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Buy this sweet tent, ignore the other reviews

    This tent rocks. I am 6'3" and I fit well in this tent with a friend. I have been in extremely inclimate weather in this tent with high winds and it was fine. It is the best tent I have ever owned. The vestibule is awesome. Buy this tent!

    Great Ultralight

      I have been using this as my summer backpacking tent for the last 3 years. I put this in a Granite Gear XS compression sack so it packs down so small. I have video if anyone want to see it of this tent in 50+ MPH winds with rain, snow, and hail above tree line in Colorado. As long as you guy the tent out it can take some pretty serious weather. I admit I was a little scared when the weather came in, but getting through the night with no problems I was pumped. This is a great ultralight structure.

      Can't be beat

        I don't care what people say. It takes up no space in a pack and weighs nothing. Sure it has a lil condensation in the morning, but what tent doesn't? I've used mine plenty of times in the White Mountains of NH and have never been let down. It's definitely not a cold weather tent and isn't advertised as one, so forget it when the mercury drops into the 40s. Thats just common sense. In the end, you'll appreciate all of the extra room and saved weight in your pack. Guaranteed.

        Blown Away

          This seemed like a good idea with some pretty impressive features: very light but extremely roomy, side entry, using trekking poles for support and a front awning large enough to cook under in a rain! Unfortunately wind is a big factor. If you know were it is coming from it is tolerable, but the wind has a tendency to shift around. I made the mistake of orienting it such that the vertical front side ended up facing into a gale. It filled up like a spinnaker sail on an America's Cup yacht, pulling out most of the stakes and flinging my trekking poles yards away. I can't tell you how much fun it is to be sitting inside a flapping orange bag at 2 a.m. in a thunderstorm! I donated it to charity immediatley on my return.

          Not a fan

            So tough to set up and keep up. The vestibule is like a bucket, I would rather just carry a more bomber tent, I mean unless you go camping when there is no wind, rain, or weather problems. Let me know where that place is and Ill stick this back in my pack.

            Lightweight Yet Spacious

              I've had this tent for several seasons now and have used it in a variety of conditions, from high desert to high alpine, from perfect weather to mountain storms. For the most part, this tent is great. The front awning is one of my favorite features; you can get out of the rain yet still have a decent view. Inside, it is very roomy for its weight and offers better protection than a floorless tarp, but I will say that the layout is not ideal for two people since there's only one door, so when nature calls somebody's gotta crawl over their partner. The corners, on the other hand, are useful for stashing gear. Setup is very simple; it's ready to go in three or four minutes if you're not fussy about catalog-perfect tautness. This tent has proved quite stable in some pretty strong winds, but you do have to guy it out to get maximum stability.
              Now, the cons: Ventilation is pretty good, but you WILL have condensation under the right conditions (no leaking, though). Most of my camping is done out West, where it's dry, but I did notice during bad weather at high altitude (cold and wet) that I had to keep a sponge or a towel handy. Placement relative to wind is imperative, as is making sure the rear vent is nice and open. I don't think I'd want this tent for muggy, wet places. Also, I can never get the door to pitch completely taut, which means I have to grab the tent wall to zip/unzip it.
              Overall, though, it's a nice "in-between" tent for those that aren't quite ready to go floorless yet want to shed some weight. I recommend it for most applications.

              Wet & Cold

                It seemed like a good idea. Light and using the poles I already was carrying. However, with temperatures in the low 40's the condensation was a big hassle. Throw in some high winds and it became a rainstorm inside. I had to put my gear outside to keep it dry. Also, the slope of the tent ceiling would make it very uncomfortable for the 2nd person. Finally, the size worked against it in several setup spots. It's great to be big, but it's too big.

                Pros and Cons

                  My tent leaked from the first day I used it, as some of the seams in the back of the tent are neither sealed or taped. I chose to seam seal my tent instead of returning it for fear that the new one might leak even more. On the positive side, the tent is very lightweight and roomy for a 2-person tent. Set up is straight forward, but the room inside the tent and cross ventilation benefit greatly from fully guying out the tent.

                  Awesome tent!

                    After using the tent for the first time I am sold! I spent 2 cold, rainy nights in Rocky Mtn National Park and stayed very dry throughout the night. There was a tiny bit of condensation in the morning, but found that it was the same as my double wall tents I've used in the past. The wind was crazy but having made sure it was staked out as best as possible with the super strong needle stakes, it was solid as a rock. Because of all the cubic feet I was able to drag everything inside the pack (except my food which was hanging in a tree). The best tent I have ever bought and the easiest to put up. Get it, you won't regret it!

                    Has anyone a suggestion about how to fix...

                    Has anyone a suggestion about how to fix the melted walls? After a couple of uses and 12 months in storage the Missing Link tent has developed a sticky glue covering all interior surfaces and visible pinholes when viewed with a backlight. Do other MSR single wall tents do this?

                    how well would this perform at philmont...

                    how well would this perform at philmont scout ranch?

                    I used one in 2009. Awesome. Sets up easy. Tears down easy. Stuff in the sack wet. set it up again and it dries in 5 minutes. Works well in rain. Since then I have used it for 3 ragbrais, Tour de Kota and RASDak (Mt Rushmore to Sioux Falls SD) plus a few others self contained on bicycle