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Load up the snacks, because it's going to be a long day in the snow.

Keep stuffing donuts down your gullet, but lose the weight where it counts with the Nordic Hell and Back Ski. Weighing in at an average of 4.5lbs, it's equally at home gorging on backcountry powder or gobbling up groomers, with an early-rise tip that floats over powder and crud, and underfoot camber that bites into hardpack like a kid into cake. The snappy poplar and ash core is light and nimble, with the added stability of a polyurethane center stringer to keep you riding smooth when the snow snakes are nibbling at you, and a sintered UHMW base keeps your skis fast, no matter how many pounds you put on. There's a skin notch, too, to make those uphills a little bit easier.

  • CamRock early-rise tip and traditional camber underfoot
  • Energy Ca-i Core features poplar, ash, and a polyurethane stringer
  • Sintered UHMW base
  • Steel edges and ABS sidewall construction