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For aerobic activities, the Mountain Hardwear Men's Transition Jacket is in it for the long run. Whether you're lapping a hollow on Nordic skis or trail running in late fall, this ultralight jacket won't disappoint. Highly breathable and totally windproof, the Transition Jacket's Windstopper Featherweight fabric lets air circulate without letting the cold get in. Stretch side panels and articulated arms give you a full range of motion, and stretch cuffs with thumbholes provide a fluid fit with gloves. This Mountain Hardwear hooded windbreaker has a slim performance fit and taped construction, so you can throw a parka on over it without bunching or pressure points.

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Yes its a jacket

    Great jacket, exactly what I was looking for, light, effective and not going to overheat you. Cool looking jacket, I also dig the thumbholes, wish more jackets came with that option. Only caution is that while very good tool for the job, do not get it if you plan to bushwhack as is it not built for that and will tear up in no time, great though for cool windy days on the mountain! MH is the best fitting gear for tall lean guys! Only reason it got 4 stars is im waiting for some future space jacket that can do it all and take a bullet!

    Yes its a jacket


      I was a little underwhelmed when I got this jacket. Let me tell you that after wearing it for everything from trail running to slot canyonearing and back packing this jacket is the bomb! I love it, it is much warmer than expected yet light enough for warmer days. It also has exceptional rain retardence for a soft shell. Two it.

      Most versitile piece

        I can't say enough good things about this jacket. I use it for everything! Shoulder season rock climbing, winter runs in the northern midwest, nordic skiing, casual spring/fall wear, anything that I can throw at it, it handles with style and ease. It stops even whipping mountain winds with ease, yet breathes amazingly well. The only thing that I would change would be to add a chest pocket to be able to hold something, but that's it. Other than that, this jacket is perfect. I give it a 5/5 hands down!

        Almost perfect

          This has been a favorite jacket of mine for the past two years for many reasons. It fits great (I'm a skinny guy at 6'3" and 180lbs, and the L fits perfectly), really stops the wind and keeps you surprisingly warm for its weight, and the light weight means that you can always bring it with you.

          What's wrong then? Well, the back pocket is sort of a miss - I'd much rather have a single chest pocket (Arc'teryx style). The thumb loops make no sense to me, but at least the arms are long enough. More importantly though, the fabric isn't the most robust. After two years of frequent, but far from daily, use, I can see that the fabric on the shoulders and chest is starting to fray, probably due to wearing a backpack while biking and hiking. Not surprising given the low weight, but still a bit disappointing to have to replace it after two years. That being said, I like the jacket a lot, and will probably buy a new one to replace it.

          Super Wind Stopperish

            Wore this on several occasions. Once backpacking in January in Utah and it kept me super warm and was very breathable underneath a Primaloft MonteBell puffy. I also use this when I run and ride my bike. I wish it had a front pocket somewhere just because reaching around back sometimes is a pain if you're layering. The scooba hood and thumb-holes rule! Bottom line is that this jacket rules for layering and stops the wind like a champ so much that you once you get warmed up on a hike you can stay warm and breathable on some of the coldest days.

            Great fabric, light on features.

              Very well produced pure minimalist item. Gets a lot of use cycling. On the fit, it fits slim but have found the arm length great. Note: There is only one pocket (mp3) on the small of the back , low down and offset to the right. There is no other internal pocket. I'd love a united version of this jacket, with the features of the hoody and superpower jacket combined...

              This jacket isn't really designed for biking. Biking tops, particularly road-biking, usually have lots of pockets. But for running these are just a pain in the backside -- they make the garment heavier, and anything in pockets bounces around annoyingly (and falls out if pocket is not zippered up).

              But given the amazing combination of windproofness and breathability, I don't really understand why MH haven't made a version targeted at the cycling market.

              MH Transition

                A fantastic cold weather running jacket. I have to give this jacket the edge over the TNF Cipher because of the fit and weight. So light you barely notice it. Not an ounce of wind gets through this thing. Very trim athletic fit throughout, so buy accordingly. Im 5'10'' 190 and the large fits like a glove without being constricting. You will only be able to get one layer underneath. For the purpose of running or x-c skiing, this jacket performs bettter than you think it should. If you are looking for style, or a casual fit, THATS NOT WHAT THIS IS FOR.. Want a casual jacket, go to the Gap

                Fantistic, apart from the wrists.

                  I use this product for running/xc skiing, with a shirt underneath if it's quite chilly or even without one if it's just brisk. This jacket breaks wind almost as well as a little league team at a chili-feed. I think you could fit a thin fleece underneath this, but it is a pretty snug fit. I like that though.

                  The wrists are a little restrictive, pigeon-holing you into one mode of wearing, but the jacket is fantastic. However, the hood is Fantastic! with it, a small beanie is all I need for skiing even when it's quite cold out.

                  The pocket in the back I could take or leave. it's ok, but not great, and even a heavy set of keys bounces with you if you're running. I think my ipod nano was great though.

                  more than adequate

                    Got this two days ago and already love it. windstopper fabric throughout, areas that dont have that still offer considerable wind blocking performance, and a good athletic fit. there are only a two reasons that this isnt 5 stars. one is that there is no waist draw string but as the fit is good it doesnt render the jacket useless. my other problem is the pockets or rather the lack of pockets. it would be really nice if this had two high hand pockets but instead there is one small back pocket. not a big deal since the majority of the time im in the jacket im moving. if the back pocket were an inch and a half bigger in any dimension you could stuff the whole jacket into itself which would be great. All in all a super solid jacket that I would buy again in a heartbeat. im 5'10" and 140 pounds fitting into a medium with a bit of room.

                    Wicked Awesome For Winter Runs & Ski Touring

                      i got this jacked two years in a row as part of the montrail ultrarunning team kit. two years ago it didn't have a hood. i found the coat great, but this version is even better with the hoodie. it's perfect for cold morning snowy runs. it's got just enough breathability and the bomber wind stopper. i have started wearing it as my main jacket for backcountry skiing. skinning uphill in this jacket is just perfect. if it gets windy i put the hood on and go. it's got the thumb holds that give you that extra bit of hand warmth. i just throw a puffy on when i get to the top.. it's a thing of gear layering beauty.

                      I agree with this being an sweet fall/winter running and ski tour layer. I wear it as a base layer often while running as it is soft on the inside and vents well if u simply unzip the main zip. I also use this layer every time i'm touring in the backcoutry whether it be on some or just a high altitude adventure. Very nice/snug hood that is key to regulate body temp vs. using a hat. This layer and the arcteryx Atom Lt jacket are my most used and luved pieces...


                        Fantastic softshell jacket for running in cold, windy weather. Excellent wind blocking & wicking. Very comfortable. Personally, I like the slim cut. The only negative for me is the lack of pockets in the front. Looking forward to trying this jacket out for cross-country skiing.

                        Pretty Darn Good

                          I picked this up primaily for running, and also as a mid-layer/shell for hiking. We finally had some cold temps in NY to test this bad boy out and its warm. I'm still trying to find the right baselayer to temp calc. 1st time (powerstrectch base, 20-30 temp, teens windchill) and ended up sweating more than i wanted. 2nd time, similar temps and cap 2 base and similar result. In warmer temps, I've worn lightweight merino, and that worked out but I was also able to drop the zipper a bit more. When the temp is in the teens, I am less inclined to lower the zipper. Also, when I fully zip the jacket with the hood up, the neck is too snug for my liking. Wearing a turtleneck base w or w/o zipper saves me from having to zip the jacket all the way up. The lone back/side pocket is good for gloves, ear wamer, cap, etc (just 1 or 2, not all 3).
                          Large fits well for 6', 42 chest, 34-35 waist. The jacket has no drawcords but doesnt need them with the athletic cut.

                          Great Jacket

                            Wore it in windy 25 degree weather shoveling snow with only a thin hoodie and a T-shirt underneath and stayed comfortably warm. The fit is athletic, so size up if you want to layer underneath. Haven't tested in water, but the DWR coating worked fine against some light snow. I doubt it'd survive a downpour though. The thumb-loops are fantastic.

                            Very snug

                              As said in other reviews, this jacket is well made and gets the job done. Just wanted to comment on the fit for taller guys. I'm 6'4, 180, and have 35.5" arms. I bought the large, and it fits perfectly. The arms allow enough movement to reach above my head, just not while the thumb loops are in place, which is a little disappointing. With both thumbloops in, I can't put both arms out in front of me without feeling like the jacket is going to rip across my back, and there is NO stretch in the cuffs. Other than that, it is cut well for a tall, lanky dude. As noted in an earlier review, the arms are tight enough that it is difficult to layer a long sleeve underneath, which I don't mind but others might. Also, the non-adjustable hood, when fully zipped, is super snug, but fits under a climbing helmet. Just a little tight on the chin. The pocket made me laugh... whose idea was that? Pretty useless, especially climbing. A chest pocket would have been nice. I picked this up on S&C for a killer price, so I'll keep it and just alter the thumbloops and maybe the hood. Bottom line- If you have broad shoulders, long arms, or a bigger head, i would look elsewear.

                              This jacket is not supposed to be worn like a regular hard-shell: more like a windproof, water-resistant baselayer. So it's definitely intended to be snug. For me (5'11, 160 lbs), the M is great. Enough room to wear long-sleeve baselayer underneath, or a thin fleece, but no more. But that's fine. It's supposed to be snug. If you're wearing more than a thin layer underneath, you're not wearing the garment as it's intended.

                              However, I've got to agree with @dow3238460 about the thumb loops. If I extend the sleeves to hook them over my thumbs, things get very tight. Mountain Hardwear could add an extra cm or so to the sleeves.

                              Unanswered Question

                              They don't make it anymore! And I'm kicking...

                              They don't make it anymore! And I'm kicking myself for not having bought 3 when I had the chance. Mt Hardware's new version of this is thinner, less breathable and more water resistant. Not what I need - doesn't breathe enough for running or cycling

                              Any suggestions on something that is similar to this jacket? Mt Hardware or otherwise

                              Hi, prob very old question but how does...

                              Hi, prob very old question but how does this compare to the Marmot driclime for cutting the wind and wicking? Thanks Adrian.......

                              Adrian. The Marmot Driclime is made with a light basic wind shell with a hung poly lining on the inside of the jacket. The Transition Softshell Jacket is made utilizing the Windstopper Laminate from Gore. It is essentially a three layer fabric (meaning all the layers are laminated together as one fabric) that is completely windproof, water resistant, and highly breathable. I hope this info helps!

                              How does this compare to the Marmot ROM...

                              How does this compare to the Marmot ROM jacket?

                              pdp. The Marmot ROM Jacket is partially windstopper and partially made with softshell panels, it is not taped, and weighs 19oz. The Transiton Hooded Jacket is made with 100% windstopper fabric, the seams ARE taped, and it weighs 13oz. So, perhaps a little more weather protection out of the Transition Jacket in a slightly lighter package. I hope this info helps!

                              I love my transition jacket and use it for...

                              I love my transition jacket and use it for trailrunning and nordic skiing in any condition.
                              My question is, is there a jacket in the mhw range with same great athletic fit and material BUT a tad burlier and with a helmet compatable hood? I just ripped my ice/alpine climbing jacket during a fall and need a new one. I wear a medium in this and it's just right, can fit a powerstretch top underneath. I have had real problems finding a good alpine softshell that isn't baggy around the waist.

                              Best Answer

                              dju. I would consider the Mountain Hardwear Dragon Softshell Jacket. It is made with a windstopper softshell fabric and is almost as breathable as the fabric use in the Transition Jacket. It's a bit more durable and works great as a climbing shell. Hope this info helps!

                              i have a mhw g50 and a medium fits good...

                              i have a mhw g50 and a medium fits good is the sizing simalar for this jacket?

                              mccarron. I think you would still be a medium but the fit on the Transition has what we call an 'athletic' cut. This piece was designed with running, nordic skiing, and climbing in mind and that is why the fit is more athletic. i hope this info helps!

                              I'm trying to decide between the Transition...

                              I'm trying to decide between the Transition Softshell Jacket or the Dragon Jacket. I'm going to use it for backcountry skiing mostly. Is one too light and one too heavy? Which one will breath better on the up and still keep me dry trying to get down?

                              gunnieddie. If you are looking for a jacket to keep you protected going both up and down... I would suggest the Dragon Jacket but its probably not going to breathe quite as well as the Transition. If you are looking for an awesome layer to get you up and then have something in your pack for the way down like a lightly insulated shell like a Gravitor Jacket ( or other waterproof/breathable shell... then I would say get the Transiton Jacket. The latter system is exactly what I use in the Backcountry. I hope this info helps!

                              I am 6'5" and looking at this jacket, would...

                              I am 6'5" and looking at this jacket, would it be long enough for my height?

                              jak. At 6'5" I would definitely consider an XL size wise. As for whether or not it would be long enough? You'll have to check it out for yourself. Hard to say not knowing your dimensions. If you do know your dimensions, check out the sizing chart for some clarity on what we consider an XL. Hope this helps!

                              I'm 5'11" and 130...I haven't purchased...

                              I'm 5'11" and 130...I haven't purchased this brand before. Would I be Small or Medium??

                              Unanswered Question

                              Picked this jacket up for running. Was...

                              Picked this jacket up for running. Was wondering if anyone has pant suggestions to match. Not really looking for tights just yet, maybe down the road a bit.

                              What's the difference between the Transition...

                              What's the difference between the Transition and the Super Power besides the pockets and the hood? Is the Super Power an inferior or a less technical jacket (a tailored down Transition). Will the Super Power provide a similar fit, feel, and function as the Transition?

                              Is this jacket alright for jogging in the...

                              Is this jacket alright for jogging in the winter time? Also, is this suitable for walking to classes, work, and other places? I want to find a jacket that is versatile enough to shed some rain, keep me reasonably warm (30-60 degrees, I can also throw on a base layer), and is fashionable enough. Is this alright for casual use? I don't mind the lack of pockets. I usually am going back and forth from different social events tied in with college. Also, are either of the blue colors navy? It's hard to tell what they look like in person from the photos.

                              I think this jacket would be great for what you describe. The material is much thinner than I expected but is surprisingly warm. I have worn it was a mid layer under a shell when skiing and as a light jacket pretty much all the time. Running, mountain biking, spring skiing, it's sweet. It is my go to jacket and pretty much wear it 3 or 4 days a week.

                              I'm 6'6",about 210 lbs, would the XL fit...

                              I'm 6'6",about 210 lbs, would the XL fit me good?

                              Best Answer

                              Well, at 6'6" it is worth a try because we don't make them any bigger unfortunately. They are supposed to have an athletic cut and so may fit a little more snug. Also, the arms are pretty long so you might be okay with an XL. Hope this info helps!

                              Write your question here...Looking for a...

                              Write your question here...Looking for a good inexpensive weather proof gore-tex shell but can't seem to find one. Had one for years that cost less than $100 but sadly lost it.

                              Best Answer

                              If you are looking for good GoreTex Paclite Shell... you are going to be spending around $200 bucks at the least. You may be able to find one on sale somewhere for a little less but GoreTex for under a $100 bucks... I have not seen it from any manufacturers especially for in-line and current product. This Transition Jacket is made using Gore Windstopper which is different than GoreTex or Gore Paclite and you can usually find Windstopper for a little less. But, not that much less. If you need a good water proof shell check out the Typhoon Jacket from Mountain Hardwear for around $200 bucks. I think they are on sale now!

                              The Marmot Aegis is not Gore-Tex, but it is as close as you get with out the big step up in price. $100 will buy you the baseline coated rain jacket from most of the major manufacturers: North Face Hy-vent, Marmot Precip, Mountain Hardwear Conduit, etc. Not as breathable, not as durable but waterproof at a reasonable price. Try to catch a sale and you can sometimes get Gore-Tex at $130-150, but it is tough!

                              Is the grill black actually shiny material...

                              Is the grill black actually shiny material or is it just the photo?

                              Is this the same as the Mountain Hardwear...

                              Is this the same as the Mountain Hardwear Transition Zip Tee but with a hood ?

                              Best Answer

                              Yes. It has a hood and is a full zip. The hood fits pretty tight (a la speed skater) but fits under a helmet nicely. Also, the piece is completely windproof... even the stretch panels on the side. Hope this info helps!

                              Hi, can anyone tell me that is this jacket...

                              Hi, can anyone tell me that is this jacket waterproof like real GORE-TEX or it is just WINDSTOPPER.

                              Hi! I think this jacket is full taped...

                              Hi! I think this jacket is full taped Windstopper N2S,so it should be waterproof & air permeable like eVent ? THX!

                              Best Answer

                              Hi manguadai,Windstopper is NOT waterproof like eVent. It is "highly water resistant" as Gore will tell you, but it won't shed off a downpour. Rather, it is totally windproof. Windstopper is highly breatheable though, so you won't end up soaking in your own perspiration when wearing this jacket. eVent is also breatheable, arguably moreso.-------------------------------------------------A little bit more technical info. Neither Event or Gore Windstopper are what the industry calls 'air permeable.' There is a difference between air permeable and breathable. Both Event and Windstopper are ePTFE laminates and they are considered breathable as water vapor passes out of the garment but not back in due to their inherent waterproof-ness. In an air permeable garment water vapor, water, and wind for that matter passes into the jacket and out of the jacket or garment (think non-laminated softshell) due to the lack of that water proof or wind proof laminate. Also, depending how you build the garment, what fabrics you use, play a huge roll in determining breathability. It is not true to say Event is more breathable than Windstopper. Windstopper is a thinner laminate and is usually constructed into a garment and coupled with fabrics in a way as to encourage maximum breathability and not waterproof-ness. Event is usually placed in a garment with waterproof-ness being the main concern and breathability coming a close second. Also, it is true that Gore is more durable... but, that is another story. Hope this info helps!