Take things—and your water—in stride.

Marathon runner and Pittsburgh Marathon winner Magda Lewy wears the Nathan HPL #008 Race Vest while she trains for the Olympics. Hiding water bottles along your training route didn't work for Lewy (we know it wouldn't work for us—"Now, which bush did we stash that bottle in?"), but given her focus on speed, she didn't want to wear anything heavy that could mess with her stride. Which is where this race vest comes in. The #008 weighs in at a mere 5.5 ounces and holds 1.5 liters of liquid for you. Plus, a front holster holds energy gel and a back pocket carries a jacket or gloves.

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Unanswered Question

Would you be able to wear this pack without...

Would you be able to wear this pack without a shirt comfortably?

3 5

Lightweight; nice fit. Bite valve leaks

Great pack for running. The bite valve started leaking on me pretty quickly, defeating the purpose for hands free drinking on the bike. Otherwise, nice pack.

5 5

The only choice

I knew I got the right hydration system when I took it on my long weekend run in the Boulder mountains. Not only did it feel like I wasn't carrying anything, with a seemingly perfectly engineered suspension that prevents bouncing and distributes the weight perfectly, but every other runner that I saw out that day was wearing the same damn thing! I probably saw ten runners, and nine of them were wearing this vest!

I've heard the bigger version is also great, but 50oz is more than enough for me, so I chose this one.

5 5

Love my vest!

I have never run with a water belt or water bottle before because I did not want the bouncing up and down on my waist or the bother of a handheld. I chose to purchase the vest as a result of rave reviews from friends that own one. I love how the vest has easily adjustable straps to tighten when I drink more and more water. Also, the sternum strap with the clasp for the hose is in a great position. I also like the pockets on the front, on the vest straps, for easy access to gels/snacks while on a long run. The bladder inside is easy to fill with plastic slide top that seems to be leakproof so far! The hose also has a lock on the end of the bite side so that water doesn't leak all over when it is not in use.

1 5

Is this made for little girls

Bought this last week.I'm 6'3" 44"chest. Its like wearing a size med when you wear xl. If you are Big in the chest for get it. Straps are adjusted all the way out.I should have known to good to be true. I'll stick with my camelbak. Gave it to a homeless person.

Unanswered Question

what about the bag inside? zip top? is it...

what about the bag inside? zip top? is it easy to fill?

Needing a hydration pack for 100 trail...

Needing a hydration pack for 100 trail walk/run and this looks perfect...what is the female equivalent? Do you know if there is a stockest in Australia?

Responded on

Have a look at the The North Face Enduro Boa Hydration Pack - 369cu in. It will work well for this purpose.

5 5

Best Hydration System Yet

I have gone thru a number of hip hugging hydration systems for my marathon and half marathon training. I was somewhat skeptical with the backpack as I am prone to chaffing everywhere it seems. I have worn this backpack with shirts and with nothing but my running bra and have yet to chaff. Also the pockets for cell phones, and GU are something I have always needed. this is the best hydration system I have found and I love it. The only thing that would improve it is something along the straps to tie down the extra flappage.

5 5

What a great product

I have worn a waist belt and carried bottles. No matter how I positioned the belt it always constricted my breathing. I liked the bottles but thought I should try a vest. I really had my doubts about comfort, but the HPL really is super comfortable. There really is NO breathing constriction, it does not shift, I don't hear sloshing water, it is easy to drink from, and easy to give my dog water, also. I have found that I wear it on all distance runs whether I need the water or not-- it is really that comfortable. I am super happy with it.

Training for a 50k and debating on this...

Training for a 50k and debating on this pack vs the hpl 020. Any recess. Prefer lightweight and less, but don't want to run out of water on summer runs. Mostly will be running in park city: mid mountain and round valley.

Best Answer Responded on

hey pete,
Both vests are good, so it boils down to personal preference. If you are cocerened about running out of water go with the hpl 020, it holds a half liter more water and only adds .5 extra ounces to your weight. I personally don't go through alot of water when I train (I should consume more), but hydration and nutrition are what win ultras..

hope this helps,
...what 50K are you training for ?...

Responded on

Thanks Willy. Still debating on which race. Planning to run the mid mountain marathon on 9/10 so looking at my best option 2-4 weeks after and somewhat close to PC so the fam can travel with.

Responded on

Pete, depends on how much you drink and how far apart the aid stations are. Remember, water is heavy, and extra weight will burn calories and reduce energy. You should only carry enough to get you to the next aid station. You can re-fill there.

Responded on

Pete - I run a lot in the same area as you and I will blow through 2L of water in 10-15 miles. The point about packing light for race day is very true, but training is when you'll use the pack for the majority of the time. I'd definitely get the hpl 020.

Hi, does anyone know if this pack will...

Hi, does anyone know if this pack will work for a little lady @ 5'0" and 110lbs? Thanks!

-little lady

Responded on

Magda Lewy wears one and she is 5'3" and 110... sounds like its a perfect fit.

Responded on

Yes, I have a few small female friends that wear the Nathan. It will work for you.

I see that this vest gets great reviews...

I see that this vest gets great reviews but that there are also women's running vests also by Nathan. I am pretty tall (5'11") and medium-framed. Is the women's a better choice for me or would the regular be better given my height?

Best Answer Responded on

From what I understand, the women's running vests by Nathan are relatively new. I will say that don't know much about them. Regardless of which one you choose, you are definitely in the right place as this is the best running vest product on the market hands down in my opinion.I will say that I am 5'5" and while the pack fits me well, it would be a perfect fit on your frame. I've been at several trail races and numerous ultramarathons in the past year, and this is a very popular pack for both men and women alike. I think you'll be very happy with this race vest, but I couldn't say if you'd like one more than the other. Hope this helps!

How long will it be until you have this...

How long will it be until you have this pack back in stock? I have several things I would like to order but I would like to get them all at the same time.

Responded on

They will be back in the end of Jan. Thank you.__________________________Update: We just got 10 back in stock as of Jan. 14th!

5 5

best runner's hydration pack on the market

i've tried camelbaks. i've tried waist-belts. i've tried flasks and i've tried hip-hugging bottle holsters. none of them ever felt quite right, incessantly bouncing about and loosening up no matter how tight i'd cinched up the straps. helplessly confined to how far i could run with a handheld bottle, i decided to check out this sleek hydration vest i'd seen on a few backs lately.

ten minutes into my first run with the hpl 080 i was entirely unaware of it. the design is beautiful with it's soft, wide straps that hug your shoulders and torso. 50 ounces of water, several gels, a hat, gloves, a windbreaker, and a digital camera never felt so... nonexistent! the contents are held tightly to your back without placing uncomfortable pressure on your back or midsection, and the straps never loosened on me -- not once! and the pouches on the front of the straps are genius for quick access.

i would recommend this to ANYBODY wishing to take more gear/water on their unaided runs. i can't wait to try an hpl 020 for even longer distances. i'd also like to see some competition from amphipod and others to see where these things go.

What sets this vest a side from the rest?...

What sets this vest a side from the rest?

Best Answer Responded on

Weight, comfort, and usability. All Nathan vests are above the rest because of these three reasons. It is very easy to adjust, it doesn't bounce around, it is very light at 5.5 ounces (most Camelbaks similar in size are heavier). I've never had a problem with chaffing with this either. Plus the pockets in the front are great for holding gels and other race nutrition. When I am not racing I put my cell phone and ID in there.The back pouch is also great for carrying surplus gear. While it's not a big pouch, I've gone on 10 hour day hikes with this and been fine.

5 5

Recommend- Nathan Race Vest

This pack is lightweight & comfortable. Running long down hills the pack doesn't bounce or strain my back or shoulders. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a change from lumbar packs or carrying/stashing water bottles.

5 5

Great for trail racing!

I got this pack for a recent Mountain 100 mile trail running race. I don't really care to carry water bottles when I run and this pack was the perfect replacement. The front pockets are a bonus for carrying trail food. Fully loaded I could hardly tell I was wearing it. Also, there is no waist belt to aggravate your stomach. Another thing I like was the transition speed for water refills. Didn't have to pull out the bladder to refill. This is definitely a racing pack.

So does this thing bounce all over the...

So does this thing bounce all over the place when you run like ALL of the Camelbaks I've tried? It looks like it has some sort of strap on the back that when cinched actually pulls the pack close to your body... does this work? If it does, perhaps Camelback could pick up a few ideas...

Best Answer Responded on

My girlfriend and I tried these on at a local store, and were very impressed with the fit. We didn't do much running in them, beyond up and down an aisle, but they seemed to stay in place very very well.

5 5

Totally owns

This is a great race vest. I am not a big guy, so I was looking for something that could hold between 50 and 60 oz of water, but was relatively light. This pack does both. It is very easy to figure out how to best fit it to your body so that it stays stationary whether you are hiking or in a full out sprint.

After the first few miles in it, I completely forgot the pack was there. The shoulder straps were comfortable and did not rub. The clip in front is non-obtrusive and is comfortable. Convenient front pockets as well.

Go to any ultra-marathon and watch folks finish. It's no wonder why over 50% of the field are using Nathan packs. I am totally on board.

Responded on

I just picked one up for the 2011 season. Can't wait to try it out.