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R-r-r-remix your r-r-r-rugged water footwear.

With 3mm neoprene, a titanium laminate for warmth, and a rubber sole, the NRS Kicker Men's Remix Shoe keeps your feet warm when you're paddling and protects them when you're rock-hopping. The anatomically constructed toe box provides plenty of a room, while a plastic shim in the sole provides some structure and protection against sharp rocks and those hangry whitewater piranhas. A shoe-top drawcord cinches the Remix snugly onto your foot, and the high-traction rubber wraps up onto the toe, instep, and heel so you'll be protected even if a swarm of carnivorous fish mistake you for a free buffet.

  • 3mm Terraprene neoprene with a titanium laminate
  • Patterned rubber sole with plastic shim
  • Drawcord closure
  • Anatomically shaped toe box
  • Rubber bands for lateral stability