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My Dog and I love it!

    This is the only bag for me (us). I've only used it in temps down in the mid 30's so far but I'm always toasty warm and I'm a cold sleeper. I searched far and wide to find a high tech bag that wasn't the standard width because my little dachsund, wiener dog hikes with me and she insists on crawling inside the bag at night. With the Super Stretch, No other bag on the market affords the luxury that this bag offers. The stretchiness allows my dog and I to move around inside this bag with no problem. With other bags, I couldn't even zip them up with her inside. In a word, this bag is "Perfect!"

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      oh my comfortable!!! Great bag. I'm 5 10 1/2, 225 lbs. and this bag is great..I have sooo much room in it..the long that is. I can toss and turn and even Kriss cross my legs indian style..and still not feel constricted like in a regular mummy style bag. It also compresses awesome and weighs very little. I slept outside with just the bag and a pad with the temp down to 36 and windy...and i was toasty toasty toasty, so I have a feeling it can handle the 15 degree rating with no problems...I love it so far and am very happy!!!

      Super Stretch is Outstanding

        I love this bag. I'm 6'5" with long legs and always wake up sore when sleeping in a mummy bag. The Super Stretch bags from Mont Bell (I have the #1 and the #4) allow me to put one knee all the way to the side while keeping one leg straight. The bag is warm down to 32. Down to 20 I need to wear more layers, but it still works fine. Light and packs down to a small size. Excellet fit around the head and no problem with zipper snags.

        OHHH YEAH!

          This is by far the best sleeping bag I have ever owned. I have owned half a dozen bags and taken them all backpacking on weeklong expeditions. This is the shiz! Super Warm (not too hot though), cool orange popsicle color, and the the SUPER STRETCH SYSYTEM. This is what sold me on this bag. I move around a lot in my sleep. From changing sides, to rolling on your back or stomach, you will not wake up because of the bag constricting you! The elastic in the seams allows you to strech your knees and arms soo much I can't belive it! A size small compression sack (granite gear) will shrink it down perfectly! I haven't seen a ton of reviews of Montbell on the internet but have a feeling they will be coming in the future because of the Super Stretch series. But this bag if you backpack and want to sleep in ultimate comfort without sacrificing weight and size. The Long size isn't too long for me and i'm 6'0".

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            I just bought the MontBell bag, and have used it twice. Both times have been in the top five for outdoor sleeping. The stretch of the bag is great because it lets you move around easily. It kept me very warm the whole night through camping just below treeline of mt massive in colorado. all in all a good purchase. The compression sack that comes with the bag is weak, but the bag is top notch

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              I purchased this sleeping bag for its weight and warmth. It performed perfectly on both accounts. I carried it in my backpack with my other gear. It is incredibly portable. Our hike was in the Rocky Mountains at 11,0000 feet and the bag was plenty warm.

              110,000 feet? WOW! Were U in orbit over the Rockies or just "high"? Just a lil Online teasing. I wish you would have mentioned how cold it was and how it worked at THAT temp because it looks like this bag does NOT stand-up to its RATED Temp! :(

              Great sleeping bag

                Keep in mind this is my first down bag.

                I took this to Yosemite last week, it dipped down to the upper 40's in my friend's Moken tent. Both nights, I wore a polyester workout shirt & some thin pants. First night, my friend's Boston Terrier slept with and burrowed down to the feet area like she always does. After a little while though, she thought it was too hot and made her way to the top. The 2nd night, I got to sleep alone and cinched up the shoulder area and fell asleep. A little while later I was dripping sweat. Definitely a great sleeping bag. I could probably go down to upper 30's in the same type of clothes. The flexibility of the material is definitely great as I do sleep on my side at times and I had no problems rolling around in the bag.

                Hi is this sleeping bag water resistant?...

                Hi is this sleeping bag water resistant? Also what's the recommended method of cleaning/washing a down bag? I've only own synthetic sleeping bags and am used to just throwing them into the washer.



                Best Answer

                MontBell uses a very thin (40D) nylon treated with DWR (Durable Water Resistance) for the outer shell of these bags. Small amounts of water will bead up and roll off of the fabric, but it will wet through eventually (such as being pressed against a wet tent wall). Down bags can be tricky to wash, and there are several methods for doing so at home, or you can find cleaners who will be able to wash it for you.

                Washing, just as with a synthetic, do it infrequently, but when necessary (washing will remove built up oil from the feathers & increase your loft when it's needed.) If it just "smells bad"- air it out; over-washing will shorten your bag's lifespan. The best cleaning products are specifically for down & you should be able to find them at your local outdoor shop. Whatever you do, don't use any detergent with petroleum in it (think of what those oil spill covered birds look like...) You'll need to use a big front-loading washer on gentle cycle & I usually double-rinse, if it's an option. Drying is tough too-- I always air-dry most of the way (line dry out of the sun) & then tumble dry on low with a few tennis balls to "fluff" the down back into place & bust up the clumps. There are also services that will do it for you, but I just kinda prefer to do it myself.

                About washing, and I am serious here, I have a extreme cold weather army suplus bag that I got for christmas 1979, its good to 5*-10*F, I wear fleece pants, socks and a shirt when I sleep, therefore avoiding dirtying the bag(body oil deposits) , I havent washed it since 1982, and it does not smell, I dont know if its the fabric (silky nylon) or what, doesnt leak feathers either, it is heavy at 5 pounds tho'.
                So, I dont wash my sleeping bags, if they get dirty, I wipe them down with a soapy rag.