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You will love these

    I bought these new last fall and then put 330 miles on them over this past winter in NH.

    Reasons why I loved my shoes:

    1) Durability - Traction rails and straps held up all winter, as well as the plastic framing. They are scuffed up and I saw a little bit of rust on the rails, but overall great wear. The small strap tabs used to hold the extra strapping in place are breakable. The ultimate verdict is that I will be using these for a 2nd season and I am placing odds they can last another 300 miles or so.

    2)Traction - The most illuminating moment the whole winter was when I passed a group of 10(all in crampons) up a very steep trail on Mt. Osceola. I summitted, broke trail through 2' drifts another 1.4 miles to another peak, doubled back, and found the same group still ascending the original steep section! With the heel riser bars and superior traction and flotation you do not need to switch foot gear as often...

    Minor flaws IMO are - Heel riser bars almost unusable if ascending on a "sidehill" type trail. Because your ankles will be tilted with big toe higher than pinkie, it really wears out your ankle on that bar.

    Another small flaw is that the rubber straps loosen up with friction(heat) and on downhills this means your boot might get caught in the front of the snowshoe, which tripped me up quite a bit. Over long hikes you typically have to restrap your boots once.

    We use these everyday in the rockies for work

      I have about a dozen forestry workers that use these shoes everyday in british columbia. We have used many others but these are the best choice. Durable, simple, efficient and excellent cant system for the hills. I wouldn't waste your time on any other if your are looking for a efficient and durable shoe that works well. We always take tails off on the downhill as tail less is more central weight dispersal. MSR is excellent with warranty issues - straps simple and easy to replace. Stick with the denali evo ascent. Lightnings will shred your pants with the side teeth and the evo's are not as strong.

      Great shoes!!

        Just got back from my first backpacking trip with these shoes in alleghany state park in NY. Shoes worked great for the 12 mile round trip hike carrying 40+ lbs. Feet were never uncomfortable, straps stayed tight and ascents with the televators were a breeze. Havent had a chance to use the 4 in. tails I bought in any real powder yet, but think they will be nice too. The person I went with had a pair of the more expensive EVO ascents, but I did't see any real advantage to them at all, and am happy I saved some money from buying them. very happy with this purchase!!

        Nice shoes!

          After reading many reviews and doing some research I returned a pair of snowshoes I received as a gift and ordered these. broke them in today. didn't get a chance to use the heel lift but went through plenty of short steep stretches without it and these kept traction great when those with other brands of shoes were slipping and sliding. I'm 6'3", 200 pounds without a pack and did not need the extensions today. this was on a tough snowpack however, haven't had a chance to use them in more powdery conditions yet.

          I wear a size 13 boot and had some trouble at first with the toe of my boots catching under the lip of the snowshoes and getting stuck like that. just give the toe of your boot some clearance and don't position your foot all the way forward in the binding and it's not an issue.

          nice snowshoes though, I'm glad I bought them, they seem very sturdy and well designed, much better than those I returned for close to the same price...

          Great Snowshoe, very happy.

            The first time I went snowshoeing I kinda hated it, but I was using a pair of borrowed Tubbs with the metal tubes. Every hill we climbed I was sliding backwards. Someone recommended these to me, so I got them and gave snowshoeing another shot. The Denali Ascents are great! The one thing I would recommend it maybe going with the 4" floats even if you are over 175. I weight 176 so I got the 8" floats and found them a little cumbersome, so I bought a pair of 4" inch and had no trouble. I am not even sure you need the floats if you are on a heavily used trail or behind other people, but they are nice to have. The heel Lifters are a great feature and worth the extra money.

            Made for Denali.

              MSR lived up to their reputation with these. I've used these for several years in the White Mountains, and have never had an issue. Snowshoes take a beating, especially in mixed conditions in NH. I always fear treading over the few exposed rocks in snowshoes, but not with these. THe construction is especially well. The plastic frame is very solid and durable, and the stubby size makes them ideal for alpine environments. The shortness of these isn't an issue at all-- if anything it's one of its greatest features, gives you enough float and doesn't have that awkward pull longer traditional snowshoes have. The binding is great-- Fits plastic boats or other large mountaineering boats, and the crampon tip on the toe is awesome. Most snowshoes don't have as much bite as these do, these are incredibly aggressive. THe straps are easy to put on and off, and they never come undone. Lastly the heal raiser is AWESOME. It makes going up a steep hill feel like flat ground for your feet. Great Job MSR, these things are beasts. I love em.

              Simplicity and utility

                1. they are light weight when you are carrying them to higher elevations.
                2. They climb well when you get up high above the tree line.
                3. They are simple in design and work well in all conditions, but I especially find then useful in winter alpine climbing. The buckling system is excellent.
                4. Sometimes, rarely, they don't provide adequate flotation, but I don't have the extenders for the tails,(I'm unwilling to carry the weight and besides everyone I climb with is in the same boat) and I suppose that would solve that problem. I am 180 lbs (200 dressed with pack) And they work for me.

                Don't waste money on Evos

                  The Denali Ascents are amazing. I used them for backcountry snowboarding in the Oregon Cascades on 3k meter peaks. I have size 12 snowboard boots and your toes will NOT rub the shoe. Just cinch the shoes down so that your boot has clearance. Heel lifters are a godsend, i want some for my hiking boots. You can motor up most anything with these on.

                  Amazing Traction

                    These are my first pair of snowshoes, but I love them! The buckling system is very simple and easy to use even with big bulky gloves. They work well in all conditions, although you need the tails if hiking in deep powder. The traction is supurb and have gotten me up anything I've tried. The heel lift is wonderful, although you don't need the unless attempting very steep terrain. They are also great for hiking up from a warm, snow free area into the snow. They are exceptionally light and pack well. The shoes are a bit wide and it is easy to take one narrow stride and gouge the front of the other shoe with the metal traction teeth on the bottem of them. Besides that, they are perfect!


                      these are solid snowshoes. i use them for backcountry snowboarding,,,,which means i have a lot of gear on my backpack the whole time. i weight 175lb, plus all the gear, i will weight around 230lb when i send. with floatation tails attached, i can still handle 40cm of pow in kootenay backcountry. heal lifter works so well, cant imagine life without it. little pricy up here in canada but overall a good buy.

                      Good for some conditions

                        If you are hiking deep pow these are not the best! These are good for going up hard pack, icy conditions. There is a good cramponish metal base that really gets a good grip on that hard pack snow. You can get the extra flotations tail add-on to give you a bit more flotation on powder, but when i have my powder snow shoes, my friends struggle to keep up in these, but on hard pack stuff my friends soar past me. The binding system is a bit tricky at first to get adjusted. The bindings are not meant to be going under deep snow and pulling up, the will pop off sometimes. But other than deep powder conditions these are good, decent weight snow shoes.

                        Fun while they last...

                          Mine broke recently.

                          I've had a pair of these for about 5 years. I use them for maybe 2 or 3 trips a season. I'm about 185lb and sometimes carry about a 50 lb pack. Recently on a backcountry trip the binding completely broke (the metal part) near one of the swivel points. It appears the metal fatigued and failed that way. I was miles away from the trailhead out in the middle of fresh powder with a heavy pack. All I had with me to repair these was nylon chord. Yeah that was a good time.

                          Great traction

                            I have climbed some very steep slopes in both powder and spring slush with these and they hold very well. The side traction claws hold well while traversing. The climbing bars work well to ease the strain on the calves. Overall, these are great shoes I'd recommend.

                            Training for Denali

                              I took my new Denali Ascents to the golf course for a test run last night in preparation for my Denali trip this Spring. Conditions were near blizzard and I was dressed for the occasion. I was wearing my heavy parka so by the time I was done strapping the snowshoes to my boots I was sweating like a stuffed pig and had sacrificed my last twenty minutes of daylight. Remember I was in blizzard like conditions, so I had my gloves on (exactly like you would have to do on Denali or risk flash freezing your hands at times). As I walked along pulling my sled my boot would occasionally slide forward just enough to catch my toes on the edge of the toe hole. The resulting effect was like a crow bar delivering a tremendous amount of force to the binding pins and plastic toe of the snowshoe as my weight plus the weight of the pack on my back came down.

                              Tonight I took my wife out for a test run and gave up after thirty minutes and one hundred yards of progress. The Denali’s kept falling off her feet. The metal prong that goes through the strap seems too short. I haven’t made up my mind yet on which shoe I’ll take to Alaska. The Denali’s have great grip but when it comes to severe conditions where time, keeping your fingers safe from frost bite and ease of use is a factor I think a quick and easy binding system may be the way I go.

                              second pair

                                I loved my husband's denali ascent snowshoes so much that I had to get a pair of them for myself. The straps are very easy to use, even with big gloves on. The crampons on the underside allow for climbing some seriously steep terrain. They have a compact fit that works well on the outside of a ski backpack. I like having the option of using the tails or not. But I would recommend buying the tails if you are to shoe in deep snow.

                                MSR ALL THE WAY IN YUKON

                                  I have been using MSR snowshoes for about 10 seasons and find them to be the answer for serious backcountry boarding. My original Denali Classic's were retired last season and replaced with the ascents; I love the heel lift! The Yukon Alaska conditions are variable through out the ascent and I find theses shoes to handle all conditions well; steep side hilling on bulletproof wind affected surfaces to waist deep post holing powder. I do over 70,000 vertical each season and find their durability tremendous. I think a ratchet binding system would be the only serious improvement that could be made to this great design.

                                  MSR Denali Ascnet Snowshoe

                                    Incredibly sturdy, great on crusted snow, easy buckle mechanism, love the heel lift for ascent (though tricky to lower with a 50lb pack on). Pack nice and flat against the sides of my pack.

                                    Got the 8in flotation tails which keeps me afloat all the way up to my body weight plus 50lb pack (220lb). In all I am extremely pleased. Oh - and good job on the delivery and I got them at a great price.

                                    snowboard friendly

                                      I use my denali ascents primarily for backcountry boarding. I have no problems with the bindings. If you have really big feet you can just cinch down the binding a little further aft and you will have enough room for your toes in the hole.

                                      I've also used them for winter ascents of fourteeners - they are one of the few that I would trust on technical/icy/steep terrain.

                                      I've used many others, these are by far the best for true backcountry use.

                                      I currently own Tubbs 30" adventure snowshoes...

                                      I currently own Tubbs 30" adventure snowshoes and am happy with the performance but find my hips ache while walking anything over three miles. I am hoping the smaller profile of the MSR Denali will prevent this. Your thoughts?

                                      I would recommend the MSR Evo Ascent snowshoes. They will be more comfortable to walk in based on their slimmer profile in the rear. They where actually designed after much consideration to provide an easier-to-walk-in snowshoe.

                                      The MSR Denali Ascents would be better than the Atlas 30 inch due to them being smaller. Because you also have the ability to add an 8 inch tail, this snowshoe gives you options that no other branded snowshoe can. Either if you go with the Evo Ascent or the Denali Ascent you will be better off.

                                      I am female, 5'2" and I weigh 115 lbs. I...

                                      I am female, 5'2" and I weigh 115 lbs. I have heard nothing but positive things , from friends, about these. Are these going to work for me or should I go with something smaller..?

                                      These will work great for you. Snowshoes don't have a minimum weight that they'll work for, so you won't have any problems with that. You'll just probably never have to add tails for extra flotation!

                                      If you really want to be sure that these are the snowshoes for you, and you have friends with a pair, borrow them for an afternoon. As far as sizing goes, though, these will work just fine.

                                      Happy snowshoeing!

                                      I would recommend the Evo Ascent snowshoes as they are tapered in back. The shape of the snowshoe can make a big difference in how well they walk. The Denali Ascents are awesome shoes, but for women, the shape of the Evo makes it much easier to walk in.

                                      The Evo also gives you a better binding system making it easier to get in and out. The straps are easier to adjust as well (women's feet tend to be smaller than men's thus the necessity of adjusting the straps is more prevalent). The blue Evo Ascent was made available on MSR's snowshoe line because they felt it was the best, most aggressive, plastic snowshoe for women.

                                      As far as size goes, the only smaller shoe would be a kids shoe. Twenty-two inches is the standard 'small' size available from most manufacturers (unless it's a running shoe or a kids shoe). If you want a narrower snowshoe, then the MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoe might be a better choice...

                                      I am looking to purchase these snowshoes...

                                      I am looking to purchase these snowshoes for my upcoming Denali trip. I need to know if my size 10.5 La Sportiva Olympus Mons EVO boots will fit this particular model. Thanks.

                                      I am looking to purchase these snowshoes...

                                      Write your question here... I'm planning...

                                      Write your question here... I'm planning on doing Mt. Shasta in the future and wonder if these work as well as crampons.

                                      Best Answer

                                      Absolutely not. The upper reaches of the mountain are too steep to rely on snowshoes for security. Either the snow is soft enough to kick steps or hard and you will need some basic crampons for security.
                                      Although depending on the conditions you may want snowshoes for the approach and these are an excellent choice for that. These being the "ascent" model with the flip up heel support can make the going a bit easier on the steeper sections.

                                      Do these come with the detachable flotation...

                                      Do these come with the detachable flotation tails?

                                      It says one size. Are these snowshoes...

                                      It says one size. Are these snowshoes guaranteed to work for any size of snowboard boots?

                                      Best Answer

                                      Just this weekend i used some very similar MSR snowshoes with my size 12 snowboard boots and they worked wonderfully.I use these with beefy mountaineering boots size 11.5 and they work great. "Guarantee" is a strong word. is freaking amazing with returns, don't be scared.