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Congratulations to you on your purchase of Mavic's fastest wheel, the Cosmic CXR 80. Our condolences to you if you didn't. However, while anyone will benefit from the Yksion CXR PowerLink Tubular Tire, CXR 80 owners own the true power of this tire.

As we're sure that you know, the Cosmic CXR 80 is the first wheelset in history that's been designed, engineered, and constructed around the use of a specific tire. Mavic went through the pains of creating front and rear specific tires for the wheelset, and this Yksion PowerLink is the intended rear tire. So you might be asking yourself: What does it mean to be 'rear specific,' let alone designed for use with a specific wheel? Well, Mavic knows that rider-load isn't distributed evenly between wheels. As your mass is situated over the rear portion of the bike, your weight is more pressing on the rear wheel. Accordingly, Mavic created a stronger compound, PowerLink, for its rear tires. PowerLink features a harder tread compound to counteract any displacement to the tire's surface area. Additionally, the Yksion has a strong, 210 TPI nylon casing to assist in this process. Together, these technologies effectively minimize rolling resistance, resulting in unbridled speed and efficiency. And for even more speed, don't forget that the Yksion PowerLink is designed for use with Mavic's CX01 blades. So, with the CXR 80 and the CX01 blade, you get the smoothest, most uncorrupted wheel/tire interface on the market.

For durability, the tire has been given reinforced sidewalls that will resist cuts and minimize punctures.

The MavicYksion CXR PowerLink Tubular Tire is available in the color Black with Yellow/red Mavic labeling to perfectly match the Cosmic CXR 80. The tire also comes in a 700c x 23mm size. Please note that the tire does not include the CX01 blades or glue.

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