try out a new flavor.

            I agree with Big Papa - try the Strawberry Lemonade. Its very subtle. I drink no diet sodas, almost no sugary drinks at all as I just don't like them and I really suffer on long, hot rides for depleted electrolytes. This drink really helped me. These drinks are NOT perfect but it is MUCH better than a bad ride and I personally realized the rest of the pack deals with the somewhat artificial taste in most of these types of drinks. I think for those of us that are really sensitive to the Sports/Diet drinks, this was the BEST I tried. There are so many that just make me gag, this drink really pretty good. My 2 cents...