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The Marmot Arroyo 30-Degree Down Sleeping Bag employs high-quality 800+ fill goose down to trap warmth without weighing down your pack. This Marmot bag also has ground-level seams to eliminate cold spots and a forward-leaning footbox to keep your toes from getting cramped. Compressing well and weighing in under two pounds, the Arroyo is easy to pack and even easier to carry.

  • EN comfort-rated at 40-degrees F for chilly summer conditions; lower-limit-rated at 30-degrees F for occasional use during cold shoulder-season trips
  • High-quality 800-fill goose down packs down well, rebounds nicely after repeated compression, and features a high warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight nylon shell protects the down insulation, breathes well, and compresses nicely for easy packing
  • DWR finish on the fabric repels frost, dew, and condensation
  • Down-filled full-length draft tube protects against areas where cold can creep in unexpectedly
  • Nautilus 6-baffle hood wraps around your head and provides 3D protection against heat loss
  • Hood Muff is a warm down gasket around the face designed to keep heat in while keeping the drawcord away from your face
  • Stretch tricot baffles extend the life and shape of bag and improve warmth retention
  • Forward-leaning footbox decreases constriction at the bottom of the bag and conforms to your foot's natural shape
  • Ground-level seams help prevent heat from escaping upwards through seams
  • Nylon stuff sack and a storage bag included
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First high quality down sleeping bag!

    This was my first high quality down sleeping bag purchase, right here from Backcountry. I bought a Long for myself (6'/175lbs) and a Regular for my GF (5'4"). The bags weigh in at 910g (32oz) for the Long and 820g (29oz) for the Regular, in their supplied stash bags. I can fit in the regular, but I found the extra space the Long provided me very comfortable.

    First use was a winter hike in the Blue Mountains in Australia, where night time temps dropped to a easy 11C/52F, but there was a bit of wind and high humidity thanks to night time fog. Cold! Once zipped up in our Arroyo's we were warm! Too warm almost. I was wearing Icebreaker merino long pants and shirt and I had to unzip the top 15" of the zipper to cool down a bit. No cold spots, just very comfy! Thank heaven for that hood on these bags, with that cold fog rolling in! The bag worked well with our sleeping pads, the Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Solar pads, the full thickness ones. These come 6' long, but I have cut them short to 4', which is all you need for torso and upper legs. We also use the Air Pillow UL, the corn yellow ones, and we put our empty sleeping bags under our feet. (I am very much allergic to inflatable pads, since I had a few leak on me!) Downsides to this bag: the zipper gets a bit fiddly near the collar, as there is a draft tube and the collar, which is a lot of thin fabric that wants to get caught in the zipper. Overall: a highly recommended sleeping bag and pad combination!

    PS: After we returned from this weekend, I weighed the bags again: 972g and 872g. They had absorbed 62g/2.2oz and 52g/1.8oz of moist! Drying your down bag is important!

    First high quality down sleeping bag!

    Excellent choice for lightweight backpacking

      This bag is super light and compresses into Marmot's XS size stuff sack. It's great for backpacking. It also performs well down to the mid 20's. The image is of the Marmot Arroyo inside a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2

      The downside of this bag is that is has a very tight and constricting fit from the waist down. A different stitching could increase the foot box by a couple inches. If you are a toss and turn sleeper or sleep on your side, this bag probably isn't the choice for you.

      Excellent choice for lightweight backpacking

      I found the regular one to be a bit constricting but only in the foot box. I've since made the Marmot Sawtooth my regular backpacking and camping bag. Sure, it comes in at a few more ounces than the Arroyo but it's slightly roomier, lower temp rating and still pretty lightweight.

      Great bag in the 800 series

        First off I am a Marmot nut, but I also have many other peices from bibler, TNF, MTN hardwear, OR, BD equip. and so on.. I have many jackets, shells, gloves and bags from Marmot but thats cause they are the best for their price point. Their down is awsome and their warranty rules, others are great to but I just love Marmot. I have pinnacle bags for my wife and I and pounder bags for high summer and alipne trips. As for the Arroyo, I weighed it on my digital scale(real expensive lab scale, accurate down to a 100th of an ounce), 1lb 15.5 oz for the long RZ with the consumer tags still on. I'll cut those off and prolly loose about 1/2 an ounce or so. After much reading and thinking I went with the Arroyo over the Hydrogen for 2 reasons. Price wasn't a concern, I think the foot box on the Arroyo is better and the durability. Both have about the same weight of down. The 850 in the hydro is just a tad lighter. The real weight savings is in the foot box and they use a lighter fabric. To me the 3 oz. lighter is not worth the loss in durability and down proofness. If your active sleeper,ruff on your gear, or like to bivy in ruff areas go with the Arroyo. Sleep still and are gentle with gear go Hydrogen.

        You can't got wrong with this bag for 3 season. Its roomy for a big guy, I'm 6'2" and 220lb. Durable and for me good down to 20's with some light layers on.

        Love the Pinnacle to for high alt in the summer(Rainer) and low alt winter trips. Next for me are some Marmot Col's to replace my MTN harwears bags for high winter trips. The 800 series just rocks.


          Just took this bag to Afghainistan as it replaced a MHW bag. This bag is super durable in the rocks, sand, and dirt in Afghanistan. This bag kept me super warm in the winter and spring months. I absolutely recommend this bag to anyone in the market for a new bag. When it dipped below freezine I just added my gortex bivvy cover and it worked. I have already decided that once my bag goes, I will be replacing it with another Arroyo bag.

          Performs great

            - Extremely lightweight and warm @ 30 F +
            - Compresses down to about 9 inches in width (my fits in bottom of Mammut Trion Guide 45+7 pack)
            - Fit of the bag is a bit on the tight side, especially in the lower 1/3 of the body
            - Useful hood, but very straight forward (no bells/whistles of higher end bags)

            Used five times so far. Bag is great, keep me warm on sub-40 nights. Slightly constricted feel in the lower 1/3 of my body. Personal preference, I assume, as I like to have my feet spread apart wider when I sleep.

            Top pick

              I've found what I have been looking for in a sleeping bag. Down insulation, 30-60°F range, lightweight, and high quality, for under $300.

              I had this out 2 weekends ago. The temperature was 60° when I went to bed. Had the bag unzipped and was toasty until around 3am. Temperature dropped to 37°, so I fully zipper it up, pulled the draw cords typed, and slept warm and sound until morning.

              I normally get cold feet, but the insulation in the footing did outstanding. I won't be changing bags for many years to come.

              Top pick

              Heads Up! Reg Bag Weighs 2lb 1oz!

                Heads up! I bought this bag and upon arrival the tag on the bag reads 2lb 1oz for the weight. I just got off the phone with Marmot and even though their website also says 1lb 11oz for the weight the marmot girl confirmed that the actual weight is 2lb 1oz and they are going to correct it on the website. 6oz difference! Bummer....

                A great fit--

                  I recently purchased and used this bag for the entirety of my AT thru-hike. I had it with me every day, from April to September, and I'm very happy I did. Some people prefer to have two bags, or one cooler bag and a liner, but I just had the one, and it worked great. If you're a warm sleeper, this is all you'll need. It might get a bit hot on those warmer summer nights, but just unzip it all the way and bam! -- you've got a blanket or something soft to lay on. All in all it's a great bag, and one I plan on taking with me on many more adventures. The warranty doesn't lie.

                  Superb Bag

                    My old bag was a Feathered Friends super light weight (for its day) 30 deg. bag with 3/4 length zipper. I hiked most of the AT with it and it is still a great bag. I just outgrew it (getting fatter with age). I also never liked the 3/4 length zipper. While really warm it just didn't allow for good venting and I have always wished that I'd carried the extra ounce and had a full-length zipper.The only reason I bought the Marmot was because I am needing a larger bag. The FF bag works great for the kids so it has been passed on and getting used (love down bags...last forever). I have to give Marmot credit. This bag is an improvement in every way. First off.... it is EXACTLY 1lb. 11oz. down to the 1/10th of an ounce on my postal scale. Second.... it has the extra gerth I needed with my broad chest. Third... the zipper is excellent both in terms of being snag-proof and full-length. The hood is very easy to open/close from within the bag.The Hydrogen is the next step-up in the line and it saves a little weight but be aware that it also is a little tighter fit. The weight difference is 3oz. and the price $60 or so more. For my size body... the Arroyo was the better bag.In terms of the temp rating, I'd ignore people who post subjective reviews on the warmth. There are too many variables that go into how warm you sleep. The EN ratings are what are meaningful and kudos to Marmot to sticking to an industry standard.

           was absolutely top-rate in terms of customer service. Great company to deal with and I'll be back for more goodies as I need them.

                    Great Bag

                      Great Product. I used it in 50 degree weather. and i was burning up in it. This is still great it hasnt been cold enough to try the 30 degree weather. Ive had to drape it over me like a blanket or sleep on top of it. I also got a different stuff sack because you can compress it down to about 2/3rds the size of what the bag they give you. Great product overall glad i bought it. Very soft.


                        I've used this bag twice and both times I was disappointed. Both times the temps got down to mid to high 30's but I was not warm and tosty like my other 2 Marmot bags. I don't know exactly what the problem was, but I was disappointed in it's performance. I own a lot of Marmot products and this is the 1st time their bag has not kept me warm, I have a Marmot Atom 40* bag that I can take down to the low 30's and be warmer in it than in the Arroyo. I'm only keeping it because I got a killer deal and I'll end up using it for an extra summer bag for my friends.

                        Warm, packable & a great value

                          There are a lot of lightweight down bag options these days, but for the price I don't think you can find a more high quality, lightweight bag than the Arroyo. The Atom and Hydrogen are great options bags as well, but you are paying more for a slimmer cut and only shaving a few ounces. You can't go wrong with Marmot down bags, so look for the one with the most comfortable dimensions for your body, or whatever is on sale at the time. I got mine at the end of last season for $160! A great accessory for the 20-40degree down bags is a small compression sack from Granite Gear or Sea to Summit. This compressed my Arroyo to the size of a mini soccer ball which makes it easy to pack in any size bag.

                          Love it!

                            This bag is everything I expected - super light, warm at 12,000 ft, and compacts to the size of a loaf of bread. My only concern before buying it was that my dog would tear it up as he "prepared" for bed (i.e. claws on the foot of my bag to get it "comfy"). The material is much stronger than anticpated and my worries are no longer. I love this bag and look forward to using it for years!

                            Warm & Light

                              I have had this bag for several years now and its still going strong. I have used mine down to freezing several times and been comfortable with a T-shirt and shorts but I had the hood almost closed. I don't have a draft collar in mine and I think the "draft tube" listed is the part that covers the zipper. I have been shopping for a 50d summer bag but I can't find anything significantly lighter than this other than the atom, which is only 11 oz lighter. I have been comfortable in this bag in the 50d range with the zipper about half open. I have a long and it fits me perfectly at 6'4".

                              Sweet summer bag

                                Great bag for the price. The arroyo moved to a baffled construction rather than the sewn through of last year, making it very similar to the hydrogen at a better price point. It is well designed, uses ultralight fabric and 800 fill power, quality construction. Temp rating is spot on, compacts to a nice small size. What more do you really want? Um, I guess the color is kind of bland, but whatever.

                                If i were to purchase a regular left hand...

                                If i were to purchase a regular left hand zip and a regular right hand zip, would i be able to zip them together to sleep with my wife?

                                Every representative on Marmot's website has said yes, that you can zip them together. "Any of Marmot's right-zip and left-zip bags can be zipped together."

                                I just pulled my arroyo out,, and if you have both zippers all the way at the bottom, and pull the bottom zipper section away from the zipper, it will come out, allowing you to zip into the other sleeping bag.

                                So what is the weight of this bag? I see...

                                So what is the weight of this bag? I see it listed at 1lb 11oz on their site ( and others, and as of a few minutes ago it was still listed as that on this site, then as I'm comparing it to other bags suddenly I see it listed as 2lb 1 oz. I happened to have it open in its tab, which still listed it as 1lb 11oz, but when i refreshed that it is suddenly 2lb 1oz.

                                I'm 5'11" and I like to sprawl out and...

                                I'm 5'11" and I like to sprawl out and move around a little, I don't care for the feeling of being confined. If I ordered the large would that be ok? or should I stick to a regular? I know I could go larger, but would I feel colder?

                                Best Answer

                                At 5'11" you're right on the line between the regular & long size. My belief has always been that it's better to have slightly more sleeping bag than not enough. You don't want sleep cramped if you don't have to & you can always adjust by layering if you're feeling colder.

                                I'm 6'0" and have owned multiple different brands of sleeping bags and always gone with the regular size. I've always felt regular is a perfect fit for me.
                                I just bought the Arroyo in a regular but haven't tried it out yet. I will update once I do.

                                Would this bag be ideal for environments...

                                Would this bag be ideal for environments like..

                                north west - summer or 3 season
                                north east - summer or 3 season
                                app trail - summer or 3 season


                                Best Answer

                                The DWR coated shell should keep you relatively dry, which would be my main concern in the humid & wet areas where you plan on mostly using it. Make sure you have good layering undergarments for the colder spring & fall temperatures.

                                Can anyone attest to the water-repellency...

                                Can anyone attest to the water-repellency of the DWR on the Arroyo? I am ready to make the leap to down but I still have hesitations about it getting wet. I sleep in a hammock whenever possible and am worried about condensation from my tarp and/or dew getting the bag too wet. Other than that, I'll take 800-fill and 1.5 lbs at $200 any day!

                                Hi, would regular be too snug for me ol...

                                Hi, would regular be too snug for me ol 5'10 self?

                                Is it possible to waterproof the seams of...

                                Is it possible to waterproof the seams of this bag? I noticed on my last trip with this bag that the seams were where a lot of the heat loss was occurring... is there a product I could buy to do this?