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The Mountain Hardwear Men's Sub Zero SL Hooded Jacket surrounds you with 650-fill down for the coldest possible conditions this winter. Mountain Hardwear's most popular down jacket, the Sub Zero SL is cloaked in Conduit SL—the company's proprietary water resistant, breathable fabric, allowing you to wear the Sub Zero SL skiing in drier climates and cruising around town while those fat flakes pile up. The seams in the baffles are not sewn-through, much like a high-quality sleeping bag. This means there is no true separation of the insulation at the seams, so you stay warmer and more comfortable, without the cold spots common in sewn-through down garments. The hood is detachable, and the fleece-lined collar and hand pockets keep you extra comfortable. An interior mesh water-bottle pocket is super handy for backcountry excursions, and of course, Mountain Hardwear's quality is legendary—there are few companies that match their excellence.

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Miss you!!!!!!

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

Dear former cozy pal,
found you in a shop in Colorado on sale, 50 bucks I think. It was 2008 and I took you home to Jersey and you became my work winter jacket. Being a Longshoreman and working on the cold docks you did your job, although I looked like a black Michelin Tire character, I was cozy, warm and soft, you even protected me from rain, snow and sleet. And also a big bonus, you were light as a feather and came with a bag to tote around. Two winters ago I started duct taping some of the spots that had a bit of wear and tear and would shed a bit. You know how much I love duct tape and you got the best, the camo and skull combo, you looked very cool! Even after a 50 pound gain weight ...and loss, you fit perfectly. I never washed you, YOU never smelled! A couple months ago I had company and knowing I needed to let go and it was time for a new cozy pal, I passed you on. You will now live in Arizona, traveling the country 6 months out of the year. What a rock star. I seen you a week and a half ago and I wanted to grab you and run, but it's time to let you go, I'm sad. Tell you the truth, I regret it, but she needed you more than I did at the time. Almost 8 years, we worked hard, camped and snowshoeing was the best...thanks buddy, the best jacket I ever had. I miss you. xo


    It is bomber and all, but it is also big and bulky. I feel like the stay puff marshmallow man when I wear it. I think there are better options available in the recent year. I have mainly used it knocking around Whistler and having drinks out on the many patios in the village and on the mountain. I will be using it on Rainier this spring/early summer. It is a great coat for snowmobiling .

    Lounging in a Sub Zero jacket

    Hanging out in the Arctic Circle (Svalbard) in a MHW Subzero jacket.

    Lounging in a Sub Zero jacket

    Best down jacked I've ever had !!

      I got this one 7 months ago and I love it !

      I've been using it on top of Glaciers here in Iceland and up there is -25°C, didn't get cold.. never.
      This is simply the best down jacked I've ever had or tested, and the price is not bad, a jacked like this would cost around $640 here in Iceland !


        The Mountain Hardwear Subzero SL Jacket is extremely warm, wind resistant. and nearly waterproof - due to the Conduit SL Laminate Shell. This is the "current best bet" for any of you Gear Heads, who were thinking of buying the Moutain Hardwear Subzero SL PARKA.
        Mt. Hardwear after years of great sales of the Mt. Hardwear Subzero SL Parka - has discontinued it - because they think they can even improve upon - they have told me in phone calls. The improved PARKA version will be out in a few months. For now, the Mt. Hardwear Subzero SL JACKET should suffice and do a great job for most winter days. It is top quality, and will keep you warm down to minus 20 wind chills at least.

        Durable and Reliable Warmth

          The SubZero SL has proven to be a very consistent performer. Always very durable, great fitting and excellent warmth. I love the cuffs, the fleece lined pockets and THE HOOD IS AWESOME! Has kept me warm (warm enough) in neg 25 temps and high winds, while layered over a softshell. Make it a part of your winter arsenal. Sizing: I'm 6ft 185 and wear a Large. It fits a tad bit large, but I use as an outer layer in cold conditions, so perfect!

          I wanted to love this jacket...

            But I could not due to it's poor zipper design. I had a terrible time getting the zipper started and experienced so much frustration that I decided to just stop using it. Thanks to BC's policy, I sent it back. It is very warm and cozy - not light weight but definitely a jacket you are glad you have with you on a cold day.

            Bottom line - if your good with zippers, then maybe this is the jacket for you.

            Most Excellent Jacket

              I love this jacket. I wear it all winter when around camp. The Conduit keeps the down dry and loft up even in heavy wet snow. It fits well, packs well, and has lots of smart bells and whistles. If there was one thing I would change, I would add a touch more down to make it even warmer. Much below zero and it struggles.

              Awesome belay jacket

                This jacket is amazing. Its super warm , it packs down small yet fluffs back up quickly, and its get just enough waterproofing to make it so that you don't have to worry when the snow or even sleet starts to fall. I use this jacket for belay duty while ice climbing, and its awesome for after you've made camp for the night on a peak. I even use this to sleep in on alpine climbs so that I can afford to bring a lighter sleeping bag. The hood is also amazing almost beyond description. With all of that said, the only downside to this jacket is that the down has a tendency to migrate a bit. It tends to move to the top of the arms, or to the sides of the jacket if you are sitting down. Its not super bad though, and I've never gotten cold because of it. Overall, I give it 5/5 stars!

                If you dont like cold weather it's because you dont have the right gear.

                  - Very warm
                  - Lightweight
                  - Wind and water resistant
                  - Packs down very small in it's stuff sac
                  - Better price than similarly preforming down jackets

                  - Too short for some uses (perfect for climbing and most outdoor use)
                  - Zipper hard to start if the lower drawstrings are pulled at all

                  I've had this Jacket for a few years and it's a must have for core gear. It's held up well and keeps you toasty when you need it to. Using it to climb Rainier or just watching a meteor shower on a cold night this will make the cold feel comfy!

                  It's warmer than some may realize. I think people make the mistaking of layering up too much to combat the cold. With the use of this jacket you can have a thin base layer for normal outdoor exertion and then put on the Sub Zero when you rest, snack or stop to camp. Out of all of my outdoor gear this jacket is in my top 3 items for the cold days outdoors.

                  If you dont like cold weather it's because you dont have the right gear.

                  Wow... what a great piece!

                    THis jacket is definitely 5 stars worthy... great construction and advanced fabric treatment. Fit is generous. I'm 6'-4", 225 lb., with long 36" arms and the XL is perfect. Love it and can't wait for a blizzard to hit. Only criticism would be for MH to line to chin/collar with the same soft microfiber used inside the pockets.

                    great stuff, but...

                      First let me say that I didn't keep this jacket. It is a cool jacket and I would have kept it if the front wasn't so much shorter than the back. I understand why the front is shorter, however that's not what I wanted so I had to look elsewhere. If it would have worked for me I would have been totally satisfied. The jacket is great.

                      Awesome jacket

                        I live in Russia, Siberia. Strong winds, temperatures around -30F and high humidity are usual for us. Yesturday i tested this jacket in -35C ( -31F ) and i was really toasty and warm with only thin cotton sweater under a jacket.
                        Best down jacket i have ever owned and totally the warmest one!

                        Why do all these people ask me about the jacket?

                          I really can't believe it that people I know come up to me and comment on the jacket. People really respect the Mountain name. Two are actually going to buy my exact jacket. One is sking in CO. the other is going to MN. for a vacation. The jacket is a homerun so far. I purchased it because of the reviews. You can really wear just a long sleeve tee shirt under the jacket. Plenty warm even in the low 20's. I hope to test the H/2/O effectiveness when I use the snow thrower.

                          Since the Mountain gear Sub Zero Jacket...

                          Since the Mountain gear Sub Zero Jacket has been discontinued what is the closest substitute? I will be using it for the really cold days in Vermont.

                          Best Answer

                          Michael. The Sub Zero has not been discontinued the name was simply changed due to some unforeseen legalities surrounding its name. If you are looking for the Sub Zero look no further than the Hunker Down Jacket on this here website! I hope this info helps! Enjoy!

                          I'm probably headed to Denali next spring....

                          I'm probably headed to Denali next spring. Would this be a good jacket? I've read that the absolute zero may be a better option?

                          Best Answer

                          T Wired. I would look in to an Absolute Zero if I was going to Denali. FYI, Mountain Hardwear is also coming out with a new jacket in Spring of 2012 that we built specifically for Ueli Steck and his alpine climbing adventures. It is called the Nilas Jacket, insulated with 850-fill down, utilizes the AirSheild Elite laminate and will be out sometime in February of 2012. So, it would be between the Absolute Zero and the Nilas. The Sub Zero SL I would pick for my lower 48 adventures. Hope this info helps!

                          How well does the jacket pack down. I am...

                          How well does the jacket pack down. I am thinking about using this piece of clothing for late fall and early winter bicycle riding.

                          Thanks for your question. The Sub Zero SL Hooded jacket from Mountain Hardwear will pack down some, but it is not really your most packable option in my opinion. If you are looking for a down or synthetic insulated item for your purposes, I would check out the Nitrous Down Jacket, the Zonal jacket, or Zonal 1/4 zip pullover. All of these are lightweight, with great warmth to weight ratio's, and much more packable than the Sub Zero SL. I hope this is helpful for you.

                          I have the 2008 version of the non-SL...

                          I have the 2008 version of the non-SL jacket. Does this model lose as much down as my jacket? By spring my car seat is covered with down that is lost through the shell of my Sub Zero jacket.

                          Write your question here... what is the...

                          Write your question here... what is the weight of the jacket, medium size, if possible

                          i can probably guess right on this question...

                          i can probably guess right on this question but, if you have wettish clothes on and you put this on, like a synthetic jacket, will it dry the clothes or just get really wet?help me, please.

                          Best Answer

                          Yep, if you guessed that it would absorb moisture, and soon be at least somewhat wet too, you guessed right. If you're looking to insulate your core and dry your clothes at the same time, you would be better off stripping down to bare skin, then throwing on the jacket, and using the air to dry your wet layers. Down does zero good when wet.

                          If not sewn thru, what keeps down in...

                          If not sewn thru, what keeps down in place...or as one comment, does it move/bunch up?

                          Anon. Baffles. This jacket is baffled like a sleeping bag and the baffles are what keep the down in place. You can either sew through a jacket or you can baffle a jacket. The reason you would want to build a jacket with baffles is because it gets rid of cold spots. On a sewn through jacket, each stitch line represents a cold spot. This is fine for lighter weight or thinner down jackets. But, if you are building a jacket for warmth... baffles are the only way to go. I hope this info helps!

                          could you please tell me the main differences...

                          could you please tell me the main differences between this jacket (Mountain hardwear Sub Zero SL Hooded) and the Millet Expert Down jacket?, which one would you recommend me?, thanks

                          Alejandro. Both Jackets are nice and will keep you very warm in cold conditions. The Sub Zero SL Hooded Jacket utilizes the Conduit SL laminate throughout the jacket that keeps the weather out. It is a waterproof and breathable fabric but the jacket is not taped so we cannot call it completely waterproof. Typically in the coldest weather the air is very dry and complete waterproof-ness is not needed. The Millet Jacket utilizes waterproof fabric in "reinforcement panels" not throughout the entire jacket. This is probably the main difference. Again, both will keep you very warm in cold weather. I hope this info helps!

                          I am heading to Fairbanks to photograph...

                          I am heading to Fairbanks to photograph the aurora - means some standing around at night ( lows -15 F), but I am short and squat (5'6, 220). Being a short cut this jacket is looking like the best choice for me, is it? other suggestions?

                          That actually sounds a bit warm for Fairbanks this time of year, but it's no matter, the jacket will shrug off the cold either way. I routinely go out in a T-shirt and this jacket in Alaskan winters. It's that warm. The short length is best balanced, like Mike said, with snow pants. Because of the short cut length, bending over sometimes lifts the hem of the jacket, letting cold air in, and high snow pants or bibs help with that.

                          Hey all- I am interested in the Sub Zero...

                          Hey all-

                          I am interested in the Sub Zero hood, I would like to take my summer hiking in the White Mtns for the winter and was wondering if...

                          A - Can this be used as a mid-layer over a hardshell or is it too bulky and strictly an outer layer despite not being waterproof? If it is a mid-layer would that be too much layering? I was looking at this or something smaller like Patagonia or North Face Down sweater


                          B - I am 6'4 I dont want something where I lift my arms and my waist is exposed, should I consider the Parka? or is that too long for hiking.

                          Thank you

                          Ryan, I personally would not use this jacket for a midlayer. It's not a small jacket, and the bulk would be counterproductive. In addition, the jacket is cut short for wear with packs, hip belts, and climbing harnesses. It's going to be short, by design, and may be shorter than you like. It sounds like you'd be better off with a good hardshell and 800 fill light down jacket.

                          Unanswered Question

                          Hey there - Struggling with size selection....

                          Hey there - Struggling with size selection. I'm 6'2" and 230lbs. I want to use this mainly for warmth while stopped on winter hikes and climbs, as well as base camp. I need it to fit over everything else including base layer, soft shell and hard shell. I'm leaning toward the XXL based on the reviews. Anyone out there in my size range who could offer a suggestion? Many thanks.

                          Hi I'm 6'5" and 205lbs. with a 36" waist,...

                          Hi I'm 6'5" and 205lbs. with a 36" waist, and 36"sleave. Would a large or extra large fit me? Thanks

                          It looks like I might be moving to northern...

                          It looks like I might be moving to northern Sweden, where it gets mighty cold. I'm thinking a down jacket might be a good idea, and this is looking like one of the front runners. I'm wondering though if the Nitrous jacket and maybe a Sub Zero vest might be sufficient though? I'm trying to get maximum warmth and versatility for potentially super cold conditions, and I'm wondering if this jacket is the best bet.

                          Also, would a medium be right for 5'10", 160lbs? ;-)

                          The Nitrious jackets/vests are great if you're moving. So if you go for a nice cross country ski with the Swedish Olympic team, you'll be fine. However, if you're standing around waiting for a bus, or your car to warm up, the Nitrious won't be warm enough. Go for the Sub Zero SL and you'll thank yourself later. Also, say hi to the Swedish bikini models for me.

                          I used this for standing and walking to class when the temps were below 20F. At night when coming home from the bars or a friends house you will want this saved my butt(my MontBell Alpine Light took a backseat in the closet). Full hood, overstuffed with down, and ample pockets, you are going to want this over the thinner Nitrous if the temps go anywhere near zero

                          In the last two winters I've worn my Sub Zero SL jacket down to -35°C, and just needed a longsleeve cotton t-shirt under it to be alright. You'll be surprised how good this jacket really is. I've done everything with it and it keeps impressing me.

                          how is this compared to the marmot greenland...

                          how is this compared to the marmot greenland down jacket? Am 6'2" at 160lbs., 32' waistline with long arms, do you suggest a L or an XL?

                          Best Answer

                          slisn. First off, I would consider getting an XL because of your height. Secondly, I think you will find the XL to accommodate better the length of your arms although it may be a little more roomy in the chest.

                          There are two main differences between the Sub Zero SL Jacket and the Marmot Jacket. First, Marmot uses an 800-fill power down in their jacket and the Sub Zero SL utilizes a 650+-fill down in it's construction. 650 and 800 are similar warmth... 800 is just a little more lofty for a given volume. Secondly, the Sub Zero SL utilizes a DWR coupled with a Conduit SL waterproof/breathable laminate throughout the jacket making for phenomenal weather protection. The Marmot uses a DWR (durable water repellent finish) on the outside of the jacket only providing a little less protection. The last difference is the price... $360 for the Marmot Jacket and $280 for the Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero SL. I hope this info helps!

                          Correction: fill power is rating of the amount of loft in a given MASS of down feathers -- not a given volume. Loft = volume. Therefore higher fill power means lower density, a good thing, because this means the same amount of puffiness can be had with less weight.

                          Going to Nepal in April 2011 for a climb...

                          Going to Nepal in April 2011 for a climb of Island Peak (6189m). It will be my first time in the Himalayas. I typically run pretty warm when climbing in the Canadian Rockies, though I know that altitude makes one feel much cooler than lower elevations.

                          Would the MHW Sub Zero SL Hooded jacket be appropriate for this type of altitude?

                          Best Answer

                          Conor R. In my opinion it would be perfect for your trek to Island Peak. I doubt you would be wearing the jacket when you are climbing but when stopped or hanging out around tea houses in the Khumbu you will be psyched to have this jacket. If you want a jacket that is more packable I would look towards the Phantom Jacket from Mountain Hardwear. It is made with slightly lighter fabric, does NOT have the Conduit SL laminate (so less weather resistant), it does not have a hood but it packs down to almost nothing which is nice when traveling. Either way, you will be warm! Also, my girlfriend took exactly this jacket to the Everest region this past spring. She did not climb Island Peak but still climbed to over 18,000 ft. crossing a couple of the high passes in the region and the jacket worked perfectly. I hope all this info helps!

                          How does this jacket compare to the North...

                          How does this jacket compare to the North Face Caribou jacket? I'm looking for a warm jacket for the below zero walk the dog around the block days. Any suggestions???

                          Vince. The TNF jacket is insulated with 500 fill down and looks to be of more urban styling than the Sub Zero SL Jacket. The elements are kept out by a Hyvent 2-Layer laminate and the jacket weighs 3Ibs. 1oz. for a size large.

                          In contrast, the Sub Zero SL jacket is insulated with 650 fill down in a baffled (like a sleeping bag) construction and has more mountain styling than the TNF jacket. The elements are kept at bay by the Conduit SL Membrane which is, I believe, thinner (therefore more breathable) than the Hyvent 2 Layer fabric but the Sub Zero is not waterproof. It is highly water resistant due to the fact that the seams are not taped. After all, if it is really cold having a waterproof jacket is not as important! The Sub Zero SL Jacket weighs in at 2 Ibs. 4oz. for a size large.

                          I hope this comparison helps!

                          I have had several Sub Zero jackets and...

                          I have had several Sub Zero jackets and love them and am now thinking of get ther hooded version. Just want to know what are ther exact differences other than the hood? Are they longer in the back and does the hood come off? Cheers Keith

                          Best Answer

                          Keith. The Sub Zero and Sub Zero SL are very different. The Sub Zero SL utilizes the Conduit SL laminate for added weather protection. To put it another way, the fabric is actually waterproof but due to the fact that it is not 'taped' we cannot call it a waterproof jacket. The laminate is there for added wind and weather protection. The hood IS removable and like the Sub Zero the Sub Zero SL comes with a stuff sack. The Sub Zero has a center back length of 28.5" and the Sub Zero SL has a center back length of 29" so the SL is 1/2" longer. Hope this info helps!

                          HI Keith,
                          I own several Mt. Hardwear Subzero SL Parkas (not Jacket). I think during the really seriously cold days of winter, with high wind chills that you would benefit from the extra length that the Mt. Hardwear Subzero Sl PARKA offers rather than the jacket. While I like the greater movement a jacket sometimes affords, I have learned that for greater warmth, the length of a Parka equals greater warmth. On very cold days, I find the Subzero SL Parka is warmer than the equivalent jacket.

                          HI Keith,
I own several Mt. Hardwear Subzero SL Parkas (not Jacket). I think during the really seriously cold days of winter, with high wind chills that you would benefit from the extra length that the Mt. Hardwear Subzero Sl PARKA offers rather than the jacket. While I like the greater movement a jacket sometimes affords, I have learned that for greater warmth, the length of a Parka equals greater warmth.  On very cold days, I find the Subzero SL Parka is warmer than the equivalent jacket.

                          There's a lot of misinformation out there...

                          There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding down insulated garments from China. Advertising says one thing, garment tag says something else. What does the garment tag on this jacket list as the insulation?