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Paddling on open waters or in shallow inlets can be the ideal way to relax, unless your back and butt are ridiculously sore. Thanks to the removable First Class Seat and thigh pads in the Native Watercraft Marvel 10 Recreational Kayak, you'll have a comfortable ride. The First Class Seat removes to offer you a perch on the bank or to lighten the weight (7-pounds lighter) of the kayak for loading and unloading. Native Watercraft made this kayak with a sturdy design and a ten-foot length, so you can still make tight turns despite the stable width. The foot rests adjust to the right length once you're in the water, and the rear storage hatch keeps your essentials safe and dry.

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Most comfortable seats!!!!!!

    My girlfriend and I looked at dozens of different brands of kayaks before settling on the Marvel 10. Time and again, we kept coming back to the Marvel 10 during our search because of the "First Class" seating. Instead of using padded foam over a plastic seat bottom like all of the other kayaks we looked at, the Marvel 10 has a ventilated fabric stretched around an aluminum frame. Your butt is never in contact with any hard surface or frame rail. The seat back is done the same way, and it's adjustable. In fact, you can stretch your legs out on the front of the kayak, recline the seat back and take a nap!!! And the entire seat can be removed to use around your camp or when taking an extended break.

    We've paddled for up to six hours at a time and not once have we even thought about our comfort. Native Watercraft's website has some short videos showing the advantages of their seats. Check it out!


      Marvels are light kayaks. At 10 feet and only 40lbs this is almost as light as polyethylene boats can get. However, the 7 1/2 lbs seat in this boat quick releases out of the boat so ..... all you have to load and unload is a 32 1/2 lbs hull! This is a nice feature, having a removable seat to have at lunch stops and around the fire on overnight kayak camping trips.

      Native Watercraft Marvel 10

        Native's Marvel 10 is a stable and easy to turn kayak. The cockpit is large enough for easy in and out. The bow's design gives a dry ride through chop and waves directs the splash away from your face and cockpit-dry ride. The hull geometry is arched with some grooves that make the marvel stiffer than most plastic kayaks (better handling and longer life). The hull is not "V"ed so when you are sideways on rivers, rocks can't flip you over. This is why its a great choice for paddlers wanting boat for rivers and lakes.
        The hatch the marvel 10 is not rubber. Its a hard material that doesnt expand and contract like rubber hatches. This makes the marvel hatch easier to put on and take off and less moving parts like some hatches.
        The "first class" seat is very comfortable and supportive. This seat can also quick release from the kayak and be used for a camp/beach chair..really handy for lunch time and camping trips.
        Versatile boat, comfortable, lighter than most in 10 foot range,

        Native Watercraft Marvel 10

        I am new to the sport. Is this a good Kayak...

        I am new to the sport. Is this a good Kayak to start. What length paddle do you recommend, I am 5'11"

        Is a good kayak. you would be looking for something in the 190 cm to 210 cm range. It depends on the water conditions too, if you plan to be very active, whitewater, then you will want something on the 190 side, for touring and more laid back adventures, you will want something closer to the 200 range

        Unanswered Question

        Has anyone tried attaching a Kayak Konsole...

        Has anyone tried attaching a Kayak Konsole to the Marvel 10?

        Here is the link to the Konsole.

        Has anyone tried attaching a Kayak Konsole...

        can you stand in the 10 foot as in the...

        can you stand in the 10 foot as in the 12?

        I would like to be able to go "canoe/kayak"...

        I would like to be able to go "canoe/kayak" camping - I have a canoe, but not a kayak. What kayak brand/model would be best for toting camping gear?

        I need a 2 seat kyak - does the native...

        I need a 2 seat kyak - does the native watercraft come with that option:

        Hey Midge,
        This boat will only hold one person. They make another model that is designed for 2 people, I have sent you the link to that. As well as a few others you could consider. Hope this helps you out. Cheers!

        This may be a stupid question but I just...

        This may be a stupid question but I just got a Marvel 10 and I notice there are two stiff foam supports in the bow of the boat. It resembles thick packaging foam. Can I take those foam support blocks out now or do I need to leave them in?

        Best Answer

        You're going to want to leave those in there! Those are floats for the front of the boat since you only have a rear bulkhead. If you ever tip your boat you will be VERY thankful those are in there! Thanks for the chuckle ;-) now be safe!

        How is this Kayak in fast white water?

        How is this Kayak in fast white water?

        Does the Native Watercraft Marvel 10 kayak...

        Does the Native Watercraft Marvel 10 kayak have a sealed rear bulkhead?

        Best Answer

        Yes,the Marvel 10 kayak has a sealed minicell bulkhead that keeps the rear area dry. Bulkheads are usually mini cell. Mini Cell Foam is a gray foam that doesnt absorb water.Its called Mini Cell becuase the cells of foam are micro sized and impervious to water entry/passage. The Native "glue" is a clear waterproof sealer and is very professionally sealed to keep the boat dry. Not all bulkheads are "mini cell" and not all bulkheads are glued the same.