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No need to fear flared cracks and pin scars.

When it comes to flared cracks and pin scars, the Metolius Offset Master Cams are the right tools for the job. The innovative range finder tells you in a single glance if the cam you've selected is the right size for the placement. And like all Metolius cams, these Offsets are CNC machined, hand built, and tested in Bend, Oregon for maximum precision and quality.

  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum for maximum strength and precision
  • Set of 6 camming devices covers a range between 0.34-1.56 inches
  • Flexible single stem design, narrow head width, and offset lobe design make the Offset Master Cam ideal for a wide range of placements in flaring cracks and pin scars
  • Integrated range finder allows you to quickly see if you've chosen the right cam for the placement
  • Optimized cam angle provides greater holding power
  • Slung with 13mm Monster slings (combination of nylon and Dyneema)
  • Color coded slings and tubing allow for quick size identification
  • Inspected, tested, and built by hand in Bend, Oregon