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    Used it not only for belaying, but for ice climbing as well (over my climbing shell) on a specially cold day. It held up great even though it was snowing, and had no problems rappelling with it over rock and tree branches. Not a scratch, looks like new. It's definitely a hardy jacket, absolutely love it. Would be even better if it had a hood.

    is the 2009 better fit than 2007?

      i bought the 2007 sub zero jacket in a small, i'm 5'3 118 pounds. the length is right at the waist which is fine unless you have a long torso or until you raise your arms, i had to keep pulling it down. and the sleeves are ENORMOUS. way too big for anyone who would order a small jacket...there are no people on the planet with arms that big that would order a small jacket. on the other hand....super warm, if the waist stays down. very unflattering fit. i just returned it for this years model shown above (2009), does anyone know if the fit has been streamlined at all? are the arms still huge and the waist too short?

      Someone Replied, I was emailed this in response to my question......

      Jenny. The Sub Zero Jacket has been around for 12+ years now and it has been patterned and fit the same since the beginning. I hear you on the fit... but, for many for a long time it has fit just fine. If you are looking for a more flattering fit in a down coat I would consider the women's Phantom Jacket from Mountain Hardwear or perhaps the DownTown Jacket... also from Hardwear. Hopefully, with one of those jackets you find a fit that... fits! Also, if you are looking for a longer jacket, anything that says 'Parka' in our line is an inch to two inches longer in length which may help to solve your waist staying down issue. Hope this helps!

      So, this answer didn't really help me personally. I see where they were comgin from but.....I did order the newest version (2009) of the sub zero and WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Fit is totally different, sleeves less bulky and weird, waist stays down and is longer. SOOO happy I found a fit in the jacket i really wanted. The 2007 looked like a weird puffy box that was too short, and the 2009 is just right! small ladies! don't lose hope! down jackets can be warm AND cute! : ) Jenny Marion

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        This thing is great! I bought it for my fiancee anticipating a few outdoor excursions this winter, and it hasn't disappointed! She gets cold really easily, and has never complained with this jacket. The shoulders and arms have a fabric that feels plenty strong enough to sit under a pack if necessary. Best of all, she's willing to wear it around town! She just looks warm, not ridiculously inflated. She absolutely loves it. The Fire Brick color was my choice, and honestly I think it looks better than any jacket on the market.

        Does the jacket cover your rear end? I...

        Does the jacket cover your rear end? I have a tendancy to get a very cold butt and would like a jacket that covers it, without being the style that goes to your knees.

        This jacket will come down to just above your butt. If you are looking for a jacket to cover your butt... check out the W's Sub Zero Parka from Mountain Hardwear. For us, Jackets are shorter than Parkas... so, the Parka should work well for you. Hope this helps!