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Let's face it, over the course of a triathlon, your body is thrown through the ringer. Every muscle is tested, and by the end, destroyed. Of course, the objective is to get past the line before your body shuts down, but to do this, you need every advantage that you can get. That's why a piece like the Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey is a vital part of your results. With a certified compression fabric construction, superior aerodynamics, and a cut that eliminates the very thought of abrasion, the Tri Elite Course jersey will get you to the line stronger and faster.

Louis Garneau designed the Tri Elite Course to be the balance between versatile comfort and aerodynamics. However, to achieve this lofty ambition, Garneau was forced to create a complex design that remains simple on the eyes. Easier said than done. So, the natural fabric choice for the construction was Garneau's Speedtech material. As the name implies, this fabric is built for speed. It features a dimpled mesh design that's akin to the surfaces of aero helmets and golf balls. The reasoning behind this is simple -- between speeds of 15 and 45 mph, the dimples reduce drag at the forward most point of your body. Additionally, this aerodynamic trait also has natural hydrophilic properties that assist in wicking away moisture. And even better, its 18% spandex content qualifies Speedtech as a certified compressive fabric. This means that your upper-body will be less susceptible to the volatile effects of road vibration and general fatigue.

Speedtech is also responsible for the jersey's next-to-skin fit and comfort. It also doesn't hurt that it's been treated in order to wick moisture away rapidly. Garneau treated the entirety of the jersey with its Coldblack finish. This finish forces the sun's heat to be reflected away from the jersey instead of absorbing it like most fabrics. So, you can ride on the rivet during summer races without running the risk of overheating.

To secure the fit of the Tri Elite jersey, Garneau has taken a multi-step approach. The shoulders and torso have been pre-shaped for added comfort in both the cycling and running positions. Garneau also made the zipper around 15 inches long, with teeth that pull away from the skin, and with an inner flap that eliminates any abrasion between the skin and the zipper. You'll also notice that the arm and neck holes have been cut liberally to not only permit a full range of motion, but to minimize the amount of the fabric's surface area. Altogether, the stretch of the material, along with the thoughtful design of the cut, provides a next-to-skin fit that will feel unnoticeable over the stages of your race.

The Louis Garneau Tri Elite Course Sleeveless Jersey is available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and in the color Black/red/white.

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