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Versatile Bag

    This bag is plenty light, packs down well with included compression bag, and so far has kept me warm in 10 degrees yet hasn't roasted me on a few 40 degree nights. Full zipper on one side with a half zip on the other, interior stow pocket, and draw strings on both the top and bottom of the hood provide for lots of options regarding comfort. The price is extremely reasonable for the overall versatility, just another great Marmot product.



      Whata Bag!!

        I bought this bag 3 years ago and I wouldn't take another for it. When we pack or boat in real cold weather we use a sea to summit liner (Reactor Max) and sleep like a Babe in The Woods. Best bag I've ever owned. For the price I don't think it can be beat. Layered construction and stays warm even when damp to wet-Ish. The wife and I both have one.

        Warm, Relatively Light, and a Great Price

          Just came back from a trip this past weekend where it got down to about 25 degrees.. kept me warm! I wore base layers of thermals, sweats, and a sweater. I move abouts a lot in my sleep and there was plenty of room inside for that. I'm 6'0" and 170 pounds. And really, you can't beat that price..

          Very Satisfied

          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          I've used this bag twice now. The first time was in the low 40's. I tend to get cold when I'm sleeping, but this bag kept me extremely toasty. I just got back from a 3 night canoe trip. We had two nights below freezing, and I was again very comfortable. I think I easily could have handled 5-10 degrees less without being uncomfortable.

          The bag is relatively big and a bit harder to get into the stuff sack than my previous bag.

          Update after 4 years: I am still very satisfied with this bag. One of the buckles on the compression straps broke which makes it a little more work to pack down. The stash pocket is fantastic for a headlamp. In case you need a short late night walk.

          great choice

            I bought 2 of these with different zips so I could mate them when needed. I have used these bags individually and mated with great results both ways. We spent 5 nights in Glacier and the the lows where in the 30's. Woke up hot the first night and shed some clothes. We normally car camp, so weight issues are not a major priority...being warm is... and this bag handles that superbly!

            One of the best deals around

              Solid all around bag! I've had mine for going on three years and probably have spent close to 150 nights in this bag. It's a bit bulky, but thats expected from synthetic. I've woke up in this bag on the side of El Dorado in the North Cascades soaking wet after the mid blew away in the middle of the night and managed to stay warm. Climbing, river trips, backpacking, car camping this bag has done it all with me. Best hundred dollars you'll ever spend on gear!


                I love this bag. When my old bag failed me while abroad, I went for it and purchased this Marmot bag. It dries quickly, is ridiculously warm far below 15 (think sweating), compresses pretty well, and has served me well on many trips! Great price too.

                Great bag!

                  This is a great bag especially for the dough. It's rated at 15º but can go well below that. It actually compresses well, a lot better than expected. Zippers don't have up at all so far. Doesn't snag easily and stayed dry even in a pretty damp tent. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a really nice bag that is worth far more than they're charging!


                    Got this as a gift for a friend's wedding. We hooked them up with the ladies and the men's and they love 'em. If you think about it, get the left zip and the right and zip 'em together. That way, inter-tent coitus doesn't have to freeze your arse. Seriously, great bag for the price.

                    8 degree night

                      I'm 99% sure that you can't get a better bag for the price. I just got done testing the bag in my backyard here in duluth mn on an 8 degree night. I wore an acrylic stocking cap, 1 wool sweater with a thin polyester longsleeve shirt underneath, jersey pants with midweight fleece pants, and just my polyester hiking sock liners. (slept on a prolite thermarest). The only reason why I didn't sleep well is because I was stressing that I would wake up in the middle of the night without feeling in my toes but I slept comfortably warm.

                      All 4 summer trips i slept with the bag totally zipped open.

                      Great bag

                        This is a great sleeping bag. It is super warn. It's nice to have the option to zip half way down the left side. The stash pocket is also great for keeping a headlamp in for the night. This is a great bag for those chilly nights on the trail.


                          Great bag for the money. I'm 6'2" / 170 lbs and don't have any feelings of constriction. I've only slept about 9 nights in this bag, none below freezing, and I have yet to sleep a night where I don't wake up and unzip the bag all the way because i'm so hott in it. In my opinion, the bag is very light, but then again i'm a young energetic kid so others may feel differently. Seems like great quality, and i'm lovin it for the price.

                          I've had this bag about a month and absolutely love it. I've used it here in NW Arkansas two different nights when it was in the low 30's, and actually got hot, so I had to vent a little bit. VERY, VERY comfortable as far as temp goes, and incredibly light. Would highly recommend.

                          good quality product

                            Not the lightest synthetic bag you can get but for the money it's not too bad. I used this on a 4 day / 3 night trip in the Selway Bitteroot wilderness and am overall very pleased with this purchase. Dual zippers offer good ventalation and warmth was more then enough for the cool rainy nights.

                            Long X-Wide ROCKS

                              I'm a pretty big fella (6'5" 290 lbs). I purchased the Mtn. Hardwear Switch bag a couple years year ago because it has a feature that allows the bag to be expanded by 8 inches. Even with this fully unzipped, so as to get the greatest girth out of the bag, I felt much more constricted than I would like from a 3 season bag.
                              This Marmot bag is just awesome! I fit in comfortably, and there is still room to sit up (with the hood on!) and move around a bit when sleeping. From a big guy, this bag is just awesome. Get the extra wide, it's worth it.

                              great bag at a great price....

                                I bought this bag before a two week trip to Idaho. Although it never got terribly cold the bag kept me nice and toasty the whole time. On the warmer nights that we had, the dual zippers offered up nice ventilation to keep me cool. The bag is quite lofty and with just a thin foam thermarest I slept comfortably for the entire two weeks. Further, the little stash pocket is handy for putting any extra things you can't fit into the pouches of your tent. Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase.

                                Trestles 15

                                  I bought this with the intent of not having to need a pad and it worked great. First night I slept inside of the bag and the second I slept on top of it. Worked great. The dual zippers give you enough breathing room when its warm outside. Didn't get any condensation from sweat. The bag packs pretty well but is a bit of a pain to get it back into the included sack in a tent.

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Does anyone use this sleeping bag with the...

                                  Does anyone use this sleeping bag with the granite gear nimbus meridian backpack? How do you pack it? Thank you!

                                  Will this fit into a sleeping bag compartment...

                                  Will this fit into a sleeping bag compartment of osprey packs 3500 cu +?

                                  Anyone know what kind of stuff sack this...

                                  Anyone know what kind of stuff sack this comes with? Is it a compression sack? And does it have a storage sack too?

                                  what are the dimensions of this bag after...

                                  what are the dimensions of this bag after compression

                                  Will this bag mate with the women's...

                                  Will this bag mate with the women's version?

                                  Best Answer

                                  Yes, as long as you get the opposite zip. (one is a right zip and one is a left zip) Also, a long will mate with a women's reg or long, as the zipper lengths are the same. And as long as the zippers are compatible.

                                  Do you know the packed size of this...

                                  Do you know the packed size of this thing?

                                  Best Answer

                                  This bag comes with a 9" x 15" compression stuff sack and with a bit of effort will compress down to this size. I can get a long extra wide down to a nearly spherical 9x9 or 10x10 or so. You have to put your knee on it to get it down to that, but it will go.