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Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch

Temporarily Out Of Stock

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13 Reviews


Life's a beach when you’re rocking the Nixon Men's 42-20 Chrono Watch.

Nixon made the Men's 42-20 Chrono Watch for beach bums who actually keep track of time. This watch features Swiss movement and a 200 meter waterproof rating so you know how much time you have to work with weather you're reef diving in Belize or body surfing in Santa Cruz. Use the extending rotating bezel and countdown timer to make sure you don’t stay in the surf too long and miss your dinner date. The 42-20 Pu Chrono's large size means you can easily read the time from the sandbar to the tequila bar.

  • Item #NIX0960

Tech Specs

Housing Material
stainless steel
Strap Material
stainless steel
6-hand Miyota Japanese quartz chronograph
yes, 200m
Face Size
42 mm
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

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Best watch I've ever owned

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This watch is straight up solid. I didn't get the 'cheap' feeling from it at all. That being said, this is not a dainty watch! It's heavy, solid, and can take a beating. I'd consider using this bad boy as a weapon if I ever got mugged.

The chrono hands take a little getting used to. The big hand is the timer and the second hand is one of the smaller hands. Other than that, it's just your basic solid watch. Not too fancy, not too ghetto.


    I got this watch because it looks really nice. In reality it seemed a little cheap. The band is made of very thin steel and the movement is Japanese. It feels more like a $25 watch than a $500 watch. In my opinion, the Rip Curl Tidemaster is a much better watch with swiss movement and it is cheaper.

    Great Watch

      I have had this watch about 3 weeks now and it is awesome. The watch its self is very durable and setting up the watch and its features is very easy. I like how the face of the watch is much thicker that my previous watches. Gives it some good weight so I actually know I have something on my wrist. I got the White version and I like the contrast of the metal strap and the white face background. The only thing I wish this watch had was better glow in the dark material on the minute and hour hand. In really dark areas it was kind of hard to see but other than that this watch is amazing.


        Let me start by saying I love the look of this watch and I get a lot of compliments on it, however the quality of the movement is very questionable. I have had this watch for two and a half years and I have sent it back to Nixon 4 times, 3 times because the movement stopped and once to replace the band (rubber wore out). My watch is now currently out of warranty (two years) and the second hand stops and needs to be reset twice every 24 hours. It still keeps time (gains about 10 seconds every 5 days, which is normal for a mechanical watch) but the second hand craps out which is annoying. If you are looking for a nice looking piece and don't care about quality go for it but if you need a watch that functions correctly all the time, save your money.

        The best ever!

          This is by far my favorite Nixon watch yet. I was wanting something a little bigger, but not too big, and this is "Goldie Locks" (just right) my friends! I got the stainless / white and absolutely could not be happier...

          " Sick watch dude..."

            Thats all I have heard since I first pulled this bad boy out of the box and put it on. Some people like fancy expensive cell phones, I happen to be a watch guy. Very comfortable, looks super sweet and its water proof so you dont have to pop it off before hoping in the hot tub, lake ect. The chronograph is a little odd, but I don't really use it... I must admit I was a bit sketched out about putting down that much money but Im very happy with the product.

            Another great Nixon score!

            Sick watch

              I got this watch for X-mas, and it is DOPE!!!! Only bad thing is that is was dead when I got it so it cost me $15 dollars to replace the battery.... Come on Dog Funk, the least you could do is send me a working watch.

              What kind of battery does this watch...

              What kind of battery does this watch take?

              So after a lot of digging I was actually unable to find any info on the battery type for this watch and I think its because they really want you to send it in to replace the battery. Sending it in to Nixon they will replace the battery and reseal it so that it holds its water-resistance. If you are going to put the initial investment into this watch its probably a good idea to put a couple extra bucks in to get the battery replaced correctly.

              I have a question about the Black/tortoise...

              I have a question about the Black/tortoise colour,

              Does this have a male/female variant, cause when i did some research about it. I saw it in the girls and guy section. Is it the same colour or is the men's equvalent darker? As a guy i realy like it bud im afraid its to light and girly :( can anyone give me some more info? :)

              hi do you have any 42 20 rose gold nixon...

              hi do you have any 42 20 rose gold nixon watches left

              Any chance of getting the ros? gold back...

              Any chance of getting the ros� gold back in stock?

              Hi is the tortoise shell in the picture...

              Hi is the tortoise shell in the picture above available? How do i select it?

              I have a 42-20 how do I get the second...

              I have a 42-20 how do I get the second hand to work?

              Best Answer

              KO, if you are talking about the "second hand" that is on the same plane as Hour-hand and the Minute-Hand. The longest, and skinnest of all the Hands. That technically isn't your second hand. Seconds are counted on the top dial , right below 12:00 on your watch backdrop. But all that aside, to answer your question directly about how to get this hand to move. Unscrew the bottom crown (the one next to the 8) itll stop once you unscrew it all the way. Now it will act as a button essentially. This is the button you use to start and stop the chronograph. Your top crown next to the 10, is how you reset the chronograph.

              A basic run-down. That "second hand" that i think are talking about is a fancy stop-watch. once you start that hand, it will move around the watch like a normal hand. once it makes a full rotation from 12:00 back to 12:00. (60 seconds) the dial at the bottom right next to the 4. will tick to 1 minute. watch it for 5 minutes or so while your on the train or at work ;) and ull see what i mean.

              If the longest and skinniest hand does not point straight to the 12 when its at rest or not being used or counting so to speak. To fix this, pull the main "knob" fully out and then use your bottom button (the one next to the 8) to readjust or realign this hand. Kind of a pain in the neck but whatever.

              Lastly, something that maybe not everyone knows. The middle and largest knob gets screwed in to "waterproof" the watch. Its super ackward to do, but push the knob in all the way into the housing and twist teh knob towards yourself and itll catch teh threading and u can tighten it up. same go for the crowns on the smaller buttons. screw them in, so that water doesn't get into the watch. minimizes on these giant knobs sticking out and more focus on the face in my opinion.

              I hope this helped for you, and i hope some others learned something they didnt no.

              This goes for Nixon 42-20s and 51-30s Chronographs. (not sure on the magnacons, and their other chronos, im sure it similiar)

              I have 2 51-30s, and spent a while working for Billabong who use to own Nixon. I use to sell this gnarly watches and probably know a little more than your average owner. But i hope you all learn more about them bc they are pretty cool!!! DogFunk has the best pricing by far on these bad boys!

              Unanswered Question

              I have a chrono 42-20. I can not figure...

              I have a chrono 42-20. I can not figure out how to get the second hand to work...Help?

              If its chronograph then why does it Need...

              If its chronograph then why does it
              Need batteries?

              Unanswered Question

              I am so interested in seafoam one, but the...

              I am so interested in seafoam one, but the color between official website and this is quite different. The color above is very sharp and the official one is just right, so I wonder which one is more realistic? Who can help me? Thanks a lot!

              how do you get the back off to change the...

              how do you get the back off to change the battery?

              you are gonna need a really small flathead screwdriver. just pop in to a local watch dealer and ask them to do it for you. should be free of charge, with the purchase of a new battery of course.

              the only problem I might have is that it is a possibility that the back could get scratched up ever so slightly from prying the flathead in. which i just did to my old Esq......hmmm. crap! lucky nobody sees that side :P

              so from what I just found is that the backing looks like it is solid all the way around. there is one small part of the cover that is indented for a small watch repair tool to fit in to pry it off. it is hard to spot and like I just wrote, even harder not to scratch up. professional repair shop for the win!

              Hello I m looking to buy an nixon chrono...

              I m looking to buy an nixon chrono 42-20 black or all black.
              -Do you have stock on these 2 articles ?
              -Do you post it in France ?
              -How much is the customs fair (is it included in the shipping price?)
              -witch companies is it ? DHL or UPS?

              Thanks for your answers.

              You seek Item #NIX0958 or Item #NIX0961 (PU band). Dogfunk cannot ship Nixon outside the U.S., It will ship UPS. I might suggest sending it to a friend in the states and have them send it to France, then send them some Boulette d'Avesnes.

              Write your question here...i am looking...

              Write your question here...i am looking at the 42-20 watch, and i am wondering how wide the diameter of the face of this watch is. any idea?Thank you.

              I have a concern as to the size of the...

              I have a concern as to the size of the band. i have a large wrist and i have tried on the 51-30 in the past and i believe it was to tight. i did not know if links can be added? do you know the largest size wrist this watch will accomodate?