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  • Mercury Wheels - M5 Clincher Wheelset - Black

Mercury Wheels M5 Clincher Wheelset

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    The god of stealing races.

    It's appropriate that Mercury Wheels' name and logo reference a Roman god who is the patron of, among other things, travelers and thieves. Atop Mercury's M5 Clincher Wheelset, Eric Marcotte journeyed from his day job in Arizona to Chattanooga, Tennessee to nab the 2014 US national championship ahead of the pros of the European peloton. It's the ultimate race wheel for the working cyclist.

    If you're in the market for deep dish carbon rims, then you've probably already made the assumption that the number in the M5's name denotes a depth of 55mm. The rim's width is left out, though, and rim width is a big deal these days. The M5 is a solid 23.5mm wide, which means you can run lower PSI for a more comfortable ride that corners with unparalleled confidence. Wider rims also have some counter-intuitive effects when compared to those standard 19mm rims: they actually decrease rolling resistance and increase aerodynamics.

    The M5s' construction uses Mercury's Dual Carbon Layer Process, or DLP. DLP blends high- and mid-moduli carbon fibers to tease out the best balance between the lightweight and stiffness of the former and the fatigue-resistance and durability of the latter. DLP also involves the incorporation of basalt fibers in the brake track to reduce heat build-up and increase stopping power. This increased stopping power goes a long way toward addressing the poor braking that is one of the most common critiques of carbon wheels.

    The aerodynamic benefits of a deep dish rim are further complemented by Mercury's Seamless Transition Technology (STT), which integrates the brake strip with the rest of the rim in order to eliminate any obstructions to wind flow and reduce drag-causing turbulence. The result of this construction is a wheel that balances the above qualities with considerations of weight for what Mercury claims is its "most popular wheel by far."

    The M5s are finished off with Sapim's indefatigable CX-Ray spokes and Mercury's own hubs. The rear hub includes a generous six pawls for an engagement that's as close to immediate as anything we've seen on the market today, and the front hub has an extra-wide 72mm flange for reduced flex under hard efforts and confident stability at speed. Both hubs have a 15mm axle that reduces to accommodate a traditional quick release and two and four oversized bearings in the front and back, respectively.

    The Mercury M5 Clincher Wheelset comes with a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed compatible freehub body and includes skewers, valve extenders, brake pads, and rim strips.

    • Steal a march on the competition with carbon race wheels
    • Blend of carbon moduli to balance stiffness and strength
    • Brake tracks incorporate basalt fibers for better stopping
    • Integrated brake track reduces drag-inducing transitional ridges
    • Wide rims straighten allow lower PSI for smoother, faster ride
    • CX Ray Spokes and wide flanges for stiffer overall system
    • Mercury Wheels proves you don't need to spend a fortune to race on carbon
    • Item #MCW0001

    Tech Specs

    Rim Material
    carbon fiber
    Wheel Size
    700 c
    Tire Type
    Rim Depth
    55 mm
    Rim Width
    [external] 24 mm
    Brake Compatibility
    Mercury Pro
    9mm quick-release
    Sapim CX-Ray
    Spoke Count
    20 / 24
    Claimed Weight
    [set] 1,625 g
    Recommended Use
    Manufacturer Warranty
    2 years

    Tech Specs

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    Over 2,000 Miles On These This year

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Can't say enough good things about these wheels. Now, they're certainly not as light as my 38mm carbon tubulars, but for the money and replacement tire prices, they win hands down. I got these from CC on sale (on sale) back in late December 2015. At that time they were deeply discounted and on that particular day had an extra 10% off. I'm about 185 lbs and use these as my every day wheels. I've never had to true them at all. They just go and go. Brake track seems to hold up nicely,, given that around here we don't have a lot of long descents. I have hauled them down to 10 mph from 40 mph a couple of times tho with no issues. There is only one very small 'thing' re: the valve stems. If you are using tubes with valve stems that have no threading for a knurled nut, the valve stem will rattle against the rim opening. My solution: wrap a couple of rounds of black electrical tape around the stem just at the place where the stem comes through the rim to the outside. Rattle solved.

    Incredible Wheels at any price!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Always looking for a good set of wheels, I took a chance on the Mercury M5 clinchers. I was a bit nervous since the price was right for my wallet (low enough for my wife not to notice), but researched them enough to find they are hand built in the US with their rims originating from taiwan.
    The initial brake pads were a bit noisy, so I emailed Mercury directly. They informed me they have a new brake pad (changed the compound) and actually sent me a free set and even threw in a t-shirt. The new brake pads solved the noise issue and seemed to add a better braking performance to boot.
    I have been riding these wheels for most of this season and wanted to wait to write a review until I had a few miles on them. I am giving them two thumbs up and am even considering buying a set for my wife.

    Horrible, avoid at all costs

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    When I got these I was super excited. I had done a good level of research and have been using carbon deep dishes tubular/clinchers for years, from Corima's to Zipps to Chinese knock-offs.

    These are worse than Chinese knock-offs. Once set-up they have rolled incredibly sluggishly, and lethargically. I'm getting out rolled down descents by 120 lb kids with Gatorskins.

    Also they are horrible in braking, and their stock pads are complete crap. The fact that you must use their pads or it voids the warranty should speak VOLUMES to how horrible the layup and schedule pattern on these are. I wish I could return them, and I'm really disappointed with CC for continuing to carry them and back them so heavily.

    I was hoping to have a set for Road races and Stage races where flatting was more of an issue and I wouldn't be using my tubulars. I'm just hoping I can somehow make up the loss of money I've endured from investing in this horrible off-brand wheelset.

    Stick to the major players, they are there for a reason and they are ridden by most for a reason, they work.

    Sorry to be a bother mate, but all wheel companies tell you to use their pads. Zipp allows Zipp pads and 1 type of swiss stop or you void the warranty. Same with Enve. When you say they are lethargic, what do you mean? You feel slow? Train more. If your hubs are dragging that badly, get them fixed. Don't leave trash reviews on an otherwise reliable site. Someone might see this and decide not to purchase a good set of wheels at a cheap price because someone prattled on foolishly.

    I'm really surprised you're having such problems. I've experience none of the issues you have. The stock pads have been comparable to other carbon rims I've ridden and the rolling you are describing is exactly the opposite of my experience. Are you sure you don't have a pad rubbing or something?

    Great set of wheels

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I'm a proponent of, 'you get what you pay for' so I was a little skeptical when the M5 wheel set was offered by CC at such a reduced price. I did some research and couldn't find anything negative. Decided to give it s go and purchased them. Loving the ride they provide. From my former Fulcrum wheels these are lighter, faster and smoother. No squeals on the brakes even as I applied them at 40mph. Well worth every penny, no; worth what the original asking price is, just a whole lot nicer when you save over a grand.

    Great wheels - can't beat the price

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've been using these as my everyday/groups wheel and race wheel and they are great. They really come alive when you get up to speed and I'd recommend them to anyone. Parts are from over seas but wheels are hand built in Utah so I don't think quality control is an issue. They've seemed to stay true over the past few months I've run them. I like them more than the Mavic ksryium SLRs & 2009 zipp 404s I've owned in the past ( hubs aren't as good but I will be replacing the novatecs with tunes in the future). Wheel profile is great, similar width and design to ENVE.

    My only suggestion would be to buy quality brake pads at the time of purchase. The braking is manageable if you have adequate time to stop, but on steep descents with tight corners, stop signs or red lights these pads are LOUD and get HOT quick. Gets fairly embarrassing when everyone smells your burning brake pads and hears your ear piercing tires squeak. I'll be getting some swiss stop black princess and I'll report back on those.

    The Wheels of Champions

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    These wheels are amazing and at an amazing price they can't be beat. They are my first set of Carbon wheels the performance difference coming from aluminium wheels is incredible. As soon as i get over speeds of 18 MPH you really really start noticing the Difference . The only reason i gave them 4 stars is because of the brakes that they came with. I mean Yes they stop you.. But everyone from miles around will here you stopping. Even after toeing in the pads they were still incredibly loud. Also they seemed to wear down so extremely fast. You are better off just buying the nicer version of Mercury pads from the get go. other than that no complaints what so ever.

    Best deal for Carbon Wheels

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I have been looking for a set of carbon clinchers for awhile. I had been looking at China specials but was just to scared to wast my money. Seeing the deal on these buy a reputable company and the two year warranty you cant go wrong. Compared to my 40mm alloy wheels these spin up much faster and just feel faster overall. Of course there is the small issue with everyone saying "nice wheels". The hubs are nice and quiet also. I am super happy with the wheels and the shipping was super fast!!

    Best deal for Carbon Wheels

    Best Value

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Great performance and great value. Fast precise wheels. Includes skewers, valve extenders, brake pads, and rim strips. Valve extenders work with 42 or 48mm Presta valve stems.

    Good upgrade

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I labored over the decision to buy these wheels for a year and am sorry I waited so long. If you are looking for an upgrade from a set of standard aluminum training hoops for everyday riding, you can't go wrong with these wheels.

    I bought a Ridley Fenix build from CC last year and it shipped with Aksium wheels. I wasn't thrilled with the wheels, but, figured they'd be fine for training and club rides. I was going to buy these Mercury wheels at the same time for faster club rides, the occasional crit and time trial and road race, but, figured I wasn't THAT serious and passed on them. Mistake number 1.

    Fast forward six months and a couple thousand miles - the Aksium free hub locked up and I had to send it back to CC for warranty. The team was great to work with, but, they had to send it back to Mavic and they estimated a month without the wheel. So, decision time: ride my old bike for a month, or, buy a second set of wheels? Again, I labored over spending $1k on a set of Mercury wheels or buy a replacement Aksium or a set of Ksyeriums. I didn't feel like I was ready to ride around on a set of 55mm Carbon wheels. I bought the Kyseriums. Mistake number 2.

    So, six months later, I'm more serious about riding and Crits and time trials and my wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day. These wheels were exactly what I wanted - and I'm thrilled I got them.

    Whether or not the performance gains I got today were mental or real, putting 100 miles on them with 25mm Continental GP 4K IIs was a joy ride. At $1k a set, it is money well spent if you are a serious rider looking for a bit extra speed or watts saved when riding alone. Today, I did 50 miles with a friend and kept going another 50 solo in under six hours and the difference in ride quality, speed and energy output was noticeable compared to the Aksiums and Ksyerium Elites. They weigh less than the Aksiums and about the same as the Ksyeriums, but are so much better. I wish I had skipped the Ksyerium purchase and gone straight to these and keep the Aksiums for rainy days.

    Stopping power is as good as traditional wheels. I toed the pads and they didn't squeal at first, but, did - a little - under hard braking after a while. I'll adjust the tow a little more aggressively and I'm sure it'll go away. I see Mercury has a new style pad, so, I'll give those a try when these wear out.

    Front wheel had a very slight wobble, but, easy fix with a quarter turn of the spoke wrench.

    80mm priests valves are good. I'm not using the extenders.

    Thought I would hate the massive white logos, but, now I like them.

    Riding in <10 mph wind from all directions revealed no noticeable difference in handling - other than the first time a dump truck passed the opposite direction, the amount of sail effect on the front wheel caught me a little off guard.

    Overall, if you are looking for an upgrade to do some races and aren't serious enough to put $3k at risk, but, also, aren't comfortable at 50+ mph with cheap knock offs, these are a perfect fit.

    Edit: Update after a thousand or so miles: Still love them. Stopping in the rain takes more distance and can be disconcerting the first squeeze, but, are fine with finesse,

    Good upgrade

    Just keep going

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    So this is my first set of carbon wheels and i love them. I've ridden with these in some pretty sucky crosswinds and kept going no issue. They do feel like a sail at times and take time to get used to but when you do you don't hold back. I have crashed with them and still not even a scratch or any issue didn't even need truing.

    Mike H

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Okay, this my very first set of carbon wheels so keep that in mind when reading this review. Although I did do some rides in 2005 on Zipp 404s. Not nice enough to sway me then. I got the Mercury M5s as part of my new Ridley Noah SL build. First off, these things are seriously sweet looking! Second, the cost (on sale!) was a no-brainer especially after reading all the reviews both here and elsewhere. Matt at Competitive Cyclist also helped to sway me. Yeah, I could have spent an additional $1K or more for some seriously top-of-the-line lighter "full aero" carbon wheels but why? Anyway, there will be upgrades in the future of course. So the bottom line is that these are excellent wheels especially for the cost. I have put approx. 300 miles on them so far. Have ridden in calm and up to 25 mph crosswinds. Amazingly they feel more stable in the crosswinds than my previous bike's American Classic 420s. Now some of this may also have something to do with the aero qualities of the Ridley vs. my previous main ride (Orbea Orca). But I feel faster on these wheels than any other wheel I've ever ridden. Again, some of that is most likely due to the Ridley frame (awesome frame BTW!!). These wheels aren't advertised as "aero" (i.e. not wind tunnel tested) but they feel it to me. They also climb great, surpassing the Am. Classics for that again. They are also very quiet except for the freehub when freewheeling (my only real complaint and any ideas on how to lessen that would be appreciated). The braking is superb in combination with the Shimano 6800 brakes and far surpasses my previous aluminum rims with 6700 brakes. You surely can't go wrong with these wheels for the cost, for a real aero feel, great climbing capability, relatively low weight, great braking and of course looks. Sorry this review isn't more detailed but like I said, these are my first carbons. But a darn decent baseline to start with!

    Mike H

    Sunshine and TT recon on the Mercury M5

    Sunshine and TT recon on the Mercury M5

    Hi Richard! It really depends on the tires. I have Conti GP4000's on mine and my wife's above. They were a cinch to get on. Harder case tires can be a little more tough. I've also used Veloflex and Vittoria without issue. Give me a shout and we can go over more questions. 801-736-6396 ext 4647

    Tire width

      What tire width would you recommend with the M5's? 25mm ok?

      I bet it depends on your frame. I am riding CC's Merlin with 25mm Conti GPS 4000 II and they work great. Have also used Michelin Pro 25 mm with plenty of clearance. If you are asking what's the right width, that depends on your preference. There is a lot of stuff out there saying wider is better, but having ridden 23 mm and 25 mm on these wheels, I have only noticed a bit more comfort with the 25 mm.


      • Familiarity: I've used it several times


      Recent purchase End of 2015.

      Rims went on very quick & simple, included in set new axles also etc

      Once assembled, a road test results were, the cross winds effect stability more due to their deep V profile yet that was expected. Minimum adjustment there.

      Road feel, it makes small rocks and things more noticeable some, at least to my contrast from the other basic aluminum rims. Adapt to it and ride on!

      Looks, I like the race type profile and on my first Fast-downhill experience, negotiating the curves was significantly easier due to the rotation dynamics were noticeably less then the other metal/heavier rims.

      Over all I am extremely satisfied with these carbon fiber rims in all categories.

      And yes I can tell the weight saving difference helps in overall ride-trip.of energy usage.

      Only went riding with new rims 3 times so far and am glad I stepped up to them.


      How is braking in the wet, and how does it compare to Mavic Exalith's and HED Jet blacks in terms of stopping power.

      Hey Hans - The Exalith and HED Jet Black have these beat in terms of braking, but they are solid wheels nevertheless. Could be a great crit wheel or trainer set when riding flats. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      I just bought two sets of these last night. One for me and one for my wife. I was wondering how to tell if I got the newer style Mercury brake pads and how I could get them.

      Yeah. So the old brake pads look a little dull almost porous where the new ones are a more dense shiny look. Both work but the new ones are much better. Go to mercury wheels web page. You can get them there. Or better yet call their customer service and talk to Karen. She is awesome and will steer you in the right direction. I've had the wheels for a full season. And honestly can't say enough good things about them! Mercury Rocks!!

      Does anyone use the M5's in Cyclocross? How durable \ stiff are they?

      1. Are the included brake pads the newer generation (less noisy as some reviewers have mentioned)?

      2. Are there any maximum rider weight guidelines from Mercury?

      Will these support 28 mm wide tires?

      Are this hub built in ceramic, because doesn't metion anything in the full description...

      Hi Dalmiro! Typically, unless stated otherwise, hub bearings are steel. These are Novatec hubs with steel bearings. I have been using these hubs for years without a single issue. Give me a shout and I can get an order going for you. 801-204-4557

      What is date of manufacturer or production?

      The description doesn't say if these are compatible with shimano or campy. Only one option but not sure which these are. Please clarify. Thanks

      What is the internal width on these rims? I haven't been able to find this anywhere online..

      Are these wheels tubeless ready?

      Best Answer

      From the Mercury website FAQ section: They are *tubeless compatible,* meaning you just need to add tubeless tape, a valve, sealant, and a tubeless tire. So technically no, since they come with the stuff mentioned above.

      Hi Deh Men! No, they are not tubeless ready, as indicates in the article. But technically, yes, they are tubeless compatible. Some wheels are not. The rim shape and bead hook don't work well with tubeless set ups on other wheels. But the Mercury's are built to be compatible with after market tubeless set ups.

      Let me know if you have any other questions or would like to set up an order. 801-736-6396 ext 4647

      For what it is worth, I set them up tubless with schwalbe one and pro one tires and 25 mm stans tape. I pumped up using a regular floor pump without needing soap or sealant inside. so super easy. The biggest challenge you will find is getting a tall enough valve stem. I couldn't find one, so I got a 60mm NOX valve stems and then added permanent valve extenders, the ones that screw in instead of the valve core. That seem to work great. Good luck

      Any idea how long these will be on sale?

      how come the price so cheap ?the wheels on the MERCURY official site are 2,399.
      are they 2016?

      Best Answer

      Rammy, these are 2015's. We were able to get a bunch from Mercury, so we can offer them at a nice discount. These are my personal wheels and I love them. They're a steal! Give me a shout if you want to know more. 801-736-6396 ext 4647

      Is there a weight limit? I'm 6'1 and between 180-190 lbs. Is this an issue?