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Big-mountain ripping on a daily basis.

You want a powerful big-mountain freeride ski that isn't limited to nostril-deep pow days. Grab the Line Prophet 100 Alpine Ski. With 100mm underfoot and 134mm at the tip, this ski loves the big white but won't dump you on your ass on the groomers. The Prophet 100 features a super tough Metal Matrix construction which wraps titanium over the initiation contact points at the tip and tail and stiffens the ski for ridigity at high speeds. This also makes it easy to power out of your turns (without dead-weight-heavy tips and tails). Prongs underfoot give you pressure points to dig into hardpack.

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Unanswered Question

I'm Looking into buying this ski (2011...

I'm Looking into buying this ski (2011 version) and have found a great

deal for the 179 length, however i am quite tall (195cm) and think i

would prefer the 186, what do you guys think..should i go for the 179 or hold out for the 186- which isn't really available in the uk atm

Hey i work at Stevens Pass in Washington...

Hey i work at Stevens Pass in Washington state and was wondering what length of ski would be good for my size? im 6'5 325 lbs. I am a pretty good boarder but want to get back on the sticks. I ride mostly powder and back country with some park. Any help would be great and cant wait til the snow fall!!!!

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This is a great ski for charging hard in powder and backcountry conditions. It also chews up and spits out crud without a problem. The ski has a small turn radius so it turns easily but is stiff and responsive enough that it doesn't get sketchy at speeds.

Having said that though, you mentioned you want to ski park with this ski. This ski has a setback sidecut which means your ski will be mounted further back than it would be with a typical all-mountain able to ski in park ski. The ski is also heavier due to its aluminum laminate.

If you were only going to ski this ski outside of the park, I would get the 186. If you want it to also ski in the park..I would get a different ski.

Here are some other skis I would recommend you check out:

These 3 skis will be more playful, lighter, but still good enough to ski powder with. I would atleast check them out.

Unanswered Question

Mounting point for the Prophet 100. Been...

Mounting point for the Prophet 100. Been looking at skis for a while and chose the prophets. I ski mainly all mountain with some park runs involved but just jumps.

5 5

Prophet 100 is a FANTASTIC ski!

I am a 6' 210 very advanced tele skier in WA. This ski rocks! (I have it in the 186 length) Don't let the 100mm underfoot scare you. The 17m radius rails hardpack; if it's icy I usually go with my 84mm Work Stinx, but I have skied the 100s on some of the iciest VT conditions ever. And, oddly enough, I hooked up w/ a local VT tele'er who was on the then-identical Karhus, and he was raving about his skis for all-around VT skiing.I have them mounted w/ Hammerhead bindings set 3cm ahead of chord center, and I don't have any problems with tip dive. These are great all-around skis. I am a very good bump skier, and these skis rock the bumps. I don't do much switch riding because it's kinda scary on tele's, and I am not a big park person.They devour WA crud. I loved them so much I bought the 130s for cat-skiing and big dump days. I agree with the comments that the top sheet could be tougher. I have taken a few chunks out of the top edge but nothing that impairs or endangers the ski.So, if I can rail these skis using tele gear, you alpine folks should have no problems at all.

Sold on the Prophet 100s, however, I think...

Sold on the Prophet 100s, however, I think I am in between the 179 and 186 length. Would you recommend a different ski. I have found in the past it is better to have a ski in the right length, than 3 or 4cm to short or to long. I am 6'2" 180, ski bumps, powder, crud. Use groomers to get to those runs. Currently on Volkl AC-40 177cm. Expert skier, 55 yrs. old, ski Vail area 40-50 days per season.

Responded on

I would say you could handle the 186, without too much problem. Adds weight for busting crud, float for the deep, and doesn't really impede you in the bumps.

Responded on

You might consider Line's Sir Francis Bacon. It goes everywhere out West, is 182 w/ 115 underfoot. I've skied it 2 years in Alta and Squaw. Love it. Powder, steeps, even park if you do slow spins All of it with ease and style. Crud, pow, groomers -- no problem. Ice -- keep those edges sharp and you'll have grip. The SFB rocks it all.

hi, are the line prophet 07 08's the same...

hi, are the line prophet 07 08's the same as the 08 09's apart from the graphic?

I am looking at getting my first set of...

I am looking at getting my first set of twin tips. looking at line blend or prophet 90.
i am a desent skier and ski on dynastar legends now 74 underfoot. Are these two skis too wide for sking in new england? I am tentative on the width, but the guy at the ski shop said he skis the blends and to not let the 100 scare me off. I will most likely use them 70% on groomers and crud 20% off an 10% park. are these the right skis. I am tall and big looking at 183 blend.

Responded on

The Prophet 90 is a better all-mountain ski in my opinion, and that means it will handle the groomers with less chatter and smash the crud easier. Don't be scared by the width, they are super responsive and easy to handle.

I'm looking to upgrade from my Line MTX...

I'm looking to upgrade from my Line MTX Assassins and really like the what I hear about the Line Prophets 90/100. I'm 5'10 / 185 and mostly ski bumps and steeps. I would like a better powder ski but ski want to get around in the bumps. Any thoughts on whether to go with the 90 or 100?

Responded on

If you ski more bumps, you would like the performance of the 90, but if you ski more pow, you definitely should look at the 100. If you are good enough, the 100's can be thrown around in the bumps too.

I'm an 6'1" 185 progressing and moderately...

I'm an 6'1" 185 progressing and moderately agressive skiier that has been on 170 Twin Tips (Fischer) for the last few years. I'm wondering if I should I make the jump all the way to the 186's. Am I gonna be upset in a few years if I stick to the 179's? I'll be skiing out west, mostly around Tahoe, and prefer off-piste whenever its good.

Responded on

The 186s are going to feel real long your first couple of times on them. At your size, and taking into the fact that you are progressing and enjoy off-piste, they would work. But, if possible, you might want to go with the 179s now and step up to the 186s when you have a couple more days under you. Going too long too soon could hurt your skills and slow down your progression slightly.

so I've settled on picking up the Prophet...

so I've settled on picking up the Prophet 100's (179) bc I have heard such amazing things about them. I'm 5'11" and weight about 165. I'm a super aggressive skiier that lives in the east but spends much time out west and so will use these on just about everything. I'm just getting into more backcountry stuff but bc does not occupy the majority of my time. the big question is then do I go with one of the new strong AT bindings like the Dukes or Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus' or do I stick with a simple alpine binding? are these AT bindings that strong and versatile such that it would be better to have the AT option without compromising the binding? and if I do go AT, could you reccomend some skins that would fit these skis? Many Thanks.

Responded on

Well, if you're like me and have several pairs of skis already with alpine bindings, you can keep with your alpine bindings and pick up a pair of Backcountry Access Alpine trekkers, which converts any alpine binding into a AT binding for climbing. But either pair of the AT bindings you mentioned would serve you well, with minimal (if any) performance loss.

I personally use BD ascension nylon STS skins on a pair of old line pollards (86mm under foot), and have been very happy with their performance. Also check out some G3 skins.

5 5

Go big

This ski is great. I'm 5"11 190 34 yrs old. I consider myself an aggressive advanced skier. I originally was talked into a 179. That length would be great for most people if you just want to have a good time and not push yourself. I recently traded in for the 186. This ski is perfect. Anyone over 170 who likes to push it needs to go bigger. I tried to find the speed limit on these skis and I couldn't. The ski is capable of long arcing gs turns however it would prefer shorter quicker turns (this ski is super quick). I spend most of my day in tight trees and bumps. Trees are a breeze. I've heard this ski described as capable in the bumps. This ski is great in the bumps (just stay forward). I don't think I've ever been this excited about a ski. The bases are strong, I've hit a few rocks and trees,no damage. One gripe the top sheet is made of play dough. I've put several deep gashes on the top. I don't care what they look like (I would personally use duct tape as artwork) I do worry that some of these gashes could eventually cause water damage. Still an awesome ski

5 5

Awesome ski, very impressed

Brief overview: East coast skier that skis all mountain, will hit the large kickers in park (no rails), loves spending a day in the trees, not much of a true mogul skier. Also like the ability to crank big turns on groomers/steeps. I'm 6'2" ~205 lbs. Came from 174 K2 PE's, now on the 186cm Prophets (100). First off, they don't feel that much bigger of a ski until I'm in tight trees, then I have to be a big moroe careful. They are very quick to manuever though. Only skied 2 days on them, most were hard-packed/icy groomers, they held up fine, not any worse than my PE's. I was able to get a few spots of fresh snow and I can already tell this is where they will shine. I was impressed by the energy in the ski and the ability to crank turns when going fast. I thought it was quick edge to edge. I felt more confident landing switch as well.

I'm on Marker Griffon bindings (this years model). Overall, I think this ski rocks.

I just got a pair of these in 186. This...

I just got a pair of these in 186. This is my first pair of fat skis. I plan to mount an old pair of Solomon 900s racing bindings on them. I've noticed a lot of manufacturers are making wider bindings for wider skis but I'd rather not have to buy a new pair of bindings when I've got a pair of perfectly good ones. Do you think this will work?

Responded on

Will they work? Yes. Are there better options out there? Also, yes. Anything that can effectively attach your boot to your ski will work. I assume you will have to bend the brakes to get them around the waist of the Prophets, but they will definitely work.

thinking of getting the Prophet 100. 6"2'',...

thinking of getting the Prophet 100. 6"2'', 230, agressive but have had multiple knee and back surgeries . Vail is home hill/20days so far (we need snow).want to be better in the pow - thinking of demoing them this weekend.what size and if I buy what binding

Responded on

The 179 would probably be a great option for someone your size, and easy to handle. They shouldn't make it hard on your back and knees either.

I am about to mount my Line Prophet 100's...

I am about to mount my Line Prophet 100's with a new pair of Fritschi Diamir Freeride bindings. My Prophets are 186. I am 5'11" weigh 165 and ski very aggressively (but also hope I didnt get skis that are too big for me). I chose this set up because I often ski switch, hit lots of jumps and drops, like to ski steeps, and may eventually use this as a touring set up. My question is: Where should I mount this set up? Ideas?

Best Answer Responded on

For my backcountry set-ups that I rip in the way you are talking, I like the +5 from traditional position. It's a pretty good spot to be. More normal than center mount, but still good switch control. Personally I think you will struggle for at least the first little while on your skis though, pretty long for your size, but you'll get used to them.

Responded on

I'm looking at exactly the same set-up, if I purchase the Prophet 100's (as I'm currently planning). I have the older Fritschi Freeride's (same as new black ones, just white), and I'm 5'10" and weigh bout 170. My biggest question has been what size of ski to buy? Any help or comments would be appreciated. I currently ski on a 184 Mantra w/Freeride bindings, and LOVE the set-up...but want the Prophet's for more ski underfoot and because I've trashed my Mantra's! I just can't choose between the 179's or 186's. I've been comfortable on 184's (especially since you sit up a bit with Freeride bindings) and I'm a pretty agressive skier, mostly off-piste, tree, pow...charge all the time! What should I get - 179 OR 186? Wish there was a 184 or 182. Also, I'm a bit worried about the 186 touring ability. Might be a bit too long for long tours, which I do frequently.

How far is the center boot sole line from...

How far is the center boot sole line from the actual center of the ski on the Prophet 100? TIA..

Responded on

I'm pretty sure it's the stance back in mm's is 81 for the 186, 77 for 179, 74 for the 172, and 70 for the 165.The 100 is a directional twin so the mounting point is farther back then you would expect on a twin.

Mounting question for line prophet 100's...

Mounting question for line prophet 100's 186...... 6-1 215. Should I mount center line or 1cm back. I've heard chatter about tip dive for big guys on the center line. people indicating that 1cm back will do better in powder, but possibly lose quickness. Will they be fine on center line in powder for my size. Can't wait to mount them going with salomon sth 16. I'm a look/rossi binding guy, but couldn't pass up a scorching deal courtesy of!

Responded on

The centerline should do you fine, but I agree with a back by 1cm if you want powder performance. But the centerline should be fine and if you are a good powder skier then diving should not be an issue. Hope that helped you.-- yeah thanks.. How far is the factory mount from the actual center of the ski? TIA

So, with my bad knee (Don't need repair...

So, with my bad knee (Don't need repair as long as my hamstrings are strong with noooo pain)Use an ACL brace when conditions are rough. Would the Line Prophet 90 Alpine Ski be a good all around choice (softer)? If so in what lenght? If not these skis, what would you recomend???Marcopolo 5'10 215lbs.Advance skier. I have a bad knee (ACL gone and not repaired) but still ski hard. Should I get 172cm too help turning ez? or use 179cm???

Responded on

No the 90 is a fair amount stiffer then the 100, maybe take a look at the k2 obseth in a 179 or the line blend in 178 its flex is similar to the obseth with almost the exect same diementions as the 100.Just a note...At 5'10'' you need to be at the 179 length. Remeber the prophet 100's are a twin tip and will naturally ski shorter. They feel like skiing a 175 and one other thing, the prophet standard mounting is set ahead of most other traditional skis so you are natually forward on the prophet 100 which results in a little more forward foot placement on your ski...i.e. less ski in front of you to turn which makes this ski feel very nimble, quick and extemely fun to ski in all snow conditions. All though the ski is bulit very light it can handle your weight @ 215 lbs. You should be very happy with what the 100's bring in their natural make up. Trust me here...the prophet 100 is just about as perfect of a ski as you can buy for a one quiver ski, the 90's in my opinion are a bit of a compromise from the 100's and why compromise.

5'10 215lbs.Advance skier. I have a bad...

5'10 215lbs.Advance skier. I have a bad knee (ACL gone and not repaired) but still ski hard. Should I get 172cm too help turning ez? or use 179cm???

Responded on

After my surgery, I went down in ski length by roughly 10cm for two winters. Now that my knee is up to strength, I've been back to my regular sizes. Obviously, this situation is a personal preference at its finest. But if you're even questioning this, shouldn't you be fixing that knee...?if i had a blown knee i would chose a softer ski then the prophet 100 to make it easy on it, a trick us older guys use after we have worn them out.

I am advanced skier, at Jay Peak out east...

I am advanced skier, at Jay Peak out east for most of this winter so sidecountry and glades which are occassionally choppy. I am 5'8 and 155lb. Just picked up the last pair of 172's from you guys. Probably going to mount a PX-12 lifter on this ski. Any advice on mounting? Should I mount them a little forward? And without demoing these guys, do you think I made the right choice going with the 172cm?

Responded on

you prob. sould have gone 179mm but the 172 will be ok, mount on rec. since you got the 172's if you go foreward it may make them ski to short.