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    Got this as an ultra light down jacket (obviously). It is amazingly light, you will forget it is on. Has a trim fit (beer bellies beware) and packs down smaller than a standard nalgene. Haven't had a significant scary situation that tested the durability of the fabric, just be careful.

    Spend the extra money and get the hooded version. It increases warmth and versatility.

    Great Layer

      This will be the warmest lightest layer in your arsenal. Under a hardshell and over a base layer I have been comfertable down to 15, and with a few more layers I would take it down much colder. It has saved me from hypothermia several times in the mountains. Definitely get the hooded jacket... it is much warmer! They fit tight to make them more thermally efficient, but it is not uncomfertable. If you like a larger fit then get a size larger than you normally wear.

      Great jacket

        I have worn the Montbell UL Down Parka for maybe 2 weeks and so far so good. The jacket is really durable for a 15Denier fabric and its really windproof and water resistant. I would almost compare these two features to my MHW dragon jacket. It's also super warm and gets a lot of attention from TNF and Patagonia people. If it helps, I'm 6'1 and 195lbs and a large fits perfectly. It has just enough room and isn't too tight or too baggy. Could probably fit a sweater underneath comfortably. Like I said, I think its a great jacket and definetly worth the price i paid for it!

        Perfect lightweight insulation

          MontBell Ultralight Down Parka - Men's
          As mentioned earlier, Montbell has adjusted their sizing... I have a 2006 UL Thermawrap in a medium that is on the edge of being too small and this weighed heavily when purchasing this jacket however when it arrived it fit perfectly.
          I am a medium in most other brands: Arcteryx, icebreaker, marmot, etc... and this is bang on.
          The label reads US - M, JP - L


            I was skeptical about the performance of this jacket and especially weary of spending 160 bux on it. But, I figured with the BC no frills return//refund policy and all the great reviews I'd give it a try. WOW! I am more than happy with thihs purchase. I had to give it a few weeks before I wrote a review cuase Kansas was having some rather unheard of warm weather the week I got it. However, that didn't last long and the high wind gusts and low temps came right back at us. This jacket is PERFECT! I bought it for my AT trip that I am planning for next year. I was hating the idea of having to carry a heavy coat during the cold months cuz I wanna keep my weight down. But after having been in way below freezing temps with serious constant wind gusts I am more than certain this lil 7 ounce dude is ALL I will need. And it paacks down to NOTHING and comes with its own stuff sack....if only it could cook and clean!!!

            Definitely worth the money and I am very very happy with my first Montbell purchase.

            I can't say enough about the U.L.

              Over the last two months I've had my U.L. on three Sierra snow-camping trips and either wore it with a light shell, or on its own and I've got to say, it's been very nice. On this last trip, it got down into the mid-twenties, with a good wind, at dinner time and I was warm and happy with just an R1 hoody and a another base under that. Anything more than sitting there, stirring the pot and this jacket would toast you and put a DAS parka over it and you might as well be wearing a tank with the heat on. can't wait to have this as part of my summer sierra morning/evening gear.

              I finnaly understand the inner hype

                after much contemplation I purchased the UL down inner parka. Following the guidance of previous posters I sized up from a medium to a large. so far I have only had the opportunity to use it for school, and the town. In the morning when I leave it's about 30 - 35 degrees and this keeps me warm over a t shirt, or a light long sleeve, towards the middle of the day when if the temps reach 50 and beyond I stuff this jacket into it's own pocket and throw it in my school pack, no longer do I have to worry about lugging a coat. I can't wait to field test this baby this spring! This winter I have been using the Alpine light parka which was great in frigid temps and while each coat has a special purpose and place in my heart I think I am going to love this baby more. I got the black and it is garbage bag shiny, but I just could not picture myself in a red coat. The shininess is starting to grow on me however since receiving some compliments, I think even though the jacket is shiny the fitted look keeps it classy. I'm 5'9.5 and 160 lbs and I'm glad I went with the large, although I suppose I could have gotten away with a medium. having a parka that stuffs into a pocket is a dream in the spring, as I'm sure it will be when I hike. The only issue I have is the way the hood fits, its a bit oversized and slightly sloppy, but I love it too much to remove a star. This jacket takes me one step closer to meeting the 10lb bag requirement to be an ultralight hiker. All that's left on my list is a Montbell down bag to replace my synthetic and based on my math I'm there! If your n the fence take the plunge, I know it will be one of my favorite pieces of gear.

                LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

                  Thin, light, warm as hell and fitted so that you don't look like a swollen garbage bag. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a new down jacket and wants to stay styling.

                  What A Jacket!

                    Although my friends initially teased me that it looked like i was wearing a trash bag, once i had them try it on they were jealous! This jacket is unbelievably light and does not make you look like a marshmallow! After I read the rest of the reviews, I was confused as to what size i should get. I am 6 foot, 170 lbs with an athletic build and i usually wear size medium in most products, but I ordered a size large and it fits perfectly! I will enjoy this product for a long time to come!

                    One of my favorite pieces of gear

                      This is a super warm layer. I wore it jogging in 25 degree weather and was sweating. I wore it ice climbing with a shell jacket (Arctery Beta LT) at just under 20 degrees and it was too hot. Super, super warm, especially for its weight, which is almost non existent. The fabric is super fragile though, I snagged it on an icicle and it tore right open without much resistance. Fixed with duct tape. Fit is trim, but needs to be so it goes under a shell. No pockets. But I'll trade that for its warmth to weight ratio, it's at least as light as a tshirt. I'm probably going to get the bottoms as an under-shell layer as well for those cold ascents, and use the side zip for ventilation if needed.


                        Wow. Love this jacket. does double duty as both a very specific-use insulation layer and as an everyday exterior jacket. To those commenting on its tight fit and short torso length: this is a very specific-use puffy.It is meant to fit a bit tight, like a sweater and most probably UNDER a shell jacket as an insulation layer...that's why you find the sleeves being a perfect fit but assume the length is too short. it's not. Just be happy someone (other than patagonia ((boo)) makes this and in doing so fills the gap between packability, weight, warmth and wind/waterproof breathability with this awesome puff puff.

                        For those tall and skinny hikers out there.

                          This coat is light and warm but shiny and possibly not for the tall. I was first impressed by how light the coat is and how it feels as if your not wearing a coat but a very light t-shirt. After you get over that you will find how ridiculously warm it is. Then you will look in the mirror and say "hey, is this shiny?" After which, if you are tall (6' 4") skinny (190), and ordered an XL, notice the sleeves are just right but the torso is of a 250 lb man (the plight of the tall skinny men). This problem leads to other problems. The lack of drawstrings around the waist and hood lead to gusts of warm air being exchanged for cold air. Don't get me wrong, I will not part with this jacket for many years, just like to give fair warning to those who are tall and skinny...try a large.

                          Best light to warmth ratio

                            If your looking for a super packable and light jacket to wear around this is the one. Be aware that it doesn't have any pockets or pull chords anywhere. This jacket is so light it takes 5 seconds to fall to the ground if you drop it. Also make sure you are ok with something a little bit shiny as this does reflect light to a degree

                            am I in heaven?

                              Go large. I'm six feet, trim and a 40 regular or thereabouts. I bought a large and it looks and feels like it was custom cut, just for me. If you've got any girth or a long torso, I'd certainly go for the XL, as noted, in USA size.

                              So far I've just been running around, paring this with a Patagonia R1 hoody and it's plenty warm - too warm, which is nice to know since I'm not putting out any major effort, like I will on the trail, or just over that hot stove at 12,000 feet.

                              The best and oddest thing about it is the weight and feel. It's like it's not there and yet your torso is warm and the wind seems to not have a chance. odd feeling, as I am used to a heavier, bulky jacket that you're always aware of.

                              Yup, wish it did come with cinches on the wrists - they wouldn't add much weight to an already feather light jacket. I'll post more when I've really put it out there.


                                Taking the advice of other reviewers I bought a large, but was flabbergasted to find that it was too large. The company is now taking American sizes into account. My dag reads "XL" JP and "L" US. Aside from that its daaaaamn light but lacks any form of synch'n mechanism on hood and waist. Extremely striped down. Not as warm as the alpine light, so i suggest this only to gear nuts who often find situations to pack multiple jackets into nalgine bottles or in to a fanny pack. Excellent quality and for the light and fast.

                                Unanswered Question

                                When will backcountry be getting new stock...

                                When will backcountry be getting new stock for this item? The montbell site seems to have the parka listed as a new item still:

                                I'm 5'8, 145lbs. Do you think a small or...

                                I'm 5'8, 145lbs. Do you think a small or a medium would fit better? I've never worn any MontBell, so I can't really compare.

                                i have a gore tex shell i got it a little...

                                i have a gore tex shell i got it a little big so i can layer on the cold or wet days but would this be a good choice to wear under that shell or is it super thick

                                This would be a perfect layering piece. The (M) size only weighs 7.4 oz so it is not that big but packs a lot of warmth. When layered with a gore tex shell and lightweight to midweight baselayers you will have yourself a nice layering system that allows you regulate temps very well.

                                is this the exact same as the montbell...

                                is this the exact same as the montbell ultralight jacket except for the hood

                                I'm 5'9", 170, average to athletic...

                                I'm 5'9", 170, average to athletic build......medium or large?

                                To help out with Bryan's guesstimation I'll say that I'm 5'7" 150 lbs. bought a medium and it fits perfect. However, if I were any taller in the torso and bigger in the chest (im bout 38-40) I would definitely want the larger. The medium on me now is already a close fit, which is great...but me any bigger than I am now would force me into a large.

                                What would be the lowest temp this could...

                                What would be the lowest temp this could be used for while wearing a heavy weight merino base and a thin shell while being inactive in camp?

                                Probably around zero.It's relative I'd freeze my "A" off with that's set up at zero, maybe 15 - 20 (I need to be warm). I got the black If shiny is an issue and the color red is not I'd go with the red. It was a hard choice for me but I could not picture myself in a bright red parka for long, so I went with shiney black.

                                That's truly all going to depend on how cold or hot natured you are. I, personally, am hot natured and have worn this parka over a TNF Velocitee short sleeve with a light cotton hoody over that in 35-40 mph gusty below freezing temps here in KS recently and felt fine. I wasn't even slightly chilly. Was nice!

                                what color do you recommend. Looking for...

                                what color do you recommend. Looking for the least plastic baggy color.

                                Does the length of this jacket differ when...

                                Does the length of this jacket differ when going from a L to an XL? MB's website doesnt have measurements from top of collar to bottom of waist, only waist size, arms, inseam etc. I'm 6'4" and about 200lbs, pretty trim and athletic and got the XL. It seems perfect in the arms and lengthwise but quite baggy in the waist area which makes me wonder if I could have sized down to a L which is what I typically wear (pretty much the same concern one of the previous posters voiced) I would be concerned about the L being to short for my torso and in the arms if I were to exchange it...Again, does anyone know if the lengths differ in each the L and XL (from the collar to the bottom of the waist hem)?

                                I am not sure exactly on this one specifically, but when you gofrom XL to L there is a difference of 1-2 inches on the back, which is the name of the measurement. So it will be a little shorter at the waist. I would say 1 inches shorter roughly on this jacket. Of course you can always snag it and sned it back if it is too short...

                                Can it stand -25F (minus 25F)?

                                Can it stand -25F (minus 25F)?

                                I seriously doubt you would be comfortable in negative 25 degrees. I have been fine wearing mine in 10 degree windchill factors with a good layer underneath, but trying to imagine it another 35 degrees colder would seem insane. And I'm a hot natured person, not easily chilled.

                                Is it waterproof?

                                Is it waterproof?

                                Is this jacket warm enough to wear as an...

                                Is this jacket warm enough to wear as an everyday down in 20-30 degree temps, without a shell to bum around town etc? I love the packability of it but I'm concerned it wont be warm enough from all the comments about how light it is, it sounds like its not filled to much. I'd consider the next heaviest MB down...Any thoughts?

                                This is a very light jacket (like takes four seconds to fall to the floor) making me wonder the same thing about the warmth... The down fill in these jackets is extremely nice, and combined with the basically windproof shell you should stay plenty warm with this jacket down into the 20s and 30s. If you start getting cold at all while wearing this just use a long-sleeve baselayer and it will boost the warmth quite a bit. Amazing jackets by Mont bell, and warmer than you would expect...This is Spencer - Keep in mind that 800 fill is not how much is in there, but the type of feathers. 800 is like the best you can get, and you need far less 800 fill down to keep you are warm as say 600 fill. So it being light is not exactly a problem. Yeah Chad is right alone, most likely but you are not going in the buff under the jacket are you? are you?...Hahaha. Who doesn't? 8)

                                I'm looking to buy this jacket as a christmas...

                                I'm looking to buy this jacket as a christmas gift. It is for an eastcoast backcountry skier and hiker that likes to camp out in the snow for a few weeks, he needs it for waiting for other skiers and setting up camp. Do you know if it is too lite or if he would need a heavier fill?

                                Whew, multi-week backcountry tours? My advice: avoid down at all costs. Go for one of Montbell's synthetic puffy's instead; in those conditions, his gear is GOING to get wet eventually, and that's when you absolutely don't want down. With non-baffled/non-seam-taped jackets like this, moisture will eventually work it's way in (also, DWR finish is certainly not waterproof). MontBell's Ultralight Thermawrap parka (or jacket) is a good bet. The MontBell Ultralight's tend to be a little delicate, though, so be aware.I agree. I think this jacket would be a bit too lightweight for waiting around during periods of inactivity. If he's staying active, it would be fine.

                                also... "heavier fill" does NOT mean warmer. the higher the number for the fill power means it has a greater lofting potential for the weight of the down, thus trapping more dead airspace to keep you warm.

                                following Jeff's advice, i would go primaloft, instead of down for insulation. Even if the person is skiing in very dry conditions, he will sweat through it for sure. Once down is wet, it is absolutely useless for the remainder of the trip!

                                I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next...

                                I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail next year and am looking for the right insulating layer to bring along, mostly for wearing in camp and maybe while hiking during the coldest evenings. The trail will put me in the High Sierra in June, Northern California in July, Oregon in August, and Washington sometime in September. So my question for anyone familiar with the trail or with these areas is do you think this jacket is a good choice? Should I be looking at something warmer? Do you think the hood is unnecessary and I'd be better off getting the version without the hood to shed a couple ounces? Thanks!

                                Dave. first off, go with the hoody. this jacket is so light, you'll never notice THE HOOD and if you're actually trying to do an ultra-light thing––this is the jacket for the PCT in the summer months––you can wear the jacket and the hoody, in your bag–-assuming you might have a light bag and therefore need all the heat you can get. double duty. I've done the JMT 8 times now since 96, usually in the late summer, august/sept and never needed the monster down jackets I brought. I'd wear them usually in the morning and evening. The Montbell, even though I've not had it out there yet, knowing what I know––the Montbell U.L. ought to be more than enough to keep you warm. I write the post, "AM I IN HEAVEN" and that's this jacket. for the weight alone, you'll be very pleased. I just want to WARN YOU though––I'd keep an eye on it, when you are not wearing it and it is out of the pack––this jacket might just blow away with the slightest breeze. Enjoy the PCT

                                I'm sold on this, but I'm worried about...

                                I'm sold on this, but I'm worried about the sizing. I'm 6'4", usually wear a large (42" chest) but arm length is an issue. Montbell lists the arm length on their L products at 35", which would be pretty short for me. Usually I'm swimming in an XL, but it sounds like some people think this product runs small--do you think the XL would be the right size to try?

                                Looking for total warm walking - 0 degree....

                                Looking for total warm walking - 0 degree. Is this the right jacket?

                                If you're not cold natured and layer up the right way then I personally think this jacket can pull off 0 degree weather...I do it in 10 degree windchill factors all the time. And the wind NEVER stops here in KS so that windchill factor is pretty much a constant.

                                Looking to get one of these bad boys. I'm...

                                Looking to get one of these bad boys. I'm 5'10" and weigh 185. Large or medium, anyone have the answer?

                                get large or even extra-large. I just got a large TODAY and it fits great. I'm six feet, trim, and it fits like it was custom made for me, so if you've got any girth, you might want to go for an XL . . . great, generous hood. I'm a little concerned with the cuff design, but only a trip or two will tell. It IS amazingly light––just what I wanted and just putting it on gets it going you might say––it starts generating warmth. Get the large especially if you're layering, like you will be!

                                Patagonia down sweater or Mont Bell...

                                Patagonia down sweater or Mont Bell Ultralight Down Inner Parka? Which is warmer, which fits a tall thin body better? Other pros & cons of each?

                                Go with the MontBell. It' going to fit the taller thin frame better. MontBell make amazing stuff. It's lighter weight. You may sacrifice a little warmth but nothing noticeable but you're adding the hood and the cost is much better for the MontBell. I think MontBell clothing is one size small. This would fit better for your svelte stature. For instance I normally wear a large but wear an XL in MontBell. I've also found the MontBell has more of a contouring effect & would therefore keep you warmer.