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How to Buy Nordic Touring Skis

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How to Buy Nordic Touring Skis

Nordic touring skis occupy the middle ground between full-fledged alpine skis and light, skinny classic skis. Narrower and lighter than alpine skis but bigger and burlier than classic sticks, they're designed to move over rough trails and deep snow. Generally made with lightweight wood cores and waxless bases that grip and glide, Nordic touring skis are easy to maintain. Some skis have metal edges for steeper and deeper terrain, while others have a long, narrow shape designed for groomed trails. Reach for a Nordic touring ski when you want to explore the hills and woods or venture into the mountains around your house.


Camber describes how the ski is shaped or bends up and away from the snow from tip to tail. Most Nordic touring skis have a traditional camber that flattens when it’s weighted and bows up when it’s unweighted. Because of this, it’s important to choose a ski appropriate to your height, weight, and ability.


Wider skis offer stability and float more in deep snow while a narrower ski will feel will feel quicker from edge to edge. Unlike alpine skis, the width of a Nordic ski is measured from the tip rather than the waist.