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Get 'em While You Can

    I really wasn't expecting much from these boots. I bought them for wicked cheap, along with Asolo's Powermatic, The Lowa Trekker, the Scarpa SL M3, and the Danner Mountain Light 2. I bought them all through site's with good return policy's so I could really get a feel for them and return them if need be. All except the Danner Mountain Light 2 were really good boots (I personally think the DML2 is an dysfunctional paperweight and a waste of money). I have to admit, the Banff at the get go was the most uncomfortable boot of the lot. However they quickly broke in and became my favorites. I wound up keeping the Lowa Banffs and Trekkers, and getting rid of the rest. The Asolos and Scarpas were great, but even in a wide size they were still too narrow for me in the toe box. However, the Lowas (the one's made in Germany, not the ones made in Slovakia) have a huge, super comfortable toe box. The leather lining in them is also ridiculously comfortable. I've had a problem with blisters on my heels in fabric lined boots like the Asolos and Scarpas, but I haven't had any problems with blisters in the slightest when it comes to the leather lining. I waterproofed them with Nikwax Nubuk water proofer and I haven't had any problems in mud or downpoors. I haven't fully submerged them and there's no way I'm going to. I wouldn't with a Gortex boot either tho. Getting wet on the trail is something that you always wind up doing by accident. You don't just go and looking for that kind of trouble to happen. It might eventually- who knows? But in the mean time, the Nikwax seems to be holding up pretty well.

    Lowa is phasing these boots out right now because they're basically the same as the Baffin Pro. This means you can get an awesome pair of backpacking boots for wicked cheap. If you have a wide set of toes like yours truly, give these a chance. They're going to be uncomfortable for a couple miles, but once the leather softens up a bit they will be one comfy pair of boots. Word to the wise tho- huck the insoles and get yourself some Superfeet.

    Hope that all helps.

    Best Ive had so far.....

      These are compltely bomber boots. After owning many pairs of boots over the last 17 years, these are hands down, great. Yes they are on the heavy side. Yes they do take a bit to break in. But they are meant for big loads across sketchy terrain. Not fastpacking 15miles in a day. The insole is flimsy and I feel that for the price, it should include a better one. Quality construction is second to none, and I see these being my go to boot for a long, long time to come.


        Bought a pair of lowa banff's for my tree planting job in bc. This job is hiking 10-11 hours a day with a 60lb load on clear cut/logged blocks - up over under jumping from log to log etc with full bag ups of seedlings about 50-60lbs.these boots performed flawlessly. Comfy from day one of the season until the last day. Tree planting will wreck any boot not worthy of itself. Screefing, stomping kicking stuff out of the way all day and these boots are ready for another season no problem.I give these boots 5/5 stars no problemif you are looking at these boots for tree planting dont hesitate they out lasted alot of other 'top' brands such as scarpa and la sportiva no problem and no i wasn't a low baller i am a high baller over 2k almost everyday.the one downside is once they are wet they stay wet for a day or two when in bush camp which can be annoying.

        Lowa broken in a front o boot,

        Is this great materials of the lowa Banff?

        Lowa broken in a front o boot,

        Sorry Ferna this looks like normal wear that happens to any leather boot when hiking down a rocky trail. All my boots including my Lowa boots are knicked and scratched from hikes down into Grand Canyon. I use a liquid protection product 'Freesole' and brush on the toe cap--it keeps the boots looking new. Your boots look well-used with one knick.

        Lowa broken in a front o boot,

        Will it brokenn my lowa boots one more time?

        Lowa broken in a front o boot,

        My Lowa, banff was broken the front.

        I live in Peru, buy a new boots LOWA, Banff, to use them in Peru, Cordillera Blnca. To the first use, in a simply trail without dificult or rougly terrrain, my foot scrimmage a rock and the leather nubuk it broken. Expect, for many years to be able to buy a LOWA boots, and when I used it broken with a hole was done in front of leather nubuk. Now I ask me, I should change them for another LOWA equal or to change them for another diferent trade mark and model but RESISTANT for rocks in a rough trail with mid a heavy load. Before I had, some boots like a Vasque and Asolo, and never happen. It is that the leather nubuk was wasted or the boot this badly manufactured. Helpme please

        My Lowa, banff was broken the front.

        The damage looks like normal wear at the front of a hiking boot. Very common on any boot that hits against sharp rock. Try McNett Freesole---I use this product on the front of my boots, around the rand, and for repair of the sole.

        Great Boots

          I really like my Lowa's. Yes, they are stiff, and maybe a tad heavy, but they offer super protection and support. I have worn mine for backpacking heavy loads, day hikes, bowhunting, and general knock around.

          The breathe pretty well, and no they aren't water proof. Water resistant is a stretch as well.

          I am on my second sole in mine, and they are holding up well. I did replace the insoles with the heat moldable kind, and liked them better afterwards.

          Great boots!! Just one thing though....

            These are nice boots. I got alot of miles out of a pair of Vasque Sojourners. The Lowas could be improved upon with a more substantial , padded tongue, which the Vasques hit right on the money. The padded tongue on the Vasques really made a diff. Other than that, can't beat these for comfort and craftsmanship.

            terminator boots

              First off, the morning after i recieved these boots i took them out on a 12 mile day hike. Bad Idea. After about a week and a half of nursing the lovely blisters i got, i tried them out again. This time i didn't let the buyers euphoria take over and used them properly. I did an 8 miler and a short 4 miler with my lady friend. (You know, right socks, right insoles, proper tempo, etc...) They are properly broken in now and after the addition of the green superfeet insoles i don't want to take them off. If the soles didn't wear out so quickly on pavement I wouldn't. Also a note of importance, If you have thin feet these are the boots for you. Also don't buy these if you are a girly man and don't like stiff boots and don't mind going through some discomfort to get them just right.

              I love these

                These boots are of the best quality. I broke these in with about 30 miles. I treated them with Nikwax waterproofing and I found out how waterproof they are. On a 5 day backpacking trip in the Andes, the first couple of days were very wet. The feet stayed dry the whole time even when a wrong step dunked a boot up to the ankle, no moisture inside. The Banff has a leather lining and is very soft and molds right to the foot. The lacing system is great and I could get a very snug fit without cutting off any circulation. The Banff does'nt use a lot of high tech materials like some others trying to push some mechanical sounding suspension system it just uses very fine grade leather and traditional engineering. These are a little heavy but they are durable and you can carry a good amount of weight because these are not hikers they are for backpacking. Comfort is number one for me and I have not been let down by these even after a couple of hundred miles. True to size also, and Lowa runs for narrow feet.

                Lowa banff vs. the Lowa tanark

                  Too bad Lowa discontinued the Tanark. Perfect comfort, perfect balance, in really rough terrain for me @ 200 lbs. I don't like the Banff. Too heavy, awkward, and not that comfortable either. Can't Lowa bring the Tanark back? I had 4 pairs over the years. Best hiking boot ever! Their earlier one's lasted longer. The later one's had stitching too low on the sides and the rocks and grit just ate them up. The earlier Tanarks didn't have this problem.

                  lowa banff vs. discontinued lowa tanark

                    I can't figure why Lowa discontinued the tanark. It was plenty rugged for a two hundred pound guy in really rough terrain, but a couple of years before they discontinued it they changed the stitching and the rocks just ate it up, so they fell apart before the rest of the boot did. Their previous Tanarks did not have thus problem.
                    Now they've come out with the Banff which I suppose is to replace the Tanark. No way. The Banff is too heavy and too clumsy.

                    They Just Don't Fit!

                      The Lowa Banff certainly appears to be a quality made boot, but I can't get them to properly fit. I wear a 12 medium and even the 12 wide is uncomfortable in the toe box. I tried the 11.5 medium, the 11.5 wide the 12 medium and they were all too small. I tried a 13 medium and my heel rose right out of the boot. I purchased the 12 wide figuring that must be the proper fit, it's not. When I torque the boot down enough to keep my heels from rising the circulation in my foot becomes restricted and I get hot spots on my small toes. I changed to a heavier sock with a sock liner and thought I found a good combination until I used the Banff's for an 8 mile mountain hike. My toes blistered and entire foot was one big Hot Spot. I made a very bad purchase. REI doesn't even sell them online anymore, so I assume they had numerous returns. If they fit, you're lucky. Mine Banff's are headed for Goodwill.

                      Hurt My Feet

                        These boots are so stiff, I was in pain every time I wore them. I tried to break them in, but every time I did I got blisters. I'm thin and have bony feet, so feet with some meat on them might fare better. For the quality of the boot, the insole is flimsy. Be sure to install a quality insole. I bought the wides, but their idea of wide is just more volume. Not a good fit for wide feet. I had to send them back.

                        Would be able to get these...

                        Would be able to get these in a 10.5 narrow?

                        Hi. I bought these boots a while ago now...

                        Hi. I bought these boots a while ago now and really like everything about them. The soles are about worn through in places. I plan to wear them till my toes touch the ground. I brought them to a local, grouchy, cobbler who didn't impress me as someone who would resole them correctly. I was hoping he'd have a sole to match the one on the boot (I think it's fairly common) but he didn't. Anyway, does anyone know how or where I can get these boots reliably resoled? Thanks for your time.

                        Unanswered Question

                        I know about these boots having a leather...

                        I know about these boots having a leather liner, which is just awesome. Leather just cradles the foot like no other. Mammut/Raichle also has some models with a leather lining. Are there any other makers doing this?

                        How do these boots fit? Are they wide...

                        How do these boots fit? Are they wide with high volume or more narrow with low volume? I have a narrow, low-volume foot and am considering getting the narrow versions of these boots over the medium width. Any thoughts?

                        They are a higher volume boot. Wider toe boxes than something like a Vasque that tends to taper in towards the end, and have greater volume at the midfoot. I'd suggest trying them before you buy them, although I do believe that they are available in narrow widths.

                        Unanswered Question

                        hi all, i use merrell intercept size 11.5,...

                        hi all,

                        i use merrell intercept size 11.5, so what size Banff i should buy if i want to wear a thick winter sock, and how is the space in the toe banff's box



                        Do you carry the narrow size? I need 12...

                        Do you carry the narrow size? I need 12 C and Lowa makes this boot in that size.

                        i'm torn between the asolo 520s and the...

                        i'm torn between the asolo 520s and the lowa banff. i;m leaning toward the lowas. how do they stack up against the asolos. and how rigid is the nylon shank

                        Boot ? How would you compare the Lowa...

                        Boot ? How would you compare the Lowa Banff to the Scarpa SL M3?

                        Very different in terms of fit. Lowas have a wide heel and a more narrow forefoot - they tend to fit more rectangular. Scarpa SL M3s have a narrower heel and mid-foot fit with more arch support, and a wider toe box comparatively (but still not particualrly wide, even in the wide size). The scarpas are much stiffer, and the leather thicker.