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The Nite Ize SpotLit LED Clip-On Safety Light attaches to about anything when you need a little extra illumination anywhere from an early-morning jog to to finding your car door keyhole after an evening on the town. This water-resistant, LED-lighted safety light comes includes a long-life, replaceable battery, and weighs less than an ounce.

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Camp Necessity for Black Dogs

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have two mostly-black dogs that like to explore the great outdoors. Once the sun goes down though, they are extremely hard to see in the woods/campground. These lights are great and simple to use - just clip to the collar. They have even romped around in creeks with the lights on and they still shine bright. I keep these in the top of my pack so I know I always have them when we camp!

So handy!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I thought this little light was silly at first when I got it, but it's actually really handy in the fact that I can keep an eye on where my puppy is in the yard during these cold, dark winter nights.

So handy!

Light Weight and Right Amount of Light

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Worked great for a couple camping trips I went on last year. Weighs practically nothing and it served as a great lantern light for the tent at night time.

Nite Ize SpotLit LED Clip-On

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I put one on my key chain and one on my dog, it works great one my dog when we are out camping and have little to no lights. and is also good to find the key hole on my door

Don't leave home without it

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

We first encountered one of these lights on a backcountry trek that went long and kept us out in the woods past dark. Our friends dog was wearing one of these lights and we could easily see him whereas our dog (all black lab mix) instantly became an invisible ninja that we could only see occassionally when there was enough snow/moon to make her stand out. We ordered one of these as soon as we got back from that trip and we keep this clip-on light on our dog's collar all the time now. This little light is small enough that it stays out of the way and doesn't bother her and its bright enough that we can always see where she is on night time adventures.

It is an inexpensive but very sturdy light.

Helps you spot Spot

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

My red merle aussie pretty much disappears in the Utah deserts, and it doesn't get any better at night. This little guy makes it so she can run around, and I don't have to freak myself out wondering where she is. It's also great for nighttime walks.

The battery doesn't last forever, and it's definitely only water resistant, but all in all, it's a great little light.

Great Tent Lantern

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I got this to use as a tent lantern while backpacking. My requirements were that the lantern:

-be small

-put out enough light to play cards by

-not easily turn on by accident while in my pack

This little light fits the bill perfectly and at a great price. I haven't tested it out while backpacking yet, but I did go into a small room which had zero light. With this light I was able to easily read in the otherwise completely dark room. As one reviewer stated below, it does put out more light on the non-battery side, but this isn't an issue for me because I will just clip it so that the battery is facing the rear of my tent. I have no worries about it accidentally switching on while in my backpack, as it takes a fair amount of effort to switch it on. The attached clip is also of high quality and I don't see it breaking anytime soon.

Overall I'm very pleased with this light and would definitely buy it again.

This thing is awesome

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Whenever I take my dog camping it is so great to have this little light clipped to her collar. You can always tell where she is which comes in really handy when you have a black pup. I have had mine for a few years and it is still going strong!

Exceeds Expectations

    There are lots of simple LED lights out there for things like lighting you up in the dark for running, hanging on a tent, putting on your bike, or basically any application where you want to be seen, or want something to be seen at night. I have found most inexpensive LED lights to be not that great. This one, however, really works well. It is quite bright, and even from the back side (where the light is partially blocked by the battery), it still gives off good light. The clips to attach the LED to things are well designed. This is a really great small LED for the price.

    Exceeds Expectations

    Nice and Bright

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I love these lights for my dogs. They are great for making dogs visible at night on walks and perfect for camping when your dog may be off exploring. Just gives you the piece of mind to know where they are. The batteries will run out with heavy use, but they can easily be changed by unscrewing the two sides.

    The batteries are watch batteries that you can purchase from any pharmacy or grocery. To change them out you do not need a screw driver. You will simply twist each side of the light housing in opposite directions. The internal section is threaded and unscrews with a little effort. With regards to hours, that is a tough one. We go on 30-45 min walks and the light has lasted us for a good 20+ walks. Probably looking at 10 -15 hours of use although it is really hard to say because we use these when camping as well and I did not monitor the time they were on.

    Let your dog be seen

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    got this for my little dog for night walks and it works great - I feel cars are a lot more aware of her when we are walking. It is also a great way to keep track of her at night when she is running around the yard. Good to have!

    Bright Light

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I bought these for my dogs and they are absolutely wonderful. We used them on walks and when out camping. Primarily we got them just to make the dogs a bit more visible at night seeing as they are both black in color. While the white would be more like a headlamp, the red is nice because if you are out hiking at night the light helps you keep an eye on what they are doing without throwing off your night vision. Able to take a beating and lasts for quite some time.

    Ultralight Tent Lamp!!

      I use the red one as a very lightweight tent light when I am out on a hike. It just clips onto one of the little loops on the ceiling of my little tent. It weighs about half an ounce, if that, so it sure beats my 8 oz battery powered LED lamp. It's not as bright, but I don't need it to be. The batteries have lasted me through several outings, probably 20 hours so far. If I need brighter light then I put on my headlamp.

      I wouldn't trust this to be waterproof, but it has survived a few rain showers with no problems. I would call it weatherproof, but maybe only dunk resistant. The electronics are so basic that if it does get wet just pop it open and let it dry.

      Since I really prefer to have a tent light, this little gadget has saved me a significant amount of pack weight. So far it's been reliable and easy to use. I recommend it.

      Great Light

        I walk my dog a lot. Living in Seattle during the fall and winter months means it's dark outside by about 5:00pm, so our evening walks are typically in the dark and often in the rain. We have used the same Nite Ize SpotLit LED for three years. It's held up really well and changing the battery is pretty easy. It puts out a good amount of light and makes is easy to see our Bernese Mountain Dog. It's easy to attach and remove from the collar ring.

        I recommend these for anyone that wants an easy to use light for their pup.

        Just received two Spotlit lights. Am...

        Just received two Spotlit lights. Am familiar with other Nite Ize products, have Spoke Lights and a dog collar. Can't activate these new ones though. Press & hold immediately starts blinking, but won't stay on once you release (no matter how long I hold it down).

        Bought this for my service dog a year ago.I...

        Bought this for my service dog a year ago.I am blind and also seizure prone so the flashing is really bad! Companies need to think before designing products where flashing is a requirement to set them up.
        Last year I used it though and it stayed on fine. YES I did pull it out of test mode. I have tried to do that this year as well since it keeps turning off. I hardly used it at all and am really not impressed. Does it need a new battery?

        Yes, you need a new battery. But as to the other part of your question, it's not a requirement to go through the flashing mode to shut this down. Two rapid clicks make it flash. If you wait a few seconds before the second click then the second click will shut the light off and will not activate the flash mode. If you do this correctly then you never have to see the flash mode.

        I have bought two of theses SpoLit clip...

        I have bought two of theses SpoLit clip on lights for my dogs harnesses. Problem is that the light stays on for 25 seconds and then turns itself off....seems to be permanently stuck on ' test' mode..can anybody help. The 'flashing' mode is working perfectly.

        Best Answer

        This is from the Nite Ize website. I had this problem too at first.

        My SpotLit automatically turns off after about 1 minute. Do I have a defective product?
        No. This product has a “Try Me” mode which allows customers to see the glow and flash modes for 30 seconds before turning off automatically. This feature allows the SpotLit to be tested in stores without having the batteries drained from products being left on.

        There should be a yellow sticker inside or attached to your SpotLit with instructions. To deactivate, you simply press and hold down the switch. It will first go into the glow mode, then flash rapidly. Keep pressing down firmly until it shuts off on its own. (It is important to continue pressing down and wait for the rapid flash to shut off on its own.) This process will remove the “test mode” and allow you to use the product normally.

        Thank you so much, Donald! I purchased this a couple of years ago to help keep track of my Great Dane/St Bernard cross when I go backpacking. There were no instructions that said to hold until the flashing stopped and the unit wouldn't stay on for more than 20 seconds so I ended up throwing it in my junk drawer. Well, I was cleaning my junk drawer and was about to throw this away and decided to search for a fix. You saved me some major frustration and one more item from the landfill! Thank you!!!!

        I bought my Spotlit at a store in Tahoe...

        I bought my Spotlit at a store in Tahoe for my dog. Unfortunately, the light only stays on for 30 seconds and then turns off. Do I need to replace the battery or is there a trick in keeping it on?

        The light needs to be activated. Press & hold the button for @ least ten or more seconds until fast blinking occurs. This mode is designed to conserve battery before being purchased. The light will automatically turn itself off after thirty seconds until activated.

        We recently purchased two of these lights,...

        We recently purchased two of these lights, one for our dog and one for my keychain. The problem were encountering is that everytime we turn then on they click off 30 seconds later, and this is brand new out of the package. Does anyone else encounter this problem? I could go and try to replace the batteries in both but I thought I'd ask before I went and spent more money on them.

        can I use this as any type of camping...

        can I use this as any type of camping light?

        This light makes a great light to hang up in your tent for night time potty breaks. Use the red version so that you can get up in the middle of the night without ruining your night vision. It's a low light, but it's enough to get out of the tent and find your way back if it is pitch black from overcast skies and/or no moon.