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You can't OD on shredding, but you should probably still try.

Pssst—hey kid, over here. We hear you're lookin' for something to take the edge off your big boots. Try the Nitro Addict Snowboard—first time's not free, but it's still a hell of a deal. The Gullwing hybrid-camber profile, buttery flex, and bigfoot-friendly wide platform will leave you sweaty, shaking, and totally hooked.
  • Gullwing hybrid-camber design places rocker between your feet and camber zones underfoot for a loose, forgiving ride that's still controllable and poppy
  • Combat wood-composite core is built to take a beating
  • Directional-twin shape helps you learn to take off and land in both directions
  • Profile Tips thin out the core at the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and easier spins