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If your next adventure involves glacier travel, make sure the Mammut RescYou Rescue Belay Device is clipped to your harness. In the event of a fall into a crevasse, the RescYou device allows for rapid self rescue or the rescue of another person with a compact 6:1 pulley system that can be attached directly to your harness. The device eliminates the need for you to setup a time-consuming system in a rescue scenario where every extra second counts.

  • Innovative and compact 6:1 pulley system allows for quick self rescue or rescue of another person in the event of a fall into a crevasse
  • Entire system weighs just 14 ounces and easily clips to a harness
  • Certified to EN 567 standards for rope clamps
  • Includes a safety card with brief crevasse rescue instructions
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It looks pretty cool/simple for hauling people out, but is it really safe to use as an ascender? From what I gather, you have to disengage the bottom clamp from the rope to slide it up, which means during that time period, you're relying solely on the top piece, attached to you by some accessory cord. If that busts, you drop back down to ground zero. The only way to avoid that would be to clip into some figure 8 overhands every 10 or so feet below the clamps, but that seems to be more more work than ascending with the classic ATC/prussik combo. The only advantage to this set up that I can think of is if you fell and broke both of your ankles and needed a way to ascend without stepping, but still I don't see any information on the strength of the cord. Is it 6 mm? Does it need backup?

I hope that made some sense. If anyone has any answers for me, thank you!

Watch this video. . So the only time you need to take off the grey clamp/ bottom clamp and rely on the accessory cord is when you are passing a knot. You could clip into the knot directly though as the back up.

Feel free to hit me up at or 801-736-6398.

Can anyone comment on the pros and cons...

Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of the Rescyou vs a cravesse rescue kit from Petzl??

Best Answer

Never used this, but the concept and video make it look pretty cool. 6:1 mechanical advantage of this over a 3:1 z-drag and the time it takes to rig it...and no prussiks! I like the theoretical idea of sitting down and working it without a ton of walking and dragging repeatedly.

Frederico's video is the best one I found. Kind of vague in some ways, but the basics are there.

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anyone have any first hand experience using...

anyone have any first hand experience using this? it looks awesome, but would love to hear some reviews. looking to pick one up for a rainier climb. later this summer.