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The NEMO Losi 3P Tent gives three campers a lot of space in which to spread out without weighing down anyone's backpack unnecessarily. A unique pole system gives it nearly vertical walls so you can sit up inside and play cards at night. Two doors with vestibules mean you don't wind up crawling over everyone's gear and sleeping bags every time you enter or exit.

  • PU-coated rainfly and floor feature taped seams to prevent rain, snow, or dripping water from sneaking into your shelter
  • Mesh canopy lets you stargaze without having to cope with bugs, and it also helps circulate air on muggy nights
  • Four DAC Featherlite poles stand up to abuse and keep weight to a minimum
  • Unique pole configuration improves stability and creates near-vertical walls for extra room
  • Two doors and two vestibules eliminate jostling for position and gear storage
  • Optional footprint and gear loft available separately
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Excellent tent

    I generally buy a three person tent to use as a two person tent to avoid being cramped. This one, at 50 square feet, is very spacious. It actually would hold three or two adults and a dog. I love the high ceilings-at 48 inches. The seems look very solid. The 3P pole configuration is super strong and provides near vertical walls without sacrificing stability in the wind. It takes about 5 minutes to stand without reading instructions. The ventilation is great since about 85% of fabric is netting. This tent also comes with a fantastic vestibule that will keep gear dry even during a serious downpour. Overall, the best tent I have ever owned.

    Probably The Greatest Value

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    This tent is worth every penny, honestly me and my climbing partner always prefer this tent over any of the other tents we have! It his the greatest tent ever, so easy to set up and it sets up perfectly nice every time, its super light, its extremely spacious which is incredible! It fits 3 people perfectly and 2 comfortably awesomely! Don't Hesitate! Just get it!

    Probably The Greatest Value


      What can I say. Nemo has elevated the tent game. I tested this champ on a 5 night backpacking trip in the U.P. in June.

      Conditions: High 80, Low 45

      Three days HEAVY rain. 2 people plus gear.

      We bought the 3P for just us two because we like the extra room you get for very little weight gain. Even with three people, you're only at 2 pounds per person. Thats good stuff. Rolled up the tent packed great. I attached it to the rear exterior of my pack. The first day of our trip truly provided the perfect test for this tent. We were half way across a fairly large lake via canoe and were forced to race to our area of camp because of a HUGE approaching storm. Thankfully the wind helped our speed but honestly, once we reached the shore, I started to feel the first few large drops of rain. I immediately ripped the tent from my pack and told my girlfriend "I'll pitch it while you take a few sprints from the shore up the hill to the camp site with the gear packs". I raced up unrolled the wonderfully organized burrito containing a separate compartment of tent/fly, poles, and stakes. It literally took me under 5 minutes to have this tent up. By the time I was making final tension adjustments on the fly, my girlfriend had all the gear and herself in the tent. With ourselves inside and our boots and packs tucked under the HUGE twin vestibules, I could already tell I was going to fall in love with this tent. Over the next hour of torrential downpour, we installed our Nemo Pawprint and organized our gear. All the while I could not keep my hands off all the water tight rain seems throughout the tent. Amazing. ZERO % penetration. This was for the entire trip. It rained so damn hard that we had over an inch of standing water beneath the tent (no footprint) almost creating a waterbed. With the rising humidity, the breathability and ventilation of the tent + fly was outstanding. All in all the best tent I have owned. I'm sold on Nemo and will be buying a 1P for ultralight trips as well.

      Good news! - Garage coming soon

      Just heard back from Nemo - "We are in fact making a garage for the Losi tents that will be released later this summer (2013)."

      Anyone else as excited as I am?

      Good news! - Garage coming soon


      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      The bad news is that this tent is a rain magnet. I think it has rained every time I have used this tent. The good news: I've never once gotten wet inside. This tent is light, spacious, and packs smaller than many 2P tents I have used. I would definitely buy another.

      More room than you'll need

        This tent is huge, especially for a three person tent. I got it for car camping and backpacking for my wife and I and our dog. There's plenty of room for all three and we could certainly fit a third person in there.

        The two vestibules are nice as well as the double doors. Tent is light for being as big as it is. One of the reasons I picked this tent over some of the others is the ease of use of NEMO tents. The rainfly and footprint (sold seperately) easily snap into the corners and remain secure. I also appreciate the ability to leave the tent behind and use the footprint, rainfly and poles to make a nice shelter.

        It's certainly not the most lightweight 3 person tent you'll find, but you get your bang for your buck on this one. Also, can I say that the tent bag that everything roles up into is one of my favorite features. It's so easy and organized, it's fantastic.

        Haven't used it in a storm yet but did pour water across the areas that I thought might prove to be an issue in the rain and saw no leakage.

        3P tent (and then some)

        If you change the sleeping order around, you could fit 4 people this way, for sure. Or, maybe I could just bring all 5 of my dogs! There is no extra head/foot room sleeping this direction with regular length therm-a-rests.

        3P tent (and then some)

        3+ Person

        With 2 regular length therm-a-rests, you'll have about 6-8" of head or foot room if the tent was staked out and you were sleeping long-wise (how Nemo "suggests"). These are two 70lb dogs pictured, and fit mega comfy with 2 campers. It would be snug, but completely do-able with 3 adults even.

        3+ Person

        Mesh Strength?

        The mesh is pulled so tightly that it almost looks like the corners may run with some strong winds pulling it around? I'm not going to count Nemo out before I have reason to, however. But I will be bringing along some duct tape.

        Mesh Strength?


          This thing is HUGE inside! You could fit 4 people inside in an emergency, but it would be close. Weighs so little for the square footage. The roll bag is great for storage too. I do wish it came with an extra stake, just in case I lose one.

          The tent feels solid once its all staked down and dialed in. I really like the "light diffusing" headlamp pocket.

          NEMO has made a fan for life out of my wife and I. Go NEMO!


          Impressive 3 person tent; almost great 4 person

            I am in the market for a 4 person tent, and while this is listed as a 3 person tent the advertised 50 sq ft footprint puts it pretty close to the realm of other 4 person tents. I narrowed down my search to the Losi 3P and the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4, and I ordered both for a side-by-side comparison.

            Impression: the Losi 3P is a really impressive tent. The pole configuration provides excellent height throughout the tent, and the sidewalls on the lower part of the tent are pretty much vertical - all of the footprint is very usable space. Assembly of the tent is simple - I was able to put it together without looking at the instructions. If you are familiar with how the Jakes feet work, everything about the setup is self-evident. When setting up the fly, NEMO was very clever in using a setup that allows the vestibule-part of the fly to be tensioned against the stake without any additional parts - very nice! In fact, I was really impressed that a very taut setup can be achieved with just 8 stakes. My wife and I both really like the color of the fly (be honest - this really does matter!), and I also really like the gear caddy that is included with the tent. The gear caddy includes two pockets with light dissipators which enable the tent to be lit up with headlamps. Really, the entire time I was setting up this tent, I was impressed with the design and engineering that went into the Losi 3P.

            There were a couple things that I personally think could be improved upon. First, the body of the tent is definitely on the dark side. My wife liked this, while I didn't - obviously its a matter of preference. Second, the vestibules seem to be on the small side. This coupled with the fact that the fly sits several inches off the ground (third issue) make it hard to put our two backpacks in a single vestibule without blocking a lot of the door. Finally, I'm not entirely sure why the fly leaves so much of the sides of the tent exposed. I understand that all of the mesh is covered so the tent is technically waterproof, but all it will take is something inside touching a part of the tent that is not covered by the fly and water is going to wick through. I'm assuming that this aspect of the fly design has to do with either keeping weight down or improving breathability (there are no vents on the Losi 3P), but it does concern me a little bit. The final problem, and probably the biggest for me, is that there is no way that the floor dimensions are 79x91 inches as advertised. When I put four sleeping pads in the tent, there is almost no room left. Since the sleeping pads are only 72 inches long, I would have expected approximately 6 inches at the end of the sleeping pads for things like shoes - however, there is absolutely no room to spare. Also, the sleeping pads pretty much have to touch to get all 4 in. And with these being 20" wide each. there should have been nearly a foot of extra room - it just isn't there.

            Comparison to Copper Spur UL4:
            1) More durable materials; more solid feel
            2) IMHO more interesting engineering and design
            3) Walls are more vertical
            4) Darker inside
            5) Definitely a little heavier (I didn't actually weigh this), but the Losi 3P also packs down to a smaller size
            6) Noticeably smaller footprint. Based on advertised specs, the difference is 7 sq ft, but it seemed like more than that in reality.

            Final decision: I'll be keeping the Copper Spur UL4 and returning the Losi 3P. The decision is pretty much exclusively because I need to be able to sleep 4 people in the tent whenever we use it. The vestibules don't seem quite big enough for 4 packs, and I fear that we would always have issues with water seeping through the sides of the tent because of how tight the fit is. It's really not fair to criticize a 3 person tent for not being able to be used as a dedicated 4 person tent - I get it. The Losi 3P gets a 5 star review because it is a fantastic 3 person tent. My wife isn't really happy with this decision, and despite the limitations I've listed for my needs, I'm still pretty disappointed that I'm sending this tent back - that's how much I like it.

            Room for 4?

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times

            When your buddy brings a 3 ROOM tent along, but forgets the tent poles.. and the make shift shelter using his rain fly, rope, and tree branches can't hold up against a downpour.. and everyone has to pile into your Losi 3P.. Well, it happened. The four of us managed to squeeze in there for a night, sleeping the opposite direction as 3 normally would. There was enough room, and after a long night of rain, we all woke up dry as a bone.

            A couple of questions here. I have been...

            A couple of questions here. I have been doing some extensive research on my next tent purchase, and this one is near the top of my list (I need to fit 2 comfortably and 1-2 labs). Does anyone know if Nemo has descontinued this model or is ready to come out with an updated version, because it is out-of-stock on their site? More importantly, one hesitation I have is the lack of a full coverage fly -- in severe wheather or heavy humidity, does the ends of the tent not covered by the fly get wet or damp?

            Best Answer

            I can't speak to the issue of Nemo coming out with a new version but I'll try and help you on the other two.

            First, as far as space goes, with 50sq feet you'll plenty of room for 2 people and 2 dogs in a Losi 3P.

            As for the tent not being covered by the fly, I don't know what you mean. The fly completely covers the tent although on the sides it does cut it close. But, the fly does dip below the mesh even if only a couple inches. It provides more than adequate protection in a total downpour and plenty of ventilation for nights that are humid.

            I can't recommend this tent enough especially with the space to weight ratio. Hope this helps.

            My Losi 3P got a tiny, tiny bit wet once (well, more like damp) on the non-door sides during a heavy rain and wind storm. But for the most part it's stayed bone dry inside -- only during that once crazy storm did it show signs of getting wet, and as soon as the wind subsided a bit it dried right out. I was never worried.

            This is the tent for you. Nemo sells a paw print liner for the dogs you mentioned. And the walls do get a little damp in extended rain but it is really not a big deal. One thing most people do not know about this tent is how great the materials are. The coating on this tent is not silnylon instead it is polyurathane. Slicone acts as a solvent for nylon and overtime will cause it to break down. The polyurathane is more expensive and better for the longevity of the tent. Nemo was one of the first companies to make this switch. Also if you look at the waterproofing rating for the fly and the floor you will find that it is substantially better than other 3 season tents on the market. I am pretty sure I misspelled polyurathane but the rest of the info should be accurate.

            Thanks Mattf!So, if a tent comes "seam...

            Thanks Mattf!So, if a tent comes "seam sealed", does that mean it's sealed forever... or would I need to reseal it sometime in the future?Thanks!

            Best Answer

            In theory, a seam-sealed tent shouldn't need to be re-sealed. Ever. It depends on the manufacturing process, type of sealant used, and how often you use it.For whatever it's worth, in the case of my MSR Hubba Hubba, I had one for years that had no problems with the seal. I've since upgraded to the Hubba Hubba HP, and even after using it for a couple of full-year seasons and I still don't have any issues.

            What are the pros/cons to seam-sealed,...

            What are the pros/cons to seam-sealed, taped seams, or neither? Why the difference?
            I'm looking for "the best" 3-person, 3-season tent, but it seems that there are endless combinations of details out there. Anyone have advice on how to pick?

            Best Answer

            It completely depends on your use for the tent, hence the myriad of combinations. In all honesty, any tent should have a sealed seam. This keeps the tent waterproof, and if seams aren't sealed, moisture will be able to wick in overnight, even if it doesn't rain.You can either seal the seams yourself with a sealant product, or you can buy a tent with pre-sealed seams.Taped seams help eliminate some of the waterproofing issues, and are a good start, but a taped seam should still be sealed.Hope this helps eliminate some confusion!