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Super Bottle

    Really a good bottle. More colourful than the standard clear bottles, so it stands out. The wide mouth is good for taking big gulps, throwing in ice cubes, or filling with smaller gear while on the trail. Has stood up to a lot of abuse over the years, skiing, hiking, camping, climbing. Dropped it pretty far down the mountain a few weeks ago, and its still in use.

    BPA Free

      I'm pretty stoked on the BPA Free Nalgene. I have only put water in it, and the water has been great, I haven't noticed a plastic taste. It's durable, but not as durable as I would like, but at this price it wouldn't break my bank to pick up a few more.

      Typical Nalgene

        These are typical Nalgene bottles. You can't break em, they never leak, and they last forever. I also prefer these specifically because they are made of a bit softer plastic than the typical clear Nalgene bottles. You can still see through the green ones well enough to use the measuring grid on the side. This bottle is DA BOMB!!

        Nalgene BPA free

          I got this just for the non-clear container. Just as the other bottles this is by far one of the easier water bottles on the market. Wide mouth for what ever you want to put in it, food, water, mixed drink-whatever you want. Not durable from high heights, thus this purchase. Next to stainless, this is your next option for water storage, and true this thing never leaks if you have the lid tight.

          Bright Green!

            Can find this color so easily! The graphics and colors are great. A little different than most Nalgenes I've had as the plastic is a little softer and does give off a small plastic taste. Who cares about that as I can carry this everywhere on my military deployments and know it will last.

            Easy to find bottle...

              Great hard plastic, BPA free bottle for use with cold liquids or dry cereal type foods. Easy screw attached lid - never gets lost! :) This is a good size bottle I use everyday for water although it does have a bit of a plastic taste and the orange color makes locating it easy.

              Write your question here...does the bpa-free...

              Write your question here...does the bpa-free nalgene wide mouth have an available insulated tote?

              Is it dishwasher safe

              Is it dishwasher safe

              If this is BPA free, do the older Nalgene...

              If this is BPA free, do the older Nalgene bottles contain BPA? I have been using the same one for over 3 years now. Is it toxic?

              The older transparent Lexan ones have BPA, yeah. (The HDPE ones like this never have, to my knowledge.) How bad is it? That's a subject of debate, but from the looks of things, the BPA chemical looks kinda like estrogen to your body, so the fear is that it can screw with your hormones and may contribute to cancer.

              are any of them transparent? they look...

              are any of them transparent? they look like it.

              Hello, will the Nalgene wide mouth bottle...

              Hello, will the Nalgene wide mouth bottle 32oz fit the MSR miniworks water filter? thank you for the info.

              I don't know if you can store the miniworks inside a nalgene, but the pump is compatible with nalgenes and MSR bladders.The bottom of the MiniWorks EX screws onto both the MSR Dromedary Bag & a Nalgene water bottle.The miniworks will not fit. I have both this water bottle and the mini works. Just not small enough.You have to use the adapter.