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Tie into the Mammut Tusk Climbing Rope for everything from sporty redpoints to all-day alpine climbs. Thanks to its superDRY finish and low weight, the Tusk does the trick when ounces and durability are equally important and it stops water absorption on ice pitches or when you get caught in a storm.

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THE BEST Rope!!!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had this rope for a couple years now. This thing is my baby.

A 70m is key for any adventure! I never have to worry about being short rope on a route. The dry core technology I can tell has helped sustain and maintain the quality of my rope and will always buy super dry core from here on out.

The only feature I wish this had was bicolor. It is so long and sometimes hard to find the midpoint marks....

THE BEST Rope!!!

The rope to do it all

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I got this rope for a handful of reasons. Of the many, this rope is durable, pleasing to the eye, and a great middle ground for different types of climbing. Although traditional climbing is my favorite, I still enjoy sport climbing, and setting up the occasional top rope for a friend. For this, the tusk is perfect. The 9.8mm diameter keeps the sheath in good shape even with a little rope drag on the top rope. However it is small enough that it is easier than hauling my larger ropes. I have found that the duodess is a great option because it makes simple work of determining the middle of the rope. Overall, this rope is fantastic.

The rope to do it all

A good cheap do-it-all rope

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I own 70m yellow Tusk rope for 4 years or so.

First, it is a good do-it-all rope. Crag days, multipitches are OK. It is light and compact enough for long approaches especially when you are on a budget.

Second, been a good cheap rope it is a cheap rope. After the first mile or so climbing with this rope it fries. And more it fries more rope drag you have, and faster it gets more worn. Not a World class problem - for it's money Tusk does a great job in terms of longevity. It can eat a lot of dust. Surely it will. Not a World class problem again - just wash it frequently. Middle mark will disappear soon. Again, not a World class problem - get a cheap Sharpie Rub-a-Dub laundry marker and refresh it.

It is soft when you need a soft catch. It is stiff enough when you jug up.

Bottom line. Mammut Tusk is a good cheap do-it-all climbing rope. One of the best "my first rope" choice. For extra bucks one can easily find a rope that fits better with theirs climbing style. Anyway rope is just a rope and Tusk is a lot of rope for a little money.

Unique Experience, but Worth Sharing

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I just retired this rope after a good 2 years of frequent use. It actually looks great, and I haven't had the kinking problem others have had. Quite the opposite actually.... Let me preface: this is a superdry rope, and now I'm glad it is. The average rope loses 40% (approx) of its strength when wet, and within the first 5 months on this rope, my partner and I climbed all day/night on it in a 24 hour outdoor climbing competition... And it rained for most of the 24 hours. Afterwards, I considered retiring it, but decided to keep it around for gym use, etc. the weirdest thing happened though: the rope started getting super-stiff incredibly quickly. Its now so stiff, it feels like a 10.3mm or thicker! I've tried to stretch it back out, and I keep pulling it back out of retirement because it still looks so great, but I'm afraid this one is done. All said and done, I'm still incredibly glad that I did have this super-dry for that long day of wet, muddy climbing, and I'm fairly sure this is a rare experience, and with wet mud it probably needed to be retired anyway, but I've never seen a rope tighten up like this one has.

rope kink

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This rope is the worst rope i have ever owned it kinks none stop no matter how many times you flake it. i own the sterling equivalent and have never had one problem. Really disappointed in the quality of the rope. Got it originally to have a nice burly rope to multi pitch with and use as an every day rope without worry of it wearing out due to its burly sheath. overall just don't buy it if you want to lead belay safely and not have it get stuck on you when you pull it through the rap rings due to kinks.

Great rope, hard to find he middle

    I bought my mammoth tusk rope 2 years ago. This is a great rope for most rock pursuits. I've taken it out top roping, single pitch trad climbing, multi pitch trad climbing, micro canyoneering, waterfall rappelling/ photography, and tree climbing. This is a great rope. I bought the 70 meter length specifically to climb at one area near Asheville North Carolina. I love everything about this rope (including it's semi-stiff feel) except: the center marker. It's a 2 dark blue lines for a center mark on the dark blue model.. It makes it quite tough to find. Not that huge an issue to me, but it could cause some serious trouble. I'd suggest this rope to anyone that wants to do some top roping, single pitch sport, or single pitch trad. The two colored model is worth the extra few bucks. Over all a killer rope.

    Great Rope

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Used this rope climbing in the northwest, it has held up over a season of climbing (mostly sport, with a couple alpine routes). My only complaint is that it is very stiff, but I think that just happens with most of the thinner ropes. I would buy this rope again.

    Great first rope!

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I snagged this up on a good deal 3 years ago and have been using it ever since. Great all around rope. Nice and lite, durable, smooth, and easy handling. I use for everything from sport climbing, to long trad multipitch, to alpine climbs. I absolutely love this rope. The pattern is a bit dark, making it difficult to see the middle mark. I occasionally revamp it with a "Rub a Dub" sharpie. All in all, you can't go wrong with this rope.

    subpar and kinky

      Bought this rope middle of last fall and already its starting to fall apart. i've only got about 10-15 climbs on it and the sheath is starting to fray and the core is starting to bulge out. additionally, all the reviews about the horrible kinkage of the rope are true. I like to think i take pretty good care of my ropes, but regardless of whatever i did i could never get rid of the kinks in the rope. I was out canyoneering in capital reef NP and we pulled the rope at the end of a 100+ foot rappel and the rope got snagged on a kink and we were stuck for over an hour until someone came behind us and freed the rope.

      Long Lasting...Incredible Stretch

      • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

      I've had this rope for 3 years now. It is by and large, an incredible rope; probably the best I've had.

      I've used it in several conditions, both wet and dusty dry, and it keeps taking the punishment. It performs smoothly and securely in every condition. It flakes out like a champ, has NEVER knotted up on me, and feels great under tension.

      The stretch is wonderful on trad and sport falls. I've described it to my friends as "being ferried down to earth by angels"; when you take a serious whipper. It has had at least 3 hard falls, all of where at least 10 feet above the previous placement, and the "landing" was as soft as a baby's buttocks. Used it for toproping for an entire season (before I knew better); the rope was very comfortable here as well.

      I will be retiring her soon, to my great chagrin but not to her defectiveness, just have a rule I have, "3 and through". She will make great anchor loops for the retrievable rappels.

      Mammut makes truly unparalleled gear. You won't be disappointed.

      Long Lasting...Incredible Stretch

      One of the pictures of the labels shows 6-7 UIAA falls, but the specs on the left side of this page says 9-10. Has the rating changed, or is your info inaccurate?

      I have noticed many discrepancies in the product descriptions or specs, and it does not inspire trust in backcountry... It makes it hard to compare products when I can't trust your descriptions..

      I attempted to look into this for you but the Mammut offices are closed for the holidays. According to Mammut's website, the fall rating is 9-10. When searching a variety of other websites online I saw a few different numbers which doesn't help much. However, I have owned this rope for almost 2 years and it is awesome. Very durable, the bi-pattern is clutch, and the Superdry treatment is great. I would highly recommend it.

      Dose anyone use this rope in a act?

      Dose anyone use this rope in a act?

      Does the blue rope also differentiate...

      Does the blue rope also differentiate itself on either side of the middle? (split pattern)

      would this be good rope for exploring the...

      would this be good rope for exploring the nw glaciers/messing around in the gym/ski rapels?

      Does the blue superdry at least have a...

      Does the blue superdry at least have a middle mark/bar? I see in the specs it has a middle mark but I am not sure if that is referring to the yellow???

      Does "Doudess" refer to the subtle bi-color...

      Does "Doudess" refer to the subtle bi-color design on the yellow rope? Is that worth an additional 45¢/m?

      Duodess is not bi-color. It is Bi-pattern. The pattern changes at the middle. The difference is Bi-pattern they do not have to splice the sheath and on a bi color they do and it creates a bump the can wear funny at the change. And yes they actually splice the sheath yarns but not the cores of course to make a bi color rope.