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Nixon's Ceramic Player Watch has a hardness that's four times that of stainless steel, meaning this style won't get the bumps and bruises that usually damage your watches. Nixon used diamond dust to polish the Ceramic's case and band during the finishing stages, which explains how ceramic has one of the smoothest surfaces out there. The three-hand, Swiss-made mechanical movement includes 25 jewels, like a real ruby inside the Ceramic's case, making this watch a big player among high-class watches. Nixon made this piece water-resistant to 100 meters and included a scratch-resistant treatment, so your Ceramic lasts.

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    I had three of these watches delivered to me and each one had an issue. One arrived with debris under the glass, two others both had chips in the ceramic coating on the links from assembly, black pins holding inhold the links had scratches through the black coating showing silver ( on a all black watch ) and last but not least one had 10 small chips in the glass. THREE watches and not one worthy of it's supposed ELITE branding nor it's $1500 price tag. You might want to NIX your NIXON and look into a higher quality time piece regardless of their action sports influence and or association.

    Unparalleled Uniqueness, Quality and Swag

      First off, you can't go wrong with NIXON. Secondly, despite what the manufacturer's warranty says in the "Tech Specs" this watch has a limited lifetime warranty. I have the white and black ceramic players. The white ceramic turns more heads. This watch DOES NOT SCRATCH and ALWAYS keeps it's shine. However, the watch can crack. Make sure you read the precautions on what temperatures you can wear it in. Also, be weary of over-winding. If you care about your Ceramic Player like I do, It will last a lifetime and still look as good as the day you bought it!

      Unparalleled Uniqueness, Quality and Swag

      Dope Watch - Best Watch I've ever owned. I'll keep it for years.

        I have owned both the white and black ceramic player. I have no complaints at all. Life time warranty, I've gotten them replaced twice when the ceramic cracked. They sent me brand new watches instead of fixing them. These watches don't scratch. I wear mine in all conditions and it still looks brand new. They have a unique shine to them because they are polished with diamond dust. I'm always getting compliments on my ceramic player. It's classier than the ceramic 51-30.


          I've purchased several of these and believe me I love the size, ceramic, red ruby but the quality of this watch just isn't there. I've had everything from broken clasps ( i don't have an oversized wrist ), watch will not keep proper time when being worn, link pins chipping their coated color ( black ). I think NIXON has gone backwards in the fact that they have grown as a company but that does not reflect in their goods. Their customer service is horrible, their turn around for watch service is long, their attention to detail when working on a watch is also subpar where the watch returned damaged from the service advisor. I guess you get what you pay for next time I will just by a Chanel J12.

          I love a good deal

            I bought this watch like a week ago at a local pawn shop for like 500 bucks i new it was a good deal but when i saw that this watch was a $1400 watch i almost did a back flip im pumped and this watch gives a hole new swager to me and any one that buys this watch it is just off the charts

            Best Watch Ever

              Hey guys,
              I've had this watch since it debuted, and I'm a strong believer in everything that Nixon has to offer. Before this i had the all black player and its been through everything. Swimming in the ocean in Bahamas to standing at the summit of Sunshine Village in Banff, Canada. The watch looks, feels and is strong. Can't say much more but if you can afford it, it's amazing.

              Blacked Out!

                The good:I Got the Black one, all I recive is compliments on it and I always catch people stairing at it , the red ruby is what sets it off the most , and It just demands attention, like it so much I'm gonna get the white one.
                The not so bad:It is tough I'll give them that but I managed to scratch the crystal(real small, but it bothers me-100.00 to replace, which isn't bad and I also managed to take the ceramic crown cover off which is covered be warr.)
                My friends have Breitlings and Rolexes and my watch still gets more attention.. and the face is huge!!

                Done Well Nixon

                  First off, the dude below has no idea what he is talking about. Ceramic is expensive if made well...some of the toughest material you can buy. Ceramic knives, ceramic breaks on sports following? Ricardo should step into a nice jewelry shop to check out whats going on. Oh yeah, and this watch is dope. I have in Black and I get nothing but compliments. Well done Nixon.

                  Unanswered Question

                  I was setting the time recently and the...

                  I was setting the time recently and the crown pulled out much farther than it should (at least an inch). It did not feel right, but i pushed it back in and it is still working. Any idea what has happened? Do i need to bring it for repair?

                  I have one and it dosnt tell time when its...

                  I have one and it dosnt tell time when its not on my wrist and i have to set the time everytime i put on...why is that?????

                  Joel, You have purchased a very unique timepiece. The movement thats in your watch is referred to as being an AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT which means it runs off the natural movement of your wrist and not a battery. Usually the movement will stay charged for 24-326 hours after the last time you wore it. Sometimes, if you wait longer, you will need to shake the watch lightly(to get the movement going) and reset the time. You can read about it more here, I know it sounds crazy but this is how some of the most expensive, and best quality, watches in the world operate.

                  Unanswered Question

                  . COMO protector, si de Todos los diamantes...

                  . COMO protector, si de Todos los diamantes Que Tienen El hijo Nixon Reloj origina ,,,,,, y Si Como protector, es de ceramica,,, o, si Otro sí parecen..

                  How big is the ruby in the diamond?

                  How big is the ruby in the diamond?

                  I have a question about this watch. I...

                  I have a question about this watch. I bought an all black nixon banks 2 years ago and because of normal everyday use, the black is like rubbing off in some areas that come in contact with like my clothes and stuff. I was just wondering if the black version of this watch was more resistant to this normal use?

                  how many mm is the case of the watch . In...

                  how many mm is the case of the watch . In the add the size is sett to xl
                  How big is that? Do the watch come in many diffrent sizees?

                  How big is the face on the ceramic player?...

                  How big is the face on the ceramic player? On the website they rate most of there watches using M, L, and XL but no classification for this watch.