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Metolius Prusik Cord Set allows you to prusik out of a crevasse, backup a rappel, and accomplishes a multitude of tasks in rescue situations. These pre-tied 6mm nylon cords include shrink-wrapped knots and sewn ends, so you never have to worry about them coming untied. Metolius made one cord 28 inches for your waist and the other 47.5 inches for your feet to facilitate easy prusiking. *Not for use as an anchor.

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expensive but...

    Yes as everyone has pointed out, if you can't tie a basic knot stay the h&%% away from a vertical wall of rock. However, this is !NOT! regular 6mm cord: What is left out of the description is that these are made of SPECIAL CORD that has mini ridges of material built into it that is designed to safely lock onto rope better than any smooth sided cord could ever hope to, in theory making a stronger gripping prusik. That being said, these are more expensive and regular cord has been safely forming prusiks since rope was invented.


      what a joke! it is rediculous to pay that much for someone else to tie your knots for you. if you cannot tie basic knots yourself, then you have no business climbing, ascending, or rappeling and belaying. buy a book and practice your knots repeatadly and often (until you can tie them all without having to think your way through them, they should be second nature). once you get that down, you might be ready to start thinking about venturing out into the great unknown.

      Not exactly a review

        but don't buy these. I'm a huge fan of this site and Metolius both, but this is stupid. You're essentially paying a bit over $3 a foot for standard 6 mm cord when you should be paying about 35 cents. To give you some perspective, $19.90 will get you almost 53 feet of equivalent cord direct from Black Diamond and a full 100 feet direct from Metolius. Here you get a little over 6. If it's worth your money to pay 10-15 times what you need to for someone else to tie your knots for you, then knock yourself out, but this is a waste of money, and if you can't tie these knots you probably shouldn't be ascending anyway.

        This is not "standard 6 mm cord." It is high-friction cord designed specifically for prusiks. I agree that it is expensive, and don't climb if you can't tie a knot, but please don't review a product you obviously have not inspected.

        uhm... am i reading this completely wrong,...

        uhm... am i reading this completely wrong, or are these people trying to tell me that 28 inches is the same as 72 millimetres? i would think 72 centimetres would be far more accurate...