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To keep up with globetrotting adventurers who want to get around unencumbered, MSR made a multi-fuel burning version of the WhisperLite International Stove. Go ahead, use white gas, kerosene, or unleaded auto fuel—this stove burns all. MSR added a large-diameter fuel line just in case poor quality fuel is your only option. Shaker Jet technology ensures that the stove jet cleans easily with a simple shake. The 15.5oz WhisperLite International Stove fits into a 1.5L MSR pot, so you'll hardly know it's in your pack.

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Don't leave home without it!

    Been using the MSR International stoves for a decade plus. Just got a new one cause I like them so much. This is the go anywhere do anything stove. I take it every time I head to the woods, backpacking and dump camping. With some patience and finesse, you can even scramble eggs with this bad boy! Can't wait to take mine across the pond one day, Ireland here I come!

    Can't go wrong with this product

      Great for beginners! I Couldn't ask for a more reliable piece of equipment. The WhisperLite Intern. is light weight and easily compactable. It will light with ease every time regardless of the conditions. It's impossible to go wrong with MSR.

      Can't go wrong with this product

      Easy, light and steezy

        Works well for cooking off a lot of different fuels. The modification is easy and can be done in low light with included tools.
        You do need to be diligent and attentive when priming. It seems to go from empty to full instantly. It'll push gas out quickly and set you up for an inferno pretty quick if you miss that "happy medium."
        The wind screen and foil reflector are splendid.

        I found it adjust nicely but simmer flame was pretty hard to achieve.
        It goes from boil fast to boil slow easily, but the avoid boil setting is tough to find.

        Finally, it gets dirty as all get out with a dirty fuel. This is a consequence of a dirt fuel.... But just be ready for a mess.

        wore out by storing

          i just lit mine after 2 months short of being in storage for 22 years -(early Aug '11) nada problem - mind you i did store the tank w/ a load of amoco unleaded premium - just dumped that into my grill for an evening meal (and my storage bucket for old fuel) - fillled it back w some knockdown Colemans i bought a couple few years ago (oh it pains me - they had 33 g cans at 1.99 each and i was too cheap to buy it all.)
          the little guy fired right up and no problems for 4 days for 3 of us - and we do like to eat and drink coffee- stationery campsite fishing.
          Good piece of kit and MSR is outstanding in their customer service!
          the same time we were going on this trip i pulled out the dromedary that we bought back in 89 - we packed some beverage into our campsite and had to throw the potatoe juice away -bad taste - MSR replaced - no questions asked!! after 22 years.
          you cannot get any better than that!!
          outstanding product back-up
          and we have 2 river bags that we bought when we were going 'way up N back in 88/89 and used them on this trip and they are still supple and waterproof!
          I could not recommend MSR more highly.
          they might be from up there in the liberal tight corner of the country - but their products and especially their customer service are second to none - good old fashioned do it the right way!!
          but that will never compensate for someone who doesn't get that O-rings dry out if they are stored dry - you can't compensate for that....course they could send a bottle nipple; some dry enfamil; and a couple o-rings with some silicone grease in the zip-lock... or maybe some RPJ - that might give a hint...wish i could have been in that guys' trash bin - ohhh - sorry his recycle bin. You just cannot compensate for ignorance ( sorry for insulting you - but this is supposed to be - i trust - a fair review of products and the companies that supply them - without apologizing to the users: - this has been my experience - great company and fine products) gee whiz i forgot - you need to add the water to the enfamil to the guy who trashed two from being wore out from storing.

          Whisperlite always Reliable

            This has been a reliable stove for me for a decade of packing and trekking. The whisperlite is quiet and has an adjustable flame. I often use the foil shield to keep the fuel economy at its highest by protecting the flame from the wind.
            When priming the bowl be aware of how much fuel you had emptied into it before you add spark, you can have quite the little flame burst if your not paying attention (think nylon melting flair). I have run this stove through any fuel I have come across while traveling and she keeps making hot food.
            At higher elevations this stove is a must and kicks my canisters stove arse where I cannot get a full canister to burn and burns weakly. At elevation the whisperlite rules. A couple of large bottles and you can cook for a week.

            Best stove ever.

              Whether you are new to backpacking or a seasoned veteran this is the stove for you. This stove my be a few ounces heavier than some, but it will NEVER let you down. Don't get caught up in those jetboil type fuel canister stoves, they will fail on you when you need them the most. This stove follows the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) mantra, making it the most reliable stove in the world. If you have a flammable liquid, you can now cook your dinner. This stove comes complete with two jet nozzles. One for thin liquids such as white gas, alcohol, or paint thinner. One nozzle for thicker fuels such as diesel or kerosene. The international also has a wick in the primer cup for the harder to light fuels such as diesel that makes lighting this stove a breeze. This stove is excellent at boiling water in a hurry, but is capable of doing more delicate "fancy cooking" with a little practice and a little know how. This is the last stove you will ever buy.

              Keeps going...and going...

                I bought one of these sixteen years ago, and several years later rescued a non-working one from an outdoor ed program for spare parts. Well, of course the one I bought was stolen off of a beach in Panama. I rebuilt the old one and have used that for the last nine years without a hitch. It is crusty and old and fires up every time.

                It is often noted that these don't simmer well, but I have found that if you turn down the heat and then babysit the pressure by pumping (carefully!) every once in a while, it simmers like a champ.

                I'm considering buying a new one just in case MSR ever stops making them, but it's hard to justify when this one still works so well.

                sweet pea,

                ide buy another one for a few reasons...the first is in case you ever need to cook multiple items at one time during a large group outing/emergency/survival scenario you'll be able to do so. the second is your current one could be stolen (AGAIN) or go tizzles up and leave you stoveless during the most in-opportune time. thirdly, you can use the new one as your main stove while using the old one as a spare parts/backup stove. fourthly, if you ever come accross someone who badly needs a stove to borrow you can keep the new one and let them use the old stove. it can happen.

                peace out:)

                Tried and True - A Classic

                  This stove burns jut about anything flammable, although burning non-stove specific fuels are likely to increase carbon buildup. Luckily with the shaker-jet, a few shakes should do the trick to clean it out. This stove requires some practice and a little finesse to master. Poor technique as a teenager left me with singed eye brows. That being said, I currently use these as part of a school outdoor ed. program and our students are quickly able to master the stove. The stove boils water pretty quickly and it is relatively easy to control the intensity of the burn. In the days of cartridge stoves carrying liquid fuel may seem cumbersome, but this stove's easy of use and maintenance makes it worth it

                  From San Juan PR

                    After searching and reading reviews of several pocket stoves, I finally decided for this one.

                    This stove is AMAZING! It boils water in just minutes, and the priming time is just minimal. I have use it at El Yunque Rain forest, at the beach, and at home :-)

                    As others have said, it burns several fuel types as this is a must for me, since we don`t always have camp fuel in stores (only in Walmart).

                    So don`t think twice on buying it. You won`t regret it.

                    Great Little Stove

                      I've used this many times and every time I light it the entire stove catches on fire and then after about a minute it settles down into the little blue flames. It might be me not knowing how to use the stove properly(I am not a cook at all). Other than that it is a great little stove. It nests nicely with the MSR Blacklite pots.

                      Burn baby burn

                        Like a desperate hippy this stove will burn anything. I was just up in the arctic using it for 10 days and it operated great. I don't speak Norwegian, but when we saw the picture of a lawnmower on what appeared to be a fuel bottle we knew it would work. Another nice part about this stove is that it has an adjustable flame. You can simmer or turn it into a flame thrower unlike the XGK which only has full thrust. Nice and quiet like the name subtly implies so you can discuss how awesome it is that you are someplace cool camping in a tent.

                        I recommend building your own stove board (see attached photo) to insulate and hold the bottle and stove together as one. It's a bit of a pain to move them around as separate pieces. I used some closed cell foam, a piece of plastic and wrapped it in heat resistant tape. I then used some wire to secure the stove and bottle.

                        Burn baby burn

                        Stove board totally unnecessary! I have been using this stove for 20-years and a flat dirt surface works best. I doubt the insulation from board really insulates all that well unless you're camping in snow. Two large fuel bottles last me two weeks in backcountry. Highly recommend Whisperlite fuel stove over canister stoves which suck fuel at high altitude. Just be careful you don't overprime and set your picnic table on fire.

                        I agree with Noah regarding a Stove Board if camping in snow, otherwise it is not necessary. The trick when building a Stove Board is to craft one that is light weight, semi rigid,with moderate insulation, and has some mechanism to secure at least the stove if not the stove and bottle. If you don't use one in while snow camping your stove will quickly melt into the underlying snow and spill your soup.

                        Easy and Entertaining

                          I love this stove. You can use it for big and small cooking endeavors alike. Easy to bring to a boil and once you get a little practice you can even bake on it. I love how small and light it is- no issues with it in a huge backpack on multi-day trips.

                          My favorite thing about it is the cleaning mechanism. You know when you get frustrated with your phone/ipod/camera/whatever and just want to shake it? With the Whisperlite you do! Just shake it and it comes back to life. So awesome!

                          Just Simple!

                            These stove is great, it works well on any condition, i bought these stove a year ago and thanks to it if had have great hot food at different places, just shake it to clean it, follow the instructions and its ready to cook, after a few times you will be able to turn it on in a minute, the only inconvenient that i see to these stove is that the fuel pump is a little more delicate so when making the maintenance be careful not to make any strong adjustments or you could just break it like it happened to me after 1 year of use, now i have to order another fuel pump, but not big deal, trust it these stove is one of the best (if not the best) on the market!!!

                            Just Simple!

                            Let's just say Jeff knows his way around a Whisperlite...

                            Let's just say Jeff knows his way around a Whisperlite...

                            I'm looking for a pot, ideally with a...

                            I'm looking for a pot, ideally with a locking lid, that will hold the whisperlite international. Can anyone advise what the smallest pot they use that will still fit the whisperlite international (minus the fuel bottle of course) in it?

                            Why should I buy this from Back country?...

                            Why should I buy this from Back country? I had the order filled out and noticed that you were charging me sales tax. I went to and they had it on sale ($68.79), with free shipping and no sales tax. My state, Arkansas, does not at this time, charges sales tax on internet purchases, who gets it?

                            Does the Whisperlite Intnat'l. simmer as...

                            Does the Whisperlite Intnat'l. simmer as low as the Simmerlite or Dragonfly?

                            What is the difference between this stove...

                            What is the difference between this stove and the XGK? - besides the price. and is the fuel hose flexible?

                            XGK has more fuel options, it almost burns anything that has a petroleum base. Whisperlite is lighter, quiter and has a more adjustable flame. If you travel abroad and do cold weather camping XGK is unbeatable, for general use whisperlite international is better.

                            does the Optimus Fuel Bottle fit this...

                            does the Optimus Fuel Bottle fit this stove?

                            dose this product ship to Malaysia? and...

                            dose this product ship to Malaysia?
                            and fuel bottel sell separately or package with the product?
                            thank you

                            Help me kit this out. I am really interested...

                            Help me kit this out.
                            I am really interested in this stove for multi day ski tours. What do I need to kit this out properly? Looking for advice on the right accessories and cookware that will work well but keep it fairly minimal.

                            Best Answer

                            This is a great stove. You'll need a few things to fully trick it out.
                            1) A fuel bottle. The 1L is a lot of fuel, you can do something like 20 person-days with one.
                            2) A trillium stove base. This aluminum platform replaces (or adds to) the flimsy heat reflector, and is a must for cooking on snow
                            3) A pot. My favorite for groups of 1-3 is the 2L pot in the MSR Titan 2 pot set (it used to be sold alone) Any 2L with a similar aspect ratio will do. They are light, indestructible, heat quickly, and fit the stove inside nicely. Check out evernew as well.
                            4) A fry pan (optional). The Banks Fry-Bake is pretty awesome for longer trips, but overkill for shorter ones. Any aluminum nonstick with a folding handle will give you lots of options.

                            I'd also recommend finding some online forums with tips, you can get pretty tricky with this stove, (how to depressurize for lower temps, or the Tower of Power for baking etc.) which will make your food better.

                            Happy cooking!

                            Hi, im from Argentina, im very interested...

                            Hi, im from Argentina, im very interested in this stove. The price es $89.95, the ship to my country is free? (free shiping over $50)

                            best regards

                            Best Answer

                            Backcountry can ship MSR products to Argentina, but it's not free.

                            To calculate how much it's going to cost, here are the instructions-

                            How Do I Figure Out International Shipping Rates?
                            Calculating International Shipping Rates

                            So you want to find out what your international shipping charges will be. First, add the item or items to your cart. Then proceed to checkout (don’t worry—proceeding to checkout doesn’t make you obligated to purchase anything). Enter your address in the billing and shipping fields. Once you change the country, the page will show you the shipping charges.

                            Whats the difference between this and the...

                            Whats the difference between this and the regular whisperlite stove?

                            The international version of the Whisperlite has a larger gas tube leading up to the fuel nozzle to accomodate thicker fuels such as diesel or kerosene. This stove comes with two fuel jet nozzles. The one installed on the stove when you purchase it is for light fuels such as white gas or alcohol, the second is for heavier fuels. The international version also has a net in the primer cup which serves as a wick. This wick allows you to light heavier fuels (such as diesel) with ease. The heavier fuels have a higher flash point and are difficult to light on their own without a wick. If you wish to have the most versatile stove available, the International is the way to go. With the International you can cook with almost any flammable liquid while the standard version is better suited for white gas alone.

                            OK -heres what I want to know, and LOTS...

                            OK -heres what I want to know, and LOTS of places do this, Does it come with the fuel bottle and where does it show the contents you receive

                            Best Answer

                            This stove does not come with a fuel bottle. What you do get is the stove, fuel pump, windscreen, bottom reflector, small parts kit, instructions, & a storage sack. The windscreen is approximately 10" in diameter.

                            have an older model which used pressurized...

                            have an older model which used pressurized fuel (no pump). Fuel system no longer available. Should I modify the older model stove or buy a new one?

                            Best Answer

                            Modifying liquid fuel stoves can get a bit sketchy in terms of safety and performance, and by the time you get the parts and a new pump, you're already taking a good sized bite out of the $89.95 anyway. Might as well pick up a new model. That's my opinion anyhow. Hope it helps.

                            Phil is right on the money. It's not worth retrofitting your RapidFire stove. The only areas in common with the WhisperLite/International are the burner assembly & legs/pot supports. By the time you procure all the necessary new parts, you would have spent more money than buying a brand new stove.

                            Write your question here...How can I travel...

                            Write your question here...How can I travel on an air plane with a used stove? Is there a special way to clean my stove

                            Best Answer

                            Put your dry stove in a plastic, zip lock bag & seal it up. Make sure your empty fuel bottle is thoroughly cleaned & dried. I leave the top off but that might not make any difference. Put your fuel bottle in a separate zip lock bag & seal it up. Make sure they are both in your checked luggage, not carry on.

                            *Remove the fuel line cable to help the drying out process, then replace before using.

                            Most outdoor stores sell this in a package...

                            Most outdoor stores sell this in a package with a small sack, fuel pump, and an aluminum heat shield. Are these included with this package? Campmor has the same set for the same price, but it comes with a sack and a heat shield. Why doesn't this one include those?

                            it appears this item on does not come with the accesories you mentioned. A quick search on google proves this stove does indeed come with said accesories, for the same price! i would buy elsewhere for this item considering this stove is useless without the wind/heat deflector.

                            this is an excellent choice for a stove...

                            Best Answer

                            I still bought from backcountry. This item came with a windshield, heat reflector, and a stuff sack. I'm not sure why it is listed incorrectly. The package even says, "This package Includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflectore, small parts kit, and stuff sack.

                            How much fuel is usually required for a...

                            How much fuel is usually required for a five day trip with this stove? I don't know what size fuel bottle to get.

                            Really depends on how many people you're cooking for and what you make. Go for the big bottle, it's better to have leftover than to run out.------------------I typically take the 22oz size. This seems to do for a week long trip for 2 people. The key is conservation. Only use the stove when boiling water and be careful while priming. Most of the fuel is used during this process. I would practice getting it down before heading out. One secret to conserving fuel is priming with denatured alcohol or fuel gel. However, I agree with Angus, that when in doubt, bring extra.

                            Does this include the bottle? On the...

                            Does this include the bottle? On the standard model it says the bottle is sold separately but not on this one.

                            Can this stove burn Coleman Lantern Fuel...

                            Can this stove burn Coleman Lantern Fuel ... I saw it asked but I did not see an answer. I would think that would be the cleanest fuel.

                            I'm doing the GR20 (15 days backpacking)...

                            I'm doing the GR20 (15 days backpacking) in June '09, the only fuel available in Corsica is methylated spirits. Does this stove burn methylated spirits?

                            This'll burn essentially anything. I'm pretty sure you could get gasoline and kerosene in Corsica as well, which it'll burn better, but methylated spirits should do fine. The only risk is that alcohol flames are nearly invisible, so if you're cooking in the day you won't be able to see them. You should probably test it before you go just in case, but if there's any stove that will run on it, this is it.EDIT: This stove burns gasoline perfectly, I used it up in the German Alps and walked by a gas station before hand, it cost about 1 euro to fill the canester up and you're good to go.

                            Is it true you have more control over the...

                            Is it true you have more control over the flame if you don't over pressure the bottle( i.e . not exceding 10 pumps max every ten minutes)?

                            Best Answer

                            Yes, but it also won't go as hot, so things will take longer.----------------There are several ways to simmer with the Whisperlite Stoves. The new pump has made it easier, but also reducing the amount of pressure in the stove also makes it possible to cook more gourmet meals. Some folks who have used their Whisperlite Stove for many years have gotten very adept at simmering with it. It's a skill that many are proud of and have worked at. It's really a wonderful stove once you understand it's nuances. It's one that will last for many years and be as reliable as any piece of gear you've owned.