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You can MacGyver a trap and catch grouse, rabbits, or squirrels … or you can just bring along the Mountain House Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap dehydrated meal on your backpacking trip. Don’t forget to bring your own tortillas and cookery though.

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In the African bush

    My daughter is a Peace Corp volunteer for two years in Africa. We sent her several MH meals in a care package and she raved about the buffalo chicken. She ate it with "nishma", the carb staple of Africa and is asking for more. It's a treat from the normal African diet

    Pack of pure protein!

      62 grams of protein?! That's just INSANE! Love the protein in this meal.

      TIP1: It says to use 1 1/2 cups of water, but it does get runny wrapped in a tortilla. You can probably cook it with 1 or 1/4 cup of water. If not, do what we did: after it's finished cooling, we strained the package, mix some pepper and add to a warm tortilla and you got an amazing meal.

      TIP2: I usually use a fork & bowl with this. Even after straining, it's still "wet" and I don't like messy hands after a meal.

      Right combo of protein, carbs and sodium!

        I consumed this the night before I ran the 50 mile Rocky Raccoon. I was looking for a meal that was high in protein, with the right combo of carbs and sodium. This one met my needs. It is sometimes hard to prepare the right meal when camping out for an ultra, especially when the local area is void of nothing but mostly fast food. I also carry these when bowhunting for elk in the backcountry. They will get you going and keep you going!!! It works for me!

        surprise, it's good!

          This was so much better than I expected (i mean really... dehydrated buffalo style chicken????) A friend brought it with her on one of our trips and let me try some. I liked it so much I decided to buy some for our next adventure.

          The chicken seems to be more like real chicken (i.e. you can see/taste the stringy proteins rather than having cubes of reconstituted chicken parts). The sauce has a nice kick, and it's a pretty good consistency to use in a tortilla (not too runny, but I think everyone should just pay attention to any dehydrated meal as far the amount of water is concerned... always err on the side of less water to start and add more if needed).

          More Filling & Tastes Great

            I just got back from a backpacking/climbing trip where this was one of my meals. After spending five hours getting to the summit & return, I was quite hungry. I boiled some water, mixed it into the meal, waited about fifteen minutes, & dug in. I packed in a half dozen, medium sized, flour tortillas to serve with the "Buffalo Style Chicken" but could only finish three tacos. This meal is much larger than I thought & has more food than the larger two person Mountain House meals. I finished the remainder five hours later. Great for two hungry people & tastes surprisingly good. I spiced mine up a bit with some hot, ground, red pepper. Enjoy!!!

            I would eat it again

              You can only expect so much from food that looks like styrofoam minutes before you eat it. I used 1 1/4 cups water instead of the 1 1/2 cups that it calls for. I did this because the BB beef wraps were a little watery. This stuff tastes really good. I try all new foods at home first in case I wind up tossing it. I would bring this and the BB beef on a trip. It does have a bit of a kick. The BB beef is sweet.

              The BBQ Beef is a bit thin to be used as a "wrap". Reminded me more of something you would put on a sandwich. We'll probably bring some and plan to use it on the first night out so we can pack in a few rolls to go with it. The Mexican Beef isn't too bad either.