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With just as much fatty-wielding power as the beefiest Marker bindings, the Griffon Ski Binding provides a secure hold and hard-charging performance with a lower DIN range for lighter-weight skiers. It's got re-sculpted Triple Pivot Elite toe and Inter-Pivot heel to match the Duke and Jester for freeskiing burliness, and it weighs less than both of those hard-hitters. An integral part of the Royal Family, the Griffon holds a high rank for designated alpine rippers.

  • DIN 4-13
  • Triple Pivot Elite toe
  • Inter-Pivot heel
  • AFD stainless steel gliding plate
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Marker Staple

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I love these bindings. They simply work and get the job done. Work for most skiing conditions and can hold up when you rally on them hard. Never had an issue with the release once I got my proper DIN adjusted and ski them pretty much anywhere (120lbs but ski a DIN of 8). I recommend this binding to anyone skiing all mountain or big mountain lines. They also have a great brake selection to fit a lot of different ski sizes which is super nice if you need to update your current binding.

Solid Bindings for the Money

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I put these bad boys on my 2014 Sir Francis Bacons and haven't looked back. I will admit that I know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of ski bindings, so everything I say is just firsthand observations after skiing them for 3 seasons.

The width is great for my 108 waists, and I have never had any problems with the release. They stay locked during the dumb falls, and let go during the bad ones. I've flown down groomers at 60mph, dropped off 6 foot rocks, and skied through powder with them, and they've worked great in every situation. I would recommend them to anyone like me who just wants a set of bindings for the resorts that let them ski anything they can find.

Good binding, great price point

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

gave these to my brother as a gift for his new Blizzard Brahma's. The 90 mm brake size fit his skis (88 underfoot) perfectly. He is 5'11" 185 lbs intermediate skier, with his DIN set to 7.5 he cruised around Snowbird without any problems. There's a reason these are so common, they work.

Best binding for the $$

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Have these bindings on all three pairs of skis I have, they are great. Forward pressure is spot on and super direct connection to my skis, I highly recommend

Why buy another binding

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great value, settings go past the 10 I use as a 5'11", 210lb former racer who still goes kinda fast. widths work great for brakes on pow skis. Never had a pre-mature release but got them to pop once when I did a stupid and deserved it.

Go to all mountain binding.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This has become my go binding for all of my skis. The price point is right, they are lightweight, and with a DIN range up to 13, the Griffon has you covered in all but the most extreme situations. I am full time on Vail Mountain so I am in these everyday and have to say they do what they are designed to do and have a good look to them. I have Griffon's mounted on 3 sets of skis: K2 Rictor 90Xti, Annex 98, and Annex 118. They are light underfoot which makes the skis feel quick in tighter situations and helps with fatigue. Coming from a Duke there is a world of an increase in performance (especially in soft snow) as they allow the skis to flex and don't have the additional height of the Duke. I have yet to pre-release and run these on an 11 @ 6'1" 220lbs. I continue to be happy with the product and will buy more in the future.

Good Binding. Good company

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Had Marker bindings on my last few pairs of skis. I had the spring loaded toe pad crack on me once and move off its tracks and also crashed very hard and broke the heel piece off just below the pivot point. I had absolutely no problem getting a warranty replacement and have otherwise loved these bindings. The amount of weight saved by getting plastic bindings as opposed to metal ones is significant and if your not wiping out all the time then you will not have to worry about breaking these. Perhaps a serious park rider might want something a bit beefier. My warranty pair have been perfect! I would also recommend greasing the sliding toe pad every few months or at the start of each season. Maybe thats why i ended up cracking mine. Ive heard of the this piece freezing and not moving for people in some conditions but it has always worked great for me.

These were my first upgrade...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The griffons were my first binding after quitting racing. While racing, I had some pretty burley bindings that were heavy as hell and had a bunch of metal. It was so nice to transfer over to these. They are super lightweight but hold up to all my abuse and they hold me in really really well. I love that the DIN goes to a 13. One of my favorite specs of these compared to other bindings is the fact that the toe piece is so wide. I feel as if the energy transfer from my legs/boots to the ski is so much easier with these because the way the binding puts torque on the ski. Anyway 10/10. Also for anyone trying to decide between these and the more lightweight Squire, go with this any day. The squire gets torn apart and tests pretty funny when we put them through the on ski torque and pull tests.

thanks for a very helpful review. I've been happy on Marker Griffons on my K2 Apache Coombas for 4 seasons now and was wondering whether to get the latest Griffons on a nearly-new pair of Rossignol Soul 7s or go for the Squire which the seller was offering as a combo deal. "Griffon again" seems to be a no-brainer thanks to your review.

Burly but Light

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have a pair of these on my AR7's and love them. I have only released early once and it probably wasn't even that early thinking back on it. I love the middle of the road DIN settings that the griffon offers. It also has a good meaty construction without being heavy. Very predictable and reliable piece of equipment.

A poor design for powder skiing

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

As far as holding your boot securely on the ski and safely releasing, these bindings are fine. But trying to get them on in deep powder or loose snow is a real problem. I used them while heli-skiing and found them extremely difficult to get into each time I got out of the heli into loose snow. It takes a lot of force on the heel to snap into them (and I weigh about 200 lbs) and the toe piece is really prone to getting clogged with snow. I was very disappointed. Everyone else on the trip had very few problems getting their skis on - while I required assistance several times. Not recommended. I am going to switch them out for Salomon bindings next year.

Interesting, I ski the Jester Pro which is very similar and have heli skied a lot with them (in a lot of really deep snow)and had no problems - in fact usually the first guy ready to go. We have a number of guys in the group who ski the Griffon and I have never seen this problem. Sometimes a certain boot picks up a lot of snow.

Best for the money

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great binding no reason to spend the money on Jesters, because unless your professional, you should never need the DIN of the Jester. In my opinion for a freestyle/in bounds/anything binding this is the one to go with.


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

The heel bracket on my Marker Griffons broke after only 5 uses. I was at the apex of a turn and have not really beat on these at all.

The bindings seemed to perform good but if the materials used to construct the binding are garbage all the fancy technology in the equipment is useless. I will look for an all metal binding next.

I had these on Line Prophet 90's and I'd like to think all the great performance was from the ski and not the binding.

I am trying to contact Marker about a replacement, but I doubt they will do anything about it.


We have had no issue with the Griffons, and have beat on them heavily for years, 175lbs, 165lbs, 135lbs,,,,, we live at Squaw Valley, we did break a piece on one of their race buildings, my fault though not a defect, and they sent me a new part fro free just from the picture I sent, I didnt even have to send the part I broke back, in my experience they stand behind their product.

Never buy

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

1st season using these bindings and they have already broke. The hell?!? They didn't break of a nasty crash off a jump; no, they broke landing off a low rail. They detach often enough to frustrate anyone, even with the din cranked up. Any time you go through powder be prepared for them to detach. I'm not the only one of my friends that have had problems with these same bindings. You screwed up Marker.

I have only seen pre-releasing when the forward pressure is not right, then it will pre-release exactly as you are describing it. The forward pressure can be tricky to get properly set, since you dont say anything about the forward pressure setting it is probably not tight enough. Of course if you are a boss who crushes it, you may simply ned to step up to a Jester or Jester Pro.

good solid binding but a bit heavy

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I usually ski the marker squire but lately I have been popping out of them like crazy so I tried out this binding and its a bit heavier but so far so good. I like that the din goes up to 13 on this one. looks and feels pretty much like any other marker binding.

Strong & Durable

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I purchased these Griffon bindings as a gift for my dad. He loves Marker bindings- always goes with Marker. Here is what he had to say about these bindings:

"Excellent, strong and durable yet really lightweight! I feel super secure and confident with these bindings."

Strong & Durable

Excellent Binding

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Included this binding on a ski package for my mom. Picked this binding because its a durable, safe and performance driven binding from Marker. Also comes in great color options that match well with most skis, easy to mount, easy to adjust and just gets the job done! Highly recommend this binding.

I just bought a pair of 180cm Rossignol Squad 7's with a 120mm underfoot. Would these bindings be good or is there a better option?

Unanswered Question


Looking at Blizzard Bonafides and Marker Griffons (been saving up for this) and I'm looking at a pair of trekkers too. Are the Griffons pretty good with trekkers? I know they'll bump a little bit, but is that generally a pretty good choice?



I bought the Nordica Enforcer 177 2015 ski. I am confused by all the different options available in the Marker Griffon binding. Can you tell me what one would be best? Skier is expert level. (GA 90mm, GB 110mm, GC 120mm, etc) ???? Thank you.

Hi guys

I just picked up a pair of salomon suspects 181cm. And I am 6ft 2 and weigh 220lbs. As a fairly aggressive skier that enjoys a little park fun as well as light pow and crud what are some good binding choices? Thx for your input :)

Just snagged a new pair of Bacons from line, with a 105 underfoot. What brake width should I put on those bad boys?

I was wondering which size I would buy for a ski that is 92 under foot? Thanks!

These list a 90mm and 110mm brake in the Tech Specs but the selection under size lists a 110mm an 136mm.

Is the selection list incorrect or are you just out of stock on the 90mm's right now? Would love to get a pair of these with the 90mm brakes soooooonish!

What is the weight recommendations for this binding?

There is not a weight recommendation as that is only 1 factor that plays into the DIN on a binding. For instance I am 5'8" 200 lbs and I can use this binding because my normal DIN as a Type III+ skier is 9-10. Someone who is 5'8" 200 lbs but, skiing a lot harder than me might use a DIN at 12 and would need a beefier binding. Hope that helps/ makes sense if not please shoot me an email and we can talk about it more in depth.

Unanswered Question

How much travel does the heel have for a set mounting? I would like to let someone else to use my skis. Their boots are 17 mm shorter than mine.

I weigh 213 pounds and just under 6 feet tall. Will these bindings work on an Armada Norwalk ski and attach properly to Nordica Beast boots, size 11-12

Will these work on Lange XT130 boots?

Hey Alex,

The Marker Griffons will work great with the Lange XT130 Ski Boots. What skis are you looking to mount them on? Keep in mind the Griffons are designed for lighter weight skiers but are a solid all-mountain binding.

Feel free to shoot me any more questions about these or other ski bindings:


Expert Gearhead


I just purchased the Blizzard Black Pearls in a 166cm length. The waist on these is 88mm. I'm wondering if I put Marker Griffon's on these, would I go with the 90mm brake or the 110mm?

I just bought the 2013/14 Volkl Mantra with a 98cm underfoot measurement. Will the 90cm work, or is the 110cm my only option?

Looking to put these on 98 underfoot. Seems as if I'm going too big with the 110 and too small with the 90. Are there any 100 brakes I can put on these, or will the 110s be okay? Not sure if I can bend the 90s out that far.

Unfortunately marker does not make 100mm brakes for these bindings. I would recommend going with the 110s. I have 138underfoot skis, and i had to purchase the 136 brakes as that is the largest marker makes, and i bent them out and they are barely long enough to actually do their job... so i think trying to bend them 8mm is too far. I think you would be fine with the 110s.

Will these work with Scarpa Maestrale Boots?