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Die-hard backcountry skiers have long been faced with the dilemma of having to compromise the performance of the high-DIN downhill bindings they love in order to access and ski the terrain they live for. The Alltime AT Binding from MFD is the solution. Simply mount your favorite downhill binding to the Alltime Channel and you're ready to rip. The Alltime boasts the lowest stand height of any AT binding systems for resort-worthy power transmission, and the Chop Block floating heel piece allows your ski to maintain its natural flex dynamics. With the new Click Lock system, the entire binding setup can be quickly switched to another pair of skis mounted with MFD switch plates so you can always head to the backcountry with the right pair of skis for the conditions.

  • Downhill bindings mount directly to the MFD Alltime Channel so you can take the confidence of your favorite bindings anywhere you want to go
  • MFD's new Click Lock system allows the entire binding setup to be easily switched to another pair of skis mounted with MFD switch plates
  • Constructed with lightweight 6061 aluminum and Dupont Zytel
  • The Alltime boasts the lowest stand height of any high DIN AT binding system, which provides maximum power transmission and control
  • The Pendulum Pivot raises the pivot point and enables efficient touring from your downhill bindings
  • Dually Bearings in the pivot point bring torsional strength and are easily replaceable
  • The Chop Block Heel piece floats freely, maintaining the natural flex dynamics of the ski
  • The 0,6,and 14-degree climbing riser is easily adjusted with a ski pole for efficient touring on any incline
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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Bought these on sale last season, lasted only a few months until the center of each plate cracked horizontally. When I went to follow up with MFD, there website had already issued a statement about how they are no longer honoring product warranty or services, and are basically no longer a company. The plate functioned well as advertised, however they are soo heavy and create a serious dead spot on the ski, hope this helps

MFD Out of Business

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I emailed MFD because I have broken parts as well. They basically told me to kick rocks. They are not willing to service or replace parts on bindings but were quick to try and sell me a backpack. I will never purchase anything from these buys again because of how they treated me.

I do love the plates though.

I hope will eventually sell this

SI&I Cast is still in final development. Still probably a year away from mass production, but the ski industry is buzzing with this idea for a touring setup, I really hope it takes off. So far I've heard all good things rom pro skiers who have been on it.

Don't have them, but my friends say,...

    they have have mixed reviews, could be be made better. A couple of my buddies have to constantly tighten up the screws in the backcountry/inbounds. My buddies in general say they are okay, but feel they don't hold up over everyday use in Jackson. You would be better off getting the Marker Duke or Salomon Guardian. When the SI & I CAST System (In final development) come out in the next year or two this blow other AT systems out of the water. If it goes like it should will have SI & I soon enough when it hit mass production, right now high end pros are finishing final tests on it this year.

    CAST is still in R&D, it'll be out next season most likely. I know pros that are on them. Google up CAST & contact Lars Chickering-Ayers (the pro skier behind them) about them, he'll give you all the information you need. That or the Dynafit Beast are two bc setups coming out next season that is only going to make everything as a whole better.

    Doesn't fit on tapered ski

      I bought the mfd for my girlfriend's ski (Dynastar Legend Paradise Skis 2012 )but it didn't fit because the ski is tapered. The rear part of the mfd plate is not flat against the ski so it can't be screwed. The technician said that the only way would be to install the plate ahead of the recommended installation line but it wouldn't be ideal....and since we want to use those in the powder, I don't want her to be too much ahead.

      Love it!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have the MFD mounted on Dynastar cham 97 with salomon STH driver 14 and I love it.

      It feels as solid as regular binding. I compared it with cham 97 mounted on regular binding and the weight difference was barely noticeable. The only glitch was that the technician had to grind a little bit the plate to fit the brakes because ther are 98mm...

      And finally, the blue MFD combine with blue salomon driver bindings and the cham which are also blue makes a really nice looking setup!!!!

      ROSSI Binding problem

        All they say on the website is that the small rossi plate fits 260-320. In reality, the fit 267-230 if you have pivot bindings, and fit 260-306 if you have axial bindings.

        I have a 315 sole and just got the smalls. Got them totally mounted and then realized my boot doesn't fit.

        Don't let this happen to you.

        And the plates don't have enough clearance for the screws that came with it...

        Direct from the MFD website:

        Rossi FKS / Look Pivot ALLTIME SMALL fits boot soles 267 - 320mm. LARGE fits boot soles 320 - 355mm. (Recommended ski width > 90mm underfoot)

        Rossi Axial / Look PX ALLTIME SMALL fits boot soles 265 - 306mm. LARGE fits boot soles 300 - 331mm. (Recommended ski width > 90mm underfoot) **Note: system is not compatible with Rossi Freeski 2 or Look PX 12 style bindings.

        MFD (Pros & Cons)

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I have the MFD on Atomic Bent Chets w? FKS 18. The bindings are solid as far as I feel comfortable huckin where dynafit's would fail. another pro is that all of my buddies keep telling me how sick they look. So here comes the cons. One day on a AT trip one of the pivot bolts backed out forcing me to abort the trip. To make matters worse MFD recently produced a replacement pivot bolt, but they make the consumer pay $16 (w/shipping) which in my opinion is not very cool for a small start-up ski company. (The picture show the bolt that backed out) Another con is the weight...but that just means a better workout ;)

        MFD (Pros & Cons)

        Josp, There's a notice up on the MFD site for this issue.

        Replacement screw kits with Loctite are send out for free to solve the issue. The new and improved switch screw system that is on all 12/13 product is available for purchase as well. But not needed if you only just need the screw kit/Loctite update.


        Bought for someone else

        • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

        I bought these for my almost 50 year old dad as a present. I looked at everything on the market and settled on these for their durability and one quiver ability. Most reviews out there say they are for hard chargers but I would rate the old man as intermediate. He is not a tour skier but I wanted to get him into the backcountry as he also snowshoes a lot in the PAC NW. After a few uses he has no complaints about the weight or function of the setup and said "the stride feels very natural." The longest trek he has done was the majority of Mt. St. Helens ( a few miles). His friend skis Fritschi Freeride Pros and they toured at the same pace. Is it overkill for him to have the MFDs? Maybe but, I would hate to see him hike out of waist deep snow because his setup broke. Does he love them? Yes, and he can ski the backcountry or resort with one setup not worrying about loss of performance. I bought a pair of fairly lightweight 11 DIN Marker bindings for him and the set up was cheaper than the rest of the field and they don't require more expensive boots with pin holes in the toes. I plan to buy a pair for myself as soon as I return from overseas.


        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        The best freeride touring binding for hard charging in the BC and step technical accents and descends. You can go lighter but the 14 degree riser is the best for step switch backs.


          I'm not sure why the sizing chart isn't showing up but PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE PROPER MODEL AND SIZE FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU BEFORE YOU ADD TO CART.

          All Time color = maroon

          Compatible bindings:

          Tyrolia Peak T.H. 15, X T. H. 18

          4FRNT Deadbolt 13, 15, 18

          Head Mojo 11, 12, 15, 18


          S/M fits boot soles 270-320mm

          M/LG fits boot soles 310-350mm

          All Time color = blue

          Compatible bindings:

          Salomon STH Driver 12/14/16, STH 12/14

          Atomic FFG Team


          S/M fits boot soles 265-318mm

          M/LG fits boot soles 312-365mm

          All Time Color = black

          Compatible bindings:

          Rossignol FKS 140/180

          Rossi Axial 120/140/180

          Look Pivot 14/18

          Look/Dynastar PX 12/15/18


          S/M fits boot soles 267-320mm

          M/LG fits boot soles 310-350mm

          All Time color = black

          Compatible bindings:

          Marker Jester Pro, Jester, Griffon, and Squire


          S/M fits boot soles 260-320mm

          M/LG fits boot soles 310-370mm

          The way down is what matters.

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          Jason Prigge designed the MFD all-time for freeskiers who need a bomber set up while skiing lines in the backcountry. Last winter I was able to take the plate up to Alaska and tour around Turnagain pass skiing some of the biggest baddest lines around after hiking 4 or so miles on the MFD. Not only does the plate have a super steep position for hiking but it's all pole activated and having the comfort of such a bomber plate is nice when you are scared for your life. I've skied this thing in hardpack, big lines, chutes and jumping in the BC. No other devise will make you feel as comfortable than the MFD. This plate kills it. The weight is worth the ride.

          Sam! Funny seeing you here (Alan from A-lodge). Super helpful review. I'm heading to Valdez at the end of March and am debating what I want to mount on my new Bent Chetlers. I have Dukes on my Bacons, but don't love them. The new Salomon Guardian 16s look promising, but I'm not sold yet. The MFD seems awesome, but I hesitate because numbers-wise, I'll probably end up spending more days in-bounds on them. I'd love to have two full setups with one with regular alpine bindings, though right now I can't swing it. What do you think?

          MFD is bomber AND fast

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          This thing is as solid as having your binding mounted directly to the ski - no loss of power when charging pow or hardpack!!! Your binding is still super close to the top sheet. So you can still drift the ski! On the rear mounting point it has a floating cam. So the ski flexes like there's nothing attached. In other words there's no dead spot which is great, especially in deep snow. It has the fastest transformation from locked to touring because it's activated from your pole and the highest climbing post available...for the most efficiency when climbing on steeps. Perhaps the best advantages though are it's pendulum pivot and the system's overall rigidity. On flats you have a mechanical advantage that aids in forward propulsion and on steeps it holds an edge without flexing into the slop for unreal confidence and energy saving. Sick product that turns your everyday ski into a touring machine!!

          will these work with rossi freeride 150s? They look like they have an fks toe and an axial heelpiece. I can't find the list of compatible bindings for the mfd online.

          Does MFD still make this product? Herd...

          Does MFD still make this product? Herd they might be closing up shop soon?

          so im a bit confused on these so can you...

          so im a bit confused on these so can you use almost any bindings on these to make them AT bindings and if you do this does it do it the entire time they are on the ski

          you can mount almost any alpine binding to these plates, though you do have to match the right plate to the right binding. The plates are permanently mounted to the ski (unlike trekkers) so yes you have a permanent AT set up with these.

          I've used them for a few years. If you aren't going with a tech set up, they are awesome and I highly reccomend. They are quite a bit heavier than a tech set up though so you will have trouble on them if you go out with people on dynafits.

          Unanswered Question

          Hey- It really isn't clearly marked on the...

          Hey- It really isn't clearly marked on the website but these appear to be "Salomon/Atomic" versions of these plates. There appear to be other options, which I am assuming refers to binding types? It would have been nice if this was more clearly indicated online. Can you confirm what this designation means precisely?

          Now that MFD is out off business, does...

          Now that MFD is out off business, does anyone know where one could purchase spare parts? I broke my heel riser and I've had no luck finding a replacement anywhere but the MFD site.

          Unanswered Question

          I'm trying to get a definative answer on...

          I'm trying to get a definative answer on mounting look px12 bindings on the MFD. MFD website and various retailers say "Time Color = black

          Im Compatible bindings:

          Rossignol FKS 140/180

          Rossi Axial 120/140/180

          Look Pivot 14/18

          Look/Dynastar PX 12/15/18 "

          Indicating that they are compatible. But then I hear specifically that they are not. Doors anyone know about this? Or if the look PX 12 have a different screw pattern than the other look PX models? Thanks!

          Isn't the Manufacturer out of business?...

          Isn't the Manufacturer out of business? There is no warrantee support then?

          Do they work with the Marker Demo Binding?...

          Do they work with the Marker Demo Binding? or the Knee binding?

          Best Answer

          I don't think it will work for either. The knee binding isn't listed as a compatable binding and the hole pattern for marker demos are different than the regular binding. Plus I don't think you would have room for the tracks you mount the demo bindings on.

          Would these work with the Marker Griffon...

          Would these work with the Marker Griffon Schizo?

          The Schizo will not work since the toe piece moves and affects the pivot point. For a guide to what bindings will work with the MFD plate look below to the comment made by James Morgan who has listed the bindings that will fit with this plate.

          Can a person mount the schizo binding on...

          Can a person mount the schizo binding on to the marker plate?