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The Mountain Khakis Women’s Cottonwood Cords are just what a weekend around town calls for. The durability you have come to expect from Mountain Khakis combined with the flexibility of Lycra make the Cottonwood Cords the ideal all-around pant. Slip into the plush comfort of this lightweight corduroy as winter settles in, and enjoy how easily the Mountain Khakis Cottonwood Cords move with you.

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My favorite pants after some alteration....

    love these pants! (With some tailoring). I am generally a size 8/ 10, 5'10", I went with a 10 in these - the length and the waist were great, but they were sort of saggy in the rise and very wide in the leg. I ended up altering them and taking them in all through the entire inseam, and now they are awesome! Super comfy, nice mobility, and the canvas lined waistband helps maintain fit even after a few wearings.

    darn it!

      well.. im bummed.. the color ROCKS. but the pants are cut for a guy.. the leg is soo big, no cut at all, the low rise sits perfectly but there is tons of extra fabric through the groin area making me look like a guy.
      the waist fits pefectly.
      again, the color is perfecet,waist is great. but the overall cut is horrible.. so bummed

      Coosest Cords!

        These are meant to fit the sporty type... bigger in the legs and butt, and small in the waist. I usually wear a size 12, and these fit perfectly. I'm going to have to buy another pair because they are so perfect. Besides, they are GREEN cords, and it doesn't get much better than that. : )

        RE-DESIGN NO GOOD ;(

          No longer the Cottonwood. They re-designed the pant but didn't re-name them. Lame! I have FIVE pairs of the design from a few years ago and they are the only pants I wear all winter. I want and need more colors, as I only have two (berry, latte). Just got the new Cottonwood in these gorgeous chocolate and green/avocado colors and have to return them, as the "Cottonwood" has been substantially, and poorly, re-designed. Not little tweaks and not improvements. NO ONE else makes cute, thick, comfortable (stretch) cords for winter. These were THE winter pant. The luxuriously thick and warm corduroy is now just plain average weight (I told them whoever cut that corner should be fired). The perfect low waist is now higher. Why fix what isn't broken!?! The old ones fit and flattered my body almost MAGICALLY. It's not easy to find practical pants that are also low-rise. I might as well have bought the new ones at Eddie Bauer or LL Bean! Not that different. May as well be "mom pants." Not that warm and definitely not 'hot' anymore! Mountain Khakis also used a cotton canvas strip for the new inner waistband. If any of you didn't like the stretch of the old ones, these might be for you, but who doesn't appreciate a stretchy waistband!?! Most of us were fine with the original, thanks. All you have to do with the old ones is wash/dry them and they go back to normal ... or just wear a belt. No issue. Now, they're higher and made too tight at the waist, so I can't even button, or stretch, the size that's already even bigger than mine. I am a size six, and the new eight doesn't even fit! I can't go any bigger, as the rest of the pants would be humongous on me. Argh! Don't fix what isn't broken! Thank god I bought five pairs before, as this company ruined the best pants I've ever owned (other than my Seven jeans). No one seems to get how impossible it is to look cute, be warm, and be comfortable in the winter. Until the original Cottonwood, winter and pants were just a debacle. FOR GODSAKE, BRING BACK THE OLD COTTONWOOD! At the very least, re-name this other pant something else. Let someone else buy them. I have to send back the four pairs I just tried. FYI: I own sizes four, six and eight of the old ones. They ALL fit. Why? Because my waist and habits and undergarments fluctuate, and the waistline has give to it. The new pant? NONE of them fit because there's so little give, the waistline might as well be made of steel. I see what MK was trying to do with the unstretchable strip, but it's what we call a FAIL. PLEASE BRING THE OLD DESIGN BACK! Continuing to make something that works is the mark of an EXCELLENT company that will stand the test of time and keep customers coming back. (And if you change something, just tweak it a little bit, just enough, without ruining the reason people love it in the first place. Please.) I now have to return my new colors, and it's painful. Dammit, MK. If others agree, please let the company know ( PFFFFT. P.S. I really like Backcountry's customer service. Thanks guys!

          I totally agree. Someone please pass the word on to Mountain Khakis. The old style was much more plush and comfortable and fit much better. I have tried to find them online. Tried one new pair of the "redesigned Cords" and I am not impressed. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD STYLE.

          So wanted these

            I really like the color (avocado) and the quality feel of the fabric, but I just could not keep these because of the fit. I am 5'4" and around 115lbs and I ordered a 6, which is usually what I wear, though now that everything has seemed to be shifted down for heavier Americans, I sometimes wear a 4. The 6 was way too long for me and the waist was too large as well. I bought a pair of MKhaki Kudas in a size 6 and they are just right. I really wanted a nice pair of corduroys, but it looks like I will have to keep searching.

            Mountain Khakis, change not so great

              I bought these pants a few years back and absolutely love them. They have worn well, and are so comfy. After ordering this pair, I discovered that they are using a new material that is not as soft and warm, and have redesigned the pant to what I feel is a not so flattering cut (they may work for others). The waste now cinches in and the belt loops are much smaller, so a medium to wide belt will not fit through it. The leg of the pants are still great, wide but not too wide. Big bummer.

              Longs are NOT long.

                These pants are great for climbing, hiking, and any activity that involves a comfortable, stretchy pant. I am 5'10'' and I have one pair in size 8 Long, which is pretty baggy but long enough. I truly love that pair of pants.
                I just recently ordered a 4 long, which fit perfectly, besides the fact that the leg comes down about 2 inches above my ankle!! I am really disappointed, and will have have to wear these rolled up at all times to avoid looking like an overgrown teenager. I am afraid to exchange for a 6Long, because I imagine I will have the same problem...
                Bottom LIne: Great pants, the LONG is not long enough.

                High waisted

                  These pants are incredibly soft, but happily I haven't noticed the waist stretching out over time. I normally wear a 10/12 and went with the 10 - they fit really well over my butt and thighs, but sit pretty high compared to many of my other pants. They're dangerously close to my belly button. The legs are wide (I can comfortably wear them with long underwear) and a long worked well for me (5'9"). I ordered the slate blue, but they look more dark purple than blue in most light. All this being said, I don't wear them often because it's hard to match the color and I have to wear long enough shirts to cover up the high waist. Pretty much just an around-the-house pair.

                  weird fit, but soft.

                    I thought that I would love these cords because I have other Mountain Khaki pants. As other reviewers noted, the regular are (or maybe were) very short. I found that they ran large in the waist and stretched a lot and sat a bit too low for me. They are wonderfully soft, but I never wear them because of the poor fit/stretch.

                    Mountain Khakis Women's Cottonwood Cords

                      These are my favorite new pants, and I've already been made fun of for wearing them for several days straight. They are incredibly comfortable, and are pretty cute (much better looking on you than in the picture). They aren't really fitted in the thigh, and are a wider leg with a nice drape. I'm usually an 8 or a 6 (and am actually a 10 in Patagonia), and I ordered the 6, regular length. The waist was slightly on the snug size when I first put the Cottonwood Cords on, and they quickly stretched a bit to be wonderfully comfortable. I'm about 5' 5", and they are ever so slightly long, but perfect with the right shoes. The berry color is great, and I'd say a bit darker than the picture. Now I want a pair in Slate Blue! I highly recommend these, and other Mountain Khaki pants.

                      I have a pair from 2008 that I love and I ordered another pair because I love the new green color but ended up sending them back because I hate the new fit. The waist is now super high, not the hip-hugger that it was before, and there was lots of room everywhere- the waist fit well, although much higher than I wanted it, then the butt, the front, and the legs were all really baggy. Because the legs were so baggy you couldn't really tell they were bootcut. Great new colors, lame new fit.