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When you pair the Nixon Women's Chalet Watch with your favorite wool sweater, a pair of hot jeans and some furry boots, you'll bring Aspen to its knees this winter. The Chalet Watch stays high-class with a segmented stainless steel band that features real walnut wood, bamboo, or enamel inlay and a butterfly closure. This unique three-hand Japanese quartz analog Nixon timepiece along with your stellar après-ski outfit will certainly help you turn heads.. *Available for US shipment only.

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Best Women's watch under $250, Nixon Chalet

    By far the best looking women's watch that fits right out of the box for under $250. The construction and modern classy feel to this product puts it above and beyond nixons other competitors. The watch comes with additional links that a jeweler can put in if you have larger wrists.

    Classy yet Bad A$$

      First, in full disclosure: I love Nixon watches so it would be hard to disappoint (I own The Small Player and The Paddington.) That said, The Chalet (black) is irresistible. It manages to capture an industrial look with the grace and elegance befitting a woman.
      A few notes: I have small wrists and I usually have to get a link or two removed from my watches. The Chalet fit perfectly as-is. This is a good thing if you have a wrist the size of mine, but for ladies with larger wrists you'll probably have to get a few links added. The watch comes with extra links but some jewelers will charge $20-$30 to do this which is annoying. Anyway, back to the small wrists. This watch is substantial, the size is like a cuff bracelet so if you're not a fan of large watches this may not be for you... but, it is incredibly gorgeous and sleek so you just might be surprised!

      sweet looking but...

        This watch looks awesome, especially in the hyperpop colour, but the design of the butterfly clasp is flawed. I have a smaller wrist, and every time i bend my wrist inwards, it unlocks the clasp because the bottom part of my hand pushes against the unlocking button. it gets to the point where i can't even wear it because every time i move my wrist it unlocks itself and slides off. sadly i had to return it, which is a shame because it's the best looking womens watch nixon has in my opinion.

        Agreed. I also have this watch in Hyperpop, and have the same issue with the clasp undoing. It's definitely something to be aware of if purchasing this watch. However, it's not enough of a bother for me to want to return it, as I love everything else about it. It gets tons of compliments - I've even had total strangers ask me where I bought it!

        Nothing but compliments

          Picked this watch up on a whim. I'm usually very conservative with my jewelry, but I loved the use of bamboo in this piece. I have gotten nothing but compliments on this. It's a bit heavy, but after a few hours you forget you have it on. It fits like a bracelet, looks beautiful, and holds up nicely. I love this piece, worth every penny and I get compliments on it every day. You will love this piece!

          Picture didn't do it justice

            This watch is even nicer than I expected in person! It's really solid and high quality. Much less plastic looking than it seemed online -- thought it would just be a 'casual day' watch, but you can dress it up (I got it in 'bamboo'). It's a little chunky (in a good way) but still really feminine. I have pretty small wrists and it fit right out of the box, but it comes with extra links. The way it's designed, it doesn't spin on your wrist, which I appreciate. Definitely worth the money!

            best watch ever

              this is by far the sweetest watch i have ever owned. it's so worth the money. i have it in black and my two other friends have it in white. we all get tons of compliments on it all the time. and i've never had a problem with it, except that people keep telling me they love my watch! :)

              Great Watch

                I have several nixon watches and this is my new favorite. To reviews saying the watch is made for a teen wrist: I disagree. I am a 24 year old woman of average stature and it fit me perfectly out of the box. It also comes with extra links in the box. I would say if a regular hair tie fits around your wrist without cutting off your circulation the circumference of this watch should be fine. It is very unique and I enjoy it a great deal.

                smokin' watch..

                  Chunky...but still feminine looking and steeped in style.
                  I have the Bamboo and couldn't be happier.
                  I would agree with the previous reviewers regarding sizing. It's a snug fit that works for me....but I can see how it might be a problem for some.
                  Great watch.

                  The Chalet: Worth the investment

                    I haven't worn a watch since I got a cell phone, but I finally decided to incorporate fashion and function and get myself a Nixon. No kidding - I looked at this watch for a year and finally bit the bullet. I chose the Teak because I liked the natural-yet-hip look of it all. I'm super happy with the purchase, but will agree that the Teak doesn't look in person just as it does online. The color is a little off, but it is still darker than the Bamboo. Also, I could use one more link as it's a tiny bit snug...but not too much that I have to take it off when I'm at work or on the hill. This watch is beefy, sexy, and a funky conversation starter. Get yo'self one.

                    dont get the white one!

                      I got the white nixon a while back and i absolutely loved it but after a few months of having it, the watch turned yellow and spotted. I called Nixon about this problem and they said its not under warranty and its just from wear and tear, which I disagree with because the link that I took out when I first got the watch had turned yellow too even though it hasn't been touched since I took it out. I was very disappointed! Its a great watch!! just dont get the white one unless you only plan on having it for a few months.

                      If you like the white watch, Id still go for it--with Nixon it may have been out of warranty, but IF you bought it off Dogfunk they have a 100% unconditional guarantee (Unconditional 100% Guarantee
                      We guarantee complete satisfaction and an unlimited lifetime warranty. If at any time -- now, next month, in 30 years -- you're not 100% satisfied, send your gear back for a full refund. No questions asked.) Check it out under return policy. Dogfunk/backcountry, you guys rock!

                      Awesome timepiece

                        Well I persuaded my wifey to buy this watch instead of Small Player and I must say she was a bit afraid of the size.
                        But my charms and arguments helped and she agreed. Now she loves her new watch more than me :o)
                        In white the Chalet is just unbeatable. Looks awesome on wrist, fits to every clothing sporty or formal. And last but not least looks more pricey than it really is.

                        the Nixon Chalet adventure...

                          Well to begin, I purchased this watch for a good friend of mines for a bday gift. She had been looking for this particular watch for quite some time. Lucky for me I was able to find it thru this site. I got the watch in a timely manner which was a perk. But to my dismay the watch was damaged(dents here and there). So I called and had the watch replaced. Then the second time came around and I received the watch and there was some scruffs and marks on it. So then I decided to call again to see if I can get the watch replaced again. The reps I talked to were a big help which made things easier to get the transaction complete. Sending me the proper UPS printouts to have it shipped out. When I got the watch it was in Uber condition. I guess you can say the third time was a charm. Overall the experience was good. Not any real hassle besides a couple days here and there I wasnt in much of a hurry but you kno how it is. You want it asap. Well the only thing to note about the watch it gets scratched easily. So becareful no to bang it up. You'll notice it but besides that its a banging watch, seems to attract peoples eyes and comments.

                          Does anyone know what the light coloured...

                          Does anyone know what the light coloured green one is called? (sometimes they have a specific name) I've been trying to find it but can't and noticed it wasn't for sale on this site just being used as pictures. Does anyone know where i could find it?

                          Write your question here...Why did they...

                          Write your question here...Why did they stop making the bamboo one??!! So sad I lost mine over a month ago and I am dying to replace it! About to get the dark wood I guess...unless someone can help! Kerry

                          No joke. I wanted to pick up the men's version (the Rotolog) in bamboo but they phased that out, too. Even the Nixon website has taken them down. I'd say your best luck would be to look for one on eBay or something...

                          how do i change the battery????

                          how do i change the battery????

                          I've been trying to figure out the same thing. I've just been told by the store that I bought it from (Watch It! in Canada) that they require it to be sent back to Nixon in BC, which could take a month or more. I have yet to find any shop locally that is willing to try it because they are all afraid that they will dent or scratch it. Too bad that I have to send my $275 watch completely across the country once a year to change the battery.

                          I just took my watch to a regular jewelry store/ watch repair shop and the guy had no problem changing it. He had a special tool to snap the cap off though so I don't think you can do it yourself... it was only $10 total.

                          Take it to the Jeweler

                          I take all my nixon watches (4) to a jeweler/watch repair & they replace it easily & only charge me for the battery. Compared to talking with Nixon directly, id have to send it in (takes about 2-3wks) & pay way more for the replacement + shipping.

                          Does the dark wood really have a dark logo...

                          Does the dark wood really have a dark logo or is it stainless like on Nixon's site?

                          it says its on sale for 120...why when u...

                          it says its on sale for 120...why when u check out it is 199?

                          After reading the comment of QnD2694822...

                          After reading the comment of QnD2694822 #2500, whose white watch has turned yellow, I'm quite unsure if I should order the white chalet. Did anyone of you made the same experience or was that watch just an exception?

                          how do you add the links to the nixon...

                          how do you add the links to the nixon chalet watch-women's???

                          I want to get this for my girlfriend, can...

                          I want to get this for my girlfriend, can anyone tell me how it looks on a small wrist?

                          my boyfriend got me this watch for our 2yr anniv... i have a small wrist, and i LOVE it! i get compliments all the time. a lot of people think it looks like a chunky bracelet at first. but yeah, it's not too bulky, but i do prefer bigger watches. it is a tad smaller than the vega.

                          is this watch water resistant?

                          is this watch water resistant?

                          Actually I bought it and it somewhat is. I wouldn't wear it swimming, but i do hair and the water that gets spashed on it everyday when i wash hair doesn't seem to bother it at all. I had to have it and took a chance and love it!