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How to Buy Men’s Bike Clothing

There’s a whole lot more to men’s bike clothing than you would guess at first glance. Years of research have resulted in designs and high-end materials that keep you cool, wick moisture away from your skin, and actually make you more aerodynamic than you would be even if you were completely naked.

Men’s mountain bike clothing is usually loose-fitting. As with road bike clothing for men, the materials used are mostly moisture-wicking synthetics, but aerodynamics are not as important for most mountain bikers. Unlike road bike shoes, mountain bike shoes have large molded lugs on the soles to provide traction when the rider is off the bike. Shop Mountain Biking Jerseys Shop Mountain Biking Shorts
Road bike clothing is usually worn very close to the skin. This aids in moisture-wicking as well as aerodynamics. Some bike clothes even have a dimpled texture like a golf ball that makes the cyclist more aerodynamic. Men’s road bike shoes are often designed with as little stitching as possible to aid in aerodynamics and reduce potential weak spots. Shop Road Biking Jerseys Shop Road Biking Shorts and Bibs

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