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Just like a dedicated and data-obsessed run coach, the New Balance GPS Marathon Heart Rate Monitor will guide you every step of the way—from the couch to the finish line at the twenty-sixth mile. Whether you're ramping up your training goals, slowing things down on recovery runs, or following pace on the big day, the satellite-based GPS tracks in real-time your speed and distance, while carefully monitoring and keeping you within your optimal heart rate dependent on the pace.

  • 2.4 GHz digitally coded chest strap (included) ensures zero interference from outside sources
  • Eight display presets, and three line multi-view let you choose what data you see in real-time
  • Dual time zones let you easily synch with your race destination
  • Watch uses simple USB-charging interface to ensure you always have enough juice for the run
  • 30 run memory with data recall lets you store your personal bests, and mark times to improve on
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Works great

    This watch takes sometime to figure out as it has more features than any other watch I have ever owned. Make sure to read the instruction manual first. The watch seems to perform great unless its battery is low then it has a hard time picking up your heart rate. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

    Works great, has some quirks

    • Familiarity:I've used it several times

    Overall a great product, but it does come with some quirks, that while not deal breakers, it's good to know beforehand. One thing to keep in mind is that I JUST started running (3 months ago) and this is my first watch, so some of my cons might be obvious to you, but they weren't to me.

    Alright let's get our yellow legalpad:


    - Affordable: if you compare this to other GPS Heart Rate Monitors, this is a very cheap one.

    - Works great: GPS sometimes takes a while to start but, once it does, it'll will work perfectly.

    - Small, again compared to other HRM GPS, this is a pretty reasonable sized unit.

    - Night mode: this is one my favorite features that somehow is not present on the product description, you can set your watch to keep the backlight on during your workout if you run after hours (say after 6pm), saving you one full movement :).

    - Charges very quickly.


    - Reverts to T1 when charging: I setup my timezone using T2, but whenever I charge it, it always changes back to T1 (even if I have never used it), this is annoying as it will happen everytime.

    - Has a lot of 'viewing' modes, but not the one I wanted: I wanted this layout for the watch: top: chrono, center: distance, bottom: heart rate , but there is no way to either configure your own viewing mode or one that matched exactly what I wanted.

    - No way to extract the data from the watch, I would have loved to be able to use the existing USB cable and access my data, but sadly that is not an option, the cable is only used for charging, that's it.

    - Kinda hard to use at first: better to RFTM first and then again.

    All in all, it's a good watch, as it combines both accurate GPS tracking with a good looking HRM, I would recommend it to anyone who might be considering getting one, but, be forewarned about the Cons.

    Thanks for your thoughtful review and the great comments on this product. Here are a couple of replies from the tech at the manufacturer regarding the cons you mentioned. Regarding the TI/T2 - You can set your time zone in either T-1 or T-2. When you charge the battery and the display reverts to T-1, use that as your standard setting instead of T-2 - problem solved . As far as the viewing mode issue goes, in HRM Mode you can only change the bottom display line . You can customize this display to show the selections you mentioned but the heart rate reading will always be in the middle , chronograph on top, and distance on the bottom. If you want to be able to download your data, go with the NX990. We wanted to keep this watch a great value. For $50 more you can have that option and much more with the NX990.

    Great HRM GPS, controls not very intuitive

      I bought this for my wife and she has been using it for almost and month and she loves it, the controls were a little bit confusing at first, you REALLY need to read the entire manual to understand how it works, but other than that it's terrific, recommended.

      Unanswered Question

      I have the same problem as Jenni.. I need...

      I have the same problem as Jenni.. I need to delete data, but when I go to DATA and hit View/OK I get a blank screen with DATA at top and dashes at the bottom. I get no menu to toggle through. Help.

      my watch says the data is full. How do I...

      my watch says the data is full. How do I delete previous workouts. It will not let me record new workouts until it's deleted.