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Get the bite you need.

When the going gets too steep and deep for a Rocky-Mountain sheep, strap on the MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoe and stay on top of winter alpine conditions. The Evo Ascent features an ultra-aggressive traction system that's designed for backcountry adventures over rugged, uneven terrain.
  • Integrated, side-mounted Unibody Traction Rails grip ice and provide stability over uneven ground—aggressive tooth cut provides more traction than MSR's other Evo models
  • Pivot Crampon shares a rotating hinge with your binding to provide secure traction regardless of your foot position or the angle of terrain
  • PosiLock AT bindings employ three foot straps and a heel strap to provide all-weather, glove-friendly stability while also accommodating a wide range of footwear
  • The Televator heel lift system reduces calf fatigue, conserves energy, and improves traction when traveling uphill—intuitive design engages in seconds with a simple flick of your pole
  • Optional modular Flotation Tail (5-inch connector piece) allows you to custom-tailor your footprint size to match trail conditions—attach it when expecting powder, or leave it off for hardpack (sold separately)