Don’t huddle around the fire all night, get inside the Super Spiral Hugger #1 Down Bag and get some sleep.

During cold nights in the woods the MontBell Super Spiral Hugger #1 Down Sleeping Bag helps you sleep tight while the rest of your backcountry party sleeps in their down jackets. You’ll be toasty in your baselayer PJ’s as the 650-fill power goose down hugs you like Mother Goose did back when you still sucked your thumb.

  • Super Spiral Stretch System’s biased seams and elastic threads move with you throughout the night, keeping the bag close to your body to minimize open space and drafty air
  • Double draft tube, neck baffle, and tunnel hood seal you up in a warm cocoon when the weather lays down the hammer
  • Bags zip together to help conserve body heat in an emergency
  • Auto-lock full zipper won’t unzip as you toss and turn overnight
  • Available for shipping only to US and Canadian addresses

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Unanswered Question

Although almost everything I've read on...

Although almost everything I've read on this bag is very positive, I have two concerns -- 1) the hood, which reportedly is too roomy and doesn't cinch, and 2) after extended use, one professional user claimed the seams leaked the down.

When considering pillows for compatibility, should I be reviewing the sleeping bag or the pad?

How well does this bag compress? Additionally...

How well does this bag compress? Additionally -- for someone inclined to use a tarp, instead of a tent (light, compact load is important) what accessories (e.g. pad, liner, bivy, etc.) for the Appalachian Mountains would you recommend?

Best Answer Responded on

The Hugger series compresses well. Be careful not to compress it too much or you can damage the down clusters.

The Appalachians require a bivy under a tarp. Your pad will depend on your priorities. I love my Exped Synmat SL7. You can get a closed cell pad that will be lighter, but not as compact (or comfortable). If you have good site selection skills, you can go minimal on the pad. Liners are redundant. You'll be carrying long underwear. Use it when you sleep.

It sounds like you need to check out to get some ideas.

5 5

Awesome Bag!

Haven't had a chance to bust it out but very impressed with construction and look. Should last for years. Can't wait to put it to use.

5 5

Great design for a active side-sleeper

I deliberated long and hard over purchasing this bag. I'm a side-sleeper and flip back and forth from side-to-side about every hour through the night. I hadn't had a lot of luck being warm and comfortable through the night in most traditional down mummy bags. They were either to narrow for me to move comfortably in without waking up completely, or too wide to prevent air pockets and thus cold sleeping.

This bag was the perfect solution. I'm 6'1" 210lbs with broad shoulders and an athletic build. I went with the long. No regrets whatsoever. So far I've only used it on a kayaking/backpacking trip here in the Midwest this fall. It was about 40 degree nights but a cool breeze in my hammock. In just boxer shorts I was perfectly comfortable. I'm interested to try it out closer to freezing temps in a backpacking tent. I'm a little concerned that it may not be warm enough, but it probably will be with my insulated pad and some wool long johns.

Overall this is a well-designed bag that meets my needs perfectly. If you're a narrow person that sleeps straight up mummy-style throughout the night there are probably better traditional style bags out there for you. But if you toss and turn, sleep on your side, and are broader than the average 165-pound backpacker, this bag may be your ticket.

I have read alot where down bags are not...

I have read alot where down bags are not good when they get damp, so my question is could you maybe spray it with a water repellant?

Responded on

This bag comes from the factory with a nice 100wash + DWR (water repellent) treatment. You can definitely treat your bag with a DWR, and it will help repel a splash or spill of water, some tent condensation and day to day stains. It won't however make it waterproof. For multi-day trips in cold and damp weather, you might want to look at a bag with a waterproof face fabric. Otherwise, this bag should perform like a champ!

Responded on

I agree with Jeff on this one. NikWax makes some great products.

When down feathers get wet, they clump together, thereby reducing the amount of air between you and the outside world. This lack of air equates to lack of insulation which leads to a really cold and miserable night...or nights. Once the down is wet it is EXTREMELY difficult to dry it properly in the field, and even then you will be left with a slightly dry yet still clumpy down and a super cold night.

I have used down bags in northern New England in all 4 seasons, and it is a challenge, but worth it for me. I keep my bags in eVent compression sacks and have a bivy sack even if I'm in a tent but still concerned about moisture. If you are concerned at all about your inability to keep a bag dry, I would recommend a synthetic bag, Primaloft being the industry standard. Sythetic fibers have the ability to maintain their loft and insulation even while wet, though it will be a bit heavier and won't compress as small.

But as with anything, to each his own. Down works for me, but not for everyone. Happy hunting!

5 5

warm and ORANG-RED!!!

MMM , yes montbell, I love your bags, all warm and well, not fuzzy but slick and sleepingbaggy insde. Being able to preform most yoga moves inside the bag is a plus, sometimes when you wake up and don't want to get out in the cold it's quite nice to do a bunch of stretching before going out into the cold...

I have had this bag and the ultralight of the same model, it perform well, down to quite cold(10 degrees f) and acts as a bearable blanket in high sierra summer(50-63 degrees f). Oh, how I love montbell, keep me warm tonight.

5 5

Love it!

If you're a big boy and have struggled with mummy style bags before, this is the answer. I'm 6'1 and 300 lbs- and this thing is completely comfortable- even with a 56" chest, you can get both arms inside and not feel like Houdini. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!- you won't be disappointed! Thanks Mont Bell!

If your 5ft 11" tall is the standrad length...

If your 5ft 11" tall is the standrad length bag OK? or do I need to purchase the Long version?

Responded on

you should be fine with the regular. but if you want some extra room to stuff some clothes or other things (like warmed nalgene bottles) in the bottom like i do sometimes, i would go with the long. long story short, it's up to you.

is this bag water resistnat?

is this bag water resistnat?

Responded on

This bag is not treated with any dwr nor is it a waterproof or resistant membrane.

5 5

Great Bag!

I purchased this bag a few months ago and so far I love it! When I first got it I tested it out sleeping on my apartment deck for a few nights at around 25 degrees and was TOASTY wearing only boxers. I have had it on one alpine trip in the mountains here in B.C. and was very impressed with it's performance. Our temperatures at night dipped down to around 5 degrees and i was still very comfortable wearing only a very light merino base layer. I am a warm sleeper so I figured I could push the temperature ratings a bit and so far the bag has not disappointed!! The super stretch feature is unparalleled by anything else i have found, it allows the bag to contour to your body no matter what position you sleep in which minimizes the dead space in the bag which really helps reduce cold spots and speeds up how long it takes to warm up when you first get in. This feature also allows for much greater range of motion greatly reducing any feelings of claustrophobia you might feel with a normal mummy bag. The adjustable hood and draft collar are really nice features but here lies my only beef with this bag. The draft collar is sealed by a piece of velcro that just isn't strong enough to keep it shut when the collar is cinched down. If you don't move at all in your sleep you will be fine but often when i move a bit it will star to release. Definitely not a deal breaker but I am going to be contacting Mont Bell to see if they will still honor warranty if i rivet a snap button closure to the collar for a tighter hold. The last point of the bag that i was worried about with my initial purchase but have since dismissed is the water repellancy of the fabric. After 4 nights of condensation build up at the head and lots of dripping both ice crystals and water from tent walls (gotta love winter!) the fabric was damp but the down was completely dry and it's insulation was not compromised. Would highly recommend this bag to anyone!

5 5

Got to Finally use it

Did the old mojave trail this weekend and finally got to use this bag in a real camp setting. According to my friends weather station, the temp got down to around 34F @ 11PM. I wore shorts, cotton socks, a tank top, and a ice breaker wool long sleeve (260 weight) while sleeping. I tell you this bag was too hot and I had to vent the bag. I usually keep waking up in my other mummy bag (marmot neversummer) because I hate sleeping all mummied up. I usually sleep on my stomach and like to stretch my legs in order to be comfortable. This bag is the most comfortable bag I ever used as it allows me to sleep on my stomach and let my leg stretch a little. I was concerned that this style of sleeping will create cold spots, but I was amazed that I had no noticeable cold spots. I cant imagine using any other bag and is the only bag that I can have a comfortable night of sleep.

5 5

Best Bag...Period.

I've owned this bag for 2 years and it is just plain awesome. I sleep cold but I've had this bag down to 13 degrees and it kept me toasty warm. The stretch feature is perfect for me, too. I hike/camp with an 11 yo old dachsund dog who's cold natured so she always climbs in the bag with me. We couldn't be more comfortable. No other mummy bags I've tried have enough inside for both of us. The Montbell is just perfect. I own 2, the #1 hugger for cold weather and the #5 hugger for warmer nights.

5 5


I have yet to test this bag on a real trip as both of my Dec trips got cancelled. I own a Marmot NeverSummer 0F so I will use this as a comparison. The Marmot is a great bag and extremely warm, but I hate to be restricted when I am sleeping. Therefore, I bought the MontBell after reading several reviews. The bag is beautiful and very smooth/soft, making it comfortable to the touch, but this comfort gives the appearance that its fragile (I guess we will see over the years). I absolutely love the stretch which allows me to wiggle and sleep on my belly.

The shipment was very fast (about 3-4 business days) and would buy again from backcountry. It helps when CA tax is 9.75%, backcountry has no sales tax and free shipping. The price was one of the lowest I could find as I am frugal and will search months to find a good price.

Hopefully I will have an opportunity to use the bag soon for a follow-up review. I wish I had a demo bag so I can abuse it to test its limits.



Responded on

hm..800 fill on a 15 degree bag is overkill IMHO..unless of course you are a cold sleeper. I use the 650 zero bag and have had it down in the single digits so far, worked pretty good

Responded on

8oo fill just refers to the amount of down it will take to fill a certain area it doesn't affect the warmth. The U.L. which has the 800 fill will just pack a bit smaller and weigh less, 10 oz to be exact.

How does this bag rate in terms of quality...

How does this bag rate in terms of quality for the $, weight, and packed size when compared to other brands? I'm looking for a bag for hunting and backpacking, multi-day trips, from spring -fall. Small pack size is very important to me.

Responded on

Write your answer here...Just purchased his bag in dec 2010 and have not used it. I own a marmot 0 degree neversummer and the marmot seem to have much more down filling but then again its a 0 vs 15. Did try the montbell inside the house and it is by far the most comfortable bag as well as soft and plush. The outer shell is smooth and shiny and gives the impression that its very water resistant. I wish i had the opportunity to test the bag but my two trips were cancelled. Hopefully i will have the opportunity to test it ou soon.

1) Why is it that the Super Spiral Hugger...

1) Why is it that the Super Spiral Hugger with only 650 fill power goes down to 0°F and the Baltic Geese with 800 fill down only goes to 20°F?
2) Does the Super Spiral Hugger unzip at both ends? and can it be zipped to another bag so 2 people can sleep together?

Best Answer Responded on

Hi Caroleena,

1) Fill power is expressed as cubic inches of loft, per ounce of down (in³/oz)- higher the number, the higher the quality of down. This does not dictate warmth; ultimately loft equals warmth.

A higher quality fill will achieve the same loft as that of a lower quality, but do so with less down. This means, lighter weight, more packable and softer to the touch. So yes, it is definitely possible to have a thicker/warmer bag with lower quality down, than a thinner bag (not as warm) filled with higher quality down.

2) Yes, these zippers are mate-able. You will need to be sure that you are using both a "left" and a "right" zip, and also need to assure that the zipper types match. These use YKK #5 zippers, which are actually very common; but the easiest way to assure a match, is to mate 2 MontBell bags together.

Hope this helps!