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  • MSR - Hydration Kit - For Use with Any MSR Bag - One Color

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  • MSR - Hydration Kit - For Use with Any MSR Bag - One Color

MSR Hydration Kit - For Use with Any MSR Bag


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    Go hands-free with the MSR Hydration Kit.

    The MSR Hydration Kit converts an MSR Dromedary Bag into a hands-free hydration system. The Hydration kit comes complete with an MSR Bullet Bite Valve, a high-capacity 42-inch taste-free polyethylene-lined drinking tube that resists freezing temperatures, and a custom hydration cap with a 360 degree swivel elbow. MSR hydration systems are now even more versatile, reliable and modular.
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    Easy Buy

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    If you are looking to turn your dromlite or dromedary into the best of hydration systems, this kit is a must have. It is perfect for backpacking, day hiking, biking, or really anything in which you just want a sip of water without having to pull an entire bottle out of your pack. Itʼs super durable, shut off valve included, and a nice little clip that can be attached from the tube to your shoulder strap, or even shirt, as a friendly reminder to keep drinking.

    Keeps me hydrated while driving.

      This kit is good for turning the droms into normal hydration bags. With this kit and the drom bag, I no longer need to carry my water in 2 three liter bottles in my truck (and can use the space for other things).
      The bite valve takes a little getting used to, but I got the hang of it (hydration pack bite valves seem a little less stiff). There is a "garden hose" taste, but that doesn't bother me (don't know if it is the drom bag or the hose). Too bad these aren't included with the drom bags.

      The way to go.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These are the way to go if you have a MSR Dromedary bag. Like Matt, I started using these when I was doing wildland fire, but have since been using it for everything from ski touring to desert backpacking trips where water is scarce. Overall awesome product, water tastes good out them, and MSR dromedary bags are super durable, so you don't have to worry about them springing a leak in your bag.

      Keeping you hydrated

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I used this with a 6 liter dromalite bag last summer as a wildland firefighter and it was awesome! Love the long hose and the bite valve. I loved having a 6 liter hydration sack too, it's nice when it's 100 degrees and you are digging next to a fire all day. The hose never grew any funky bacteria or slimy stuff, which is a plus. And it held up to some heavy abuse.

      Decent hose

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      This is a decent hookup for the MSR bags (i use the dromedarys). The only issue i have with them is the price and they are also too short for 55-65 liter backups and too long for the smaller backpacks.

      But overall..they do their job quite well in terms of function...i havn't had any issues with leaks or anything like that


        The kit works fine, the problem is the bag leaks. This is the second one I have purchased that has done this. If you buy one, fill it full of water, put the lid on, hang it upside down over night. If you get no puddle, go ahead and use it. The problem seems to be around the lid, I was disappointed, MSR stuff is usually great

        Absolute Must

          The MSR Hydration kit is a must for any Dromlite or MSR Dromedary Bag user. As if these water bags weren’t versatile enough to begin with, this just takes it up a notch!

          Pro: Hose is sturdy and can take abuse, bite valve is well put together and delivers much needed water just like any othe. Fittings used to attach to dromedary bags are very solid and swivel for adjustment. Taste, what taste? You’re going to taste your water, that’s it.

          Con: The provided little clip you see in the stock photo is pretty tough. It was difficult to keep it snapped in place when first purchase, but if you work the piece back and forth for a few minutes, it will be a lot more pliable.

          No More Nalgenes for this guy

            I bought this unit with a 6L Dromedary bag and it has revolutionized how I hike. No more stopping to unscrew a bottle, no more only filling up bottles in 1L increments. I just toss this about half full (the weight I don't mind carrying) and I can just grab a sip whenever I want. I definately stay more hydrated and I don't have to filter water as often. The bite valve works great and the clip easily attaches to my backpack. My backpack didn't come built for H20 res. but the tube is long enough I just toss the bag into the main compartment on my pack. Love it.

            Quenches my thirst

              This is a good conversion for your MSR bladder. The on/off function of the valve is great (especially if you're like me and have, on more than one occasion spilled a great deal of water all over your gear in the trunk). The only thing I don't like is the plastic-y taste of the water that comes through the hose. But I have never had a hydration kit without this issue.

              hydration hose

                works great. the shut off valve on the mouth piece works very well; no leaks at all. the hose makes the water taste "plasticy" though. i use it with a 6L drom bag which doesnt alter the water's taste whatsoever. it isnt too bad though. it tastes better than the water from my girlfriend's camelbak.

                Used Camelbak hose instead on Dromedary

                  I have MSR's 10 liter Dromedary bag and love it! I also have this hydration hose. It works--but it is not nearly as durable as a camelbak hose. So I pulled this hose off the connector piece (that screws to the bladder cap) and attached the camelbak hose (same interior diameter) instead. There's nothing wrong with MSR's setup; however, my camelbak hose has the insulating sleeve (which doubles as a protective sleeve), and the camelbak bite valve has the cap to keep the bite valve clean. It may not be necessary for every day use, but I was using that setup for tactical operations in Iraq in 2007 and needed an absolutly bombproof setup. (I already had a Blackhawk Hydrastorm bitevalve rip completely out of the hose when walking through 8' elephant grass--not cool.)

                  MSR, Great Hydration System!

                    One thing you have to realize is that you are transforming a dromedary bag into a hydration system. Because of this, the drinking tube's connection on the bag's screw-on lid is not as streamlined as say a camelbak or other hydration bag where the drinking tube is mounted on the bag itself. However, in my opinion, what some may see as a drawback (relative bulkiness of the connection) I see as a benefit. It is very easy to clean, disinfect, and dry the tubing because it is removable from the dromedary bag. As with any "bite-to-open" valve system the tubing will leak if your backpack or other gear is set on the valve, however, MSR's valve has a very, very user friendly mechanism of closing the valve. You simply twist the head of the valve 90 degrees and just like a plumbing ball cock stop valve it stops the flow of water. A good portion of the time that I use this gear is in low-light / night time operations and the valve is equipped with a raised "arrow-like" indicator that is easy to feel and know when the valve is open or closed. I leave this bag filled, in my pack, at the ready in vehicles and in structures and it has NEVER leaked, even when lying under other equipment--that is when I remember to turn the valve off! Therefore, I see any leaks as "user-error"--not equipment malfunction! I have been using MSR dromedary bags for years and only recently had to replace a 4 liter bag that was destroyed by a "penetrating projectile." These new bags have a feature that I absolutely love, a small "lipped" handle at the opening making it very easy to fill the bag to it's max level without easily dropping the bag. I highly recommend this system to anyone--especially when large volume hydration bags are needed (say greater than 4 liters).

                    Unanswered Question

                    Could the platypus hoser cap fit the msr...

                    Could the platypus hoser cap fit the msr dromedary bag in the same way the custom hydration cap above does?

                    Does anyone know what size is the inner...

                    Does anyone know what size is the inner diameter of the tubing? does the msr shower kit have the same size tubing? I want to buy quick disconnects in the right size for both. Thanks

                    How well does this product work in freezing...

                    How well does this product work in freezing temperatures?

                    Best Answer

                    Honestly, not well. All hydration tubes will freeze up if not insulated (i.e. used with a pack that places the hose within the shoulder strap, thereby insulating and warming it with your shoulder). But this one actually delaminated after being frozen and thawed. I could see flakes of plastic flapping in the hose, and cracks developed on the inside curves. I also had the leaking problem mentioned in a review on this page. Love my drom, hate the hose, especially in winter.

                    I live in Alaska. Even Camelbak brand gear will freeze in the winter. I've even tried placing hand warmer packs next to the bladder and the hose connector piece on the bladder. The only real fix is to 1) always blow remaining water in the hose back into the bladder when finished drinking; and 2) drink a small sip every 5 minutes to keep the water constantly moving (and even that's only somewhat effective). Otherwise, you have no hope. I just don't use hydration systems in the winter anymore. A couple nalgenes turned upside (bottom always freezes last) generally work great, though less convenient than an on-the-go hydration system.

                    The difference with the Camelbak hose vs. the Dromedary hose is that the hose will not delaminate or fall apart in the cold. I have never replaced a camelbak hose due to cold weather damage. I'm actually really surprised Jeff's (reviewer below) hose developed issues because in my experience, MSR makes bomber gear.

                    I'm with you Shannon, there's a definite inconvenience in the winter in AK (or anywhere else really cold) when you have to dig your water out of your pack to drink, but that's the only solution I've found. Those insulated sleeves don't do squat in my experience. The mouthpiece freezes first even with blowing the water back and drinking often. I've even had the water in the bag freeze. Instead, I start the day with hot water in a solid wide-mouth nalgene stuffed in an insulator with a hand warmer... upside down in my pack, like you said. Or, better yet, I use a thermos bottle with hot ginger tea. I happily pull my MSR bag out again come April or May.

                    Hi...I also had a less than stellar experience with my MRS Hydration Kit a few weeks ago in northern Ontario. I was in a group of 7 hikers and everyone else had a camelback with insulated hose kit. My MSR was the only hose that froze. I thought like one of the previous posters that if I fed the hose through my backpack's shoulder strap, that it would be kept warm enough. Not the case and it was a VERY long day of cold hiking with little water... I learned my lesson... I'm moving back to my old faithful water bottle and insulated pouch....(note.. I didn't try blowing back into the hose so maybe that's the trick but honestly, I don't want to take the chance of frozen water again).