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No need to pinch yourself, you're not dreaming. The Marmot Trestles 0 Sleeping Bag is really zero-degree rated, and it really costs this much. Whether you're headed out for your first winter camping trip or your hundredth tour this season, the Trestles 0 is ready to keep you warm in the foulest of conditions with high-lofting, damp-resistant Spirafil synthetic insulation and bulletproof Marmot construction. If you're turning up your nose as you read this and fondling your billion-dollar down expedition bag, get smarter—the Trestles 0 is the perfect bag to have in your back seat when your Subie slides off the road mid-blizzard.

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mmmm, ok bag

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

bought the this bag in long and used it for a few trips. The bag is warm, no doubt about that. I slept on snow at 12,000 feet in kings canyon after an October storm with temps in the 20's and was toasty in my under-roos. Now for the bad, the bag is heavy...I mean really heavy. It is also very big and hard to pack into even a 65 or 75L pack (stuff sack used). After a few tries I think this bag is best relegated to car camping.

This was a good bag in that it taught me about what I want in a backpacking bag. Now I would go with something a lot lighter, smaller, and more versatile than the marmot trestles. The marmot plasma 15 will be my next purchase.....a little pricy, but surely a great investment......and with backcountry's amazing customer service why not give a killer bag a try?

Marmot trestles

    I bought three of these for my kids. They love them!! We have camped in 20 degree weather and they performed with great. The only issue is they take a few minutes to fit them completely in the stuff sack but even that is minor. For the price, these bags are stellar in performance. Highly recommend them.

    Great Bag at a Great price

      Spent last January in the back of a truck in Colorado and Wyoming. We saw temps hit -34 a couple of nights and I was still somewhat warm in this bag. The hard part was getting out to start the truck! But the bag will keep you toasty easily down to 0 degrees and then some. I'm very satisfied with this product.

      Suck it, Santa

        Bought this on sale for a last minute snowshoeing trip to Bryce Canyon, UT. Got down to -6 F the first night and I was toasty warm. Second night was -4 F with the same comfort level. I've also carried this in the bottom of my backpack (sometimes a b*tch to get it in there) on numerous other trips, although it is bulky. But hey, what did you expect from a synthetic fill bag?
        My advice would be to just get a good compression sack along with this bag....
        Two other details:
        1. Mine is a year old and has a small draft tube.
        2. Mine has a full length zipper on one side and a 1/4-1/3 zip on the other side, a great detail that makes it easier to drink hot cocoa while still inside.
        All in all, it's a bag that allows you to flip Santa the bird and go on that Christmas backpacking trip you've been wanting to take...


          For everyone wondering, i can get the regular size bag to compress down to 12" with a 9" diameter in the sack provided.

          I am a very cold sleeper and this bag is Toasty. It is pretty bulky, but that just makes it extra comfortable to sleep in. The zipper snags bad if your not careful. At this price for a 0-degree bag it was easy to overlook a little inconvenience. It also has a little zippered pocket close to your face on the inside which easily fits a recently recalled 1 pound can of spaghettios with room for a clif bar or two.

          Loved this bag

            Used this bag camping out in Mammoth Lakes, California during a ski trip. It dipped well into the 20s every night. I had to laugh when everybody complained about how cold they were in there bags/flannels/thermals/etc. I slept in shorts and a tee-shirt! I am 6'1 and this bag fit perfect. I would definitely recommend it!

            Big and Warm

              This bag is toastier than any other I've been in, which is definitely perfect for those winter car-camping nights--that being said, it's not something I could strap onto my backpack. The bag is huge, it hardly fits in the stuff sack, but it's perfect if you're looking for a quality beast of a bag and you're not conserving space. Quality.

              You get what you pay for

                I bought this bag for a recent trip down to Patagonia. It's heavy, which I expected from a synthetic at this price range. But it's hard to overstate how bulky this thing is. Maybe it was my bag, but this was a real pain to pack. However, for the price, you can excuse that. What I can't excuse is the dishonesty in the temperature rating. I consider myself about an average sleeper in terms of warmth, but in the teens/twenties, I was wearing almost all of my layers in order to get through the night. I wouldn't dream of taking this into single digits. Save yourself undue frustration and fork over some extra bucks for a better quality bag.

                I have not been to Patagonin - but I have taken this bag up into the mountains where the temp has reached 8 degrees farenheit. It was cold, but I had a 4 season tent and a solid pad. If you are going that cold you are going to need more than the bag to keep you warm. I do admit that it is a bit on the bulky side but it is warm as can be.

                Great mummy bag

                  I love this sleeping bag. Im not a backpacker so it gets plenty small to throw in the Jeep. I was actually suprised at how small it gets, much better than my previous bags. We just went camping and got snowed/hailed and rained on the first night. Temps were around 20 and I stayed very warm. My wife has a 20 degree bag and froze. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone. Especially my wife.

                  As far as packing goes do you think this...

                  As far as packing goes do you think this would be worth the extra size for the temperature?

                  It depends on the temperature while you are backpacking. Assuming you are comparing this to the Trestles 15, I think it is worth the extra $20 dollars for a 15 degree difference. By no means is this an ultra light bag. Remember, the weather in mountains is unpredictable when a night is foretasted to be 20 it could easily drop down to below freezing temperatures. If a bag is too warm, you can always partially unzip the bag, you can't say the same if the temperatures suddenly decrease.

                  So I'm trying to decide which bag i want...

                  So I'm trying to decide which bag i want to buy, and I'm between the marmot Never Summer and the Trestles 0. I've read reviews saying the trestles is bulky, but I've read others that say the never summer is bulky. Is it worth it to spend the extra money and go with the down or is the synthetic worth the warmth/size difference?

                  Hi Elliot. After I bought my first down sleeping bag, I strongly preferred them over synthetic. I believe they are way more comfortable and compact. In my opinion this is worth every penny. With down there is the issue of getting it wet. This is why I use the Sea-to-Summit eVent stuff sac which is waterproof. I also take an appropriate shelter based of weather conditions (you won't see me roughing it like some of these guys do, sleeping under a tarp in a downpour). The only reason I would choose another synthetic bag would be if I moved backed to the Pacific coast where it rains almost all the time. Another thing to consider is how often you will use this bag. If you plan on backpacking/hiking/mountaineering quite often, definitely go with the down bag. If you only expect a few outings, save yourself some money and go with the synthetic.

                  I'm 5"11 and 175lbs~ I like room when I'm...

                  I'm 5"11 and 175lbs~ I like room when I'm sleeping (as I move and sleep on my side a bit), but as warmth is a concern, I don't want to be flopping around in my bag. Should I opt for the Reg or the Large?

                  From a height standpoint, you can use a regular. I'm 6' and about 20lbs heavier, also prefer a slightly wider cut, and usually stuff my clothing into my bag with me, so I personally like longs. It's more air at your feet, but really not a huge difference in the circumference, and it might give you that extra bit of room you prefer. The extra length has never been a problem for me, and it gives me the room to really stretch out before I get out of my bag.

                  Hope that helps.

                  Will this bag zip together with another...

                  Will this bag zip together with another Marmot Trestles? What about a Never Summer?

                  Does this bag have zipper access at the...

                  Does this bag have zipper access at the foot?

                  I am 6'2 and 210lbs, I tried out this bag...

                  I am 6'2 and 210lbs, I tried out this bag in the store and the regular fit pretty snug, and the long had a little bit of free room. how much will the small amount of free room effect the warmth of this bag??? should i just go for the long?

                  People can't seem to agree on whether the...

                  People can't seem to agree on whether the stuff size is huge or small! Obviously it won't get as small as my tiny 750 fill 20 deg, but does anyone know the stuffed dimensions on this bag? I can't find it on Marmot site or here.

                  My daughter(12) and I both had the same experience with stuffing this bag into its compression sack. It takes some work to get the bag to reduce in stuff size, even with the compression straps pulled. It's safe to say that the stuffed dimensions of this bag will not be much smaller than that of the included compression sack. All in all, I would not recommend this bag if space is an issue.

                  I can't help but wonder if this is all a matter of technique. I work at an outdoor shop and I see more than a few people try to roll a bag and then cram the roll into the stuff sack. That would be the wrong approach, and when I show them that they can just stuff it in the STUFFsack in short order... Well, I get all sorts of different reactions.

                  From my experience with Marmot bags, it's a tight fit, but it's not that hard. You can also look into other stuff sack options, I use a Sea to Summit Dry Comp bag for my down filled back, and I can really compress it much better than just the stuff sack.

                  Really doing some comparrisons between a...

                  Really doing some comparrisons between a few of the marmot bags. i live in high country in AZ and the weather changes on a dime. i am going to be buying 1 for my girlfriend and 1 for me so i want to make sure to make the right cvhoice. is this bag as good as everyone says it is..not to worried about size and the price seems right.

                  When I buy bags I always buy the same kind with opposite side zippers. I am a family man and so my wife and or one of my children and I can cozy up on cold nights. I bought two of these bags one RZ and the other LZ - they zip together no problem. They are a bit heavy for backpacking and I admit that I am looking for lighter bags more suitable for summer weather when I get a chance - however I am still glad I bought this bag and would do so again. Plus BC's return policy is lifetime. LIFETIME.

                  Does this bag has any small pocket? Is...

                  Does this bag has any small pocket? Is there any room to stuff a pillow? Can the zipper zip from both ends? What exactly does it mean by lifetime warranty? I have heard that North Face will refill the bag for you if the bag no longer stays as warm, does Marmot does the same as well?