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Motherfunkin’ burly.

If your preferred turn radius begins somewhere in the NFL field goal record range, the Line Mothership might be your ski. The Mothership is a big, stiff, straightlining monster, built to stomp out film-worthy lines from Jackson Hole to Haines, Alaska with a titanal-reinforced solid wood core. Reluctant to dance at low speed, it comes alive around Mach 1 and gets easier the faster you go, until finally you burst into flame and there’s nothing left but smoke, ashes and a pair of badass boards coasting to the bottom of the mountain.

  • Metal Matrix Maple Macroblock core makes crud and chop pee their pants
  • Fatty Base & Edge sidewall construction takes a beating on the hill and on the tuning table

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Unanswered Question

Me: 6'6'' 250lbs
Style: aggressive love...

Me: 6'6'' 250lbs
Style: aggressive love steeps and clean fast arcs on my turns
I just picked up a pair of 195s and got a DEAL on a pair of Jesters to throw on them.
Q: Where should I mount them?

Thanks for the help team. Keep Charging!

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This is a huge ski... I'm 6'-1", 180lbs and ride the 185cm. The ski really doesn't perform until you're pushing it, but then there is no speed limit. It will never get soft and holds up to anything. I put Marker Duke's on it and toured, although it is a heavy setup (even in the west!).

A great ski if you rip, but it would be too much for many people. The faster you go, the better it performs.

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The best all-mountain bomber ski in the 100-120mm waist range

Me: Age 40, 6'1", 200 lbs
Skis: 185cm Line Mothership (measure 189cm), sidecut 142-111-131
Bindings: Head Mojo 15, mounted on the line for a 325mm BSL

I experimented with a bunch of wide rockered and semi-rockered skis last spring, and virtually stumbled backwards into the Mothership.  What a find.  The Mothership has an early rise tip, traditional (but minimal) camber in the middle, and an upturned tail.  They measure longer than spec -- these 185cm skis really compare to a 189cm traditional ski in length -- but I think the conservative sizing is representative of the effective length of the ski.
When tipped on edge on firm snow, the relatively deep (for this class ski) 24m-radius sidecut and traditional contact points allow the skis to hook up very nicely and predictably, and the materials/construction (two layers of titanal sandwiching a macro-block maple core) make for a damp and fairly stiff ski that handles a range of hard snow conditions well.  This is important to me, as almost every other ski in this size class ranges from a comedy to a liability on hard or groomed snow.  Not the Mothership; earlier this week I skied them locally in the mid-Atlantic, with conditions biased towards east-coast packed snow, with ungroomed man-made snow and death cookies thrown in, and the Motherships ruled.  I tried my best to upset the skis and find a speed limit or envelope, but couldn't.  I literally beat the crap out of the skis all day long over a wide range of conditions, and they took it with margin to spare, and returned a fun ride on top of it.

When skied powder style in soft snow, skier weight cancels and reverses the minimal camber on the Mothership.  Combined with the early rise tip, it makes these skis feel like a low-rockered ski, which is to say, great.  They plane up with little effort, and before you know it you're practically carving turns on top of the powder.  I'd say this ski gives you about 70-80% of the benefit of a fully rockered ski with none of the liabilities.  And keep in mind I am on the 185cm; the longer 195cm would be even better in powder.  

Crud?  What crud?  I had a hard time evaluating crud performance of these skis because they simply keep you on top of the crud, and the beefy construction pretty much makes the crud seem invisible.  Forget about notions like plowing crud or slicing through it.  The Mothership rides right over it.

So what we have is a very good wide powder/crud ski that also happens to do well on hard snow.  But beyond that, I found the Mothership to be about the most "bomber" ski I have tried in a good many years.  They get better and more solid the faster you go, and they let you blow over, through, and down the most gnarly conditions imaginable.  If you want to be confident about your skis, these won't disappoint.  And if you're looking for a wide one-ski quiver, look no further.  I already knew the Motherships would be good in soft snow, but their performance on harder snow makes them an obvious choice when you can only pack one pair of skis in the bag.  I have been looking for a full range ski for out west, and I think this is it.  The Motherships will rock those powder and soft snow days, but not let you down if it's a high pressure week with more challenging and more varied conditions.

If there is a downside to these skis, it's weight.  At  185cm, they weight nearly 6 pounds each.  Yeah, I said 6.  Each.  Thankfully, I never noticed that weight when they were underfoot; if anything, it was part of the bomber freight train feel that I dug.  But you probably wouldn't want to carry these skis around too much, and touring with them would be insane unless you're Conan the Barbarian.  Then again, Conan had some lines that sum up the Mothership pretty well.  "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."  Yeah, that about says it.


Time for a followup after four solid and rigorous days on the Motherships at Alta.  Some points I want to hit:

1) They are very livable skis, and I had no issues driving them for full bell-to-bell ski days.  And keep in mind that I live at sea level, and usually have to pace myself to manage effects of skiing at 8500-11500 feet elevation when I go to Alta.  Though big and burly, the Motherships are really gentle giants and very livable as an all-day ski.

2) Groomer performance, especially at ultra high speed, is simply amazing.  The Motherships are clearly the best performing of any ski I have tested in this waist range on groomed or hard snow.  I still have not found a speed limit.  When cranking a hard 120-degree turn at high speed several times this past week, I kept thinking that the Motherships would put some of my narrower skis to shame.  Tremendous amount of confidence at high speed, and the skis will charge through uneven terrain smoothly, without disrupting the skier at all.

3) Weight has not been an issue on downhill runs.  On one traverse where I was breaking trail in wind-packed snow, I might have wished for a lighter ski.  But I do that sort of thing once every 5 years myself.

4) Maneuverability in soft Utah moguls is very good.  You must maintain a minimum speed (which is a good idea in bumps anyhow), but once there, the skis easily come around to make quick turns in tight spaces.  Over a period of days, I got the mixture of upper/lower body balance perfected for these skis.  Ride up onto the backside of the bump, toggle the upper body weight forward and then down/around to the front side of the bump, and whip the skis around.  The early rise tip and upturned tail allow the skis to spin easily.

5) The Motherships are outstanding in deep crud.  I believe the weight/bulk really helps here, serving as the backup "grunt" behind the tip rocker and ski shape.  Super confident in crud conditions.

6) Finally, powder.  The first 1-2 turns feel traditional, but as soon as speed builds, the tips plane right up.  Very nice.  Once going, I stick with my earlier assessment that you get 70-80% of the goodness of a fully rockered ski.  At speed in powder, the Motherships will keep me on top of the snow, and I can maintain a normal forward stance the whole time.  I found the skis got better and better, and more confident, the more speed I added in powder.  This made for some mind blowing steep tree runs in 16-20" of powder, where I felt like I was having an out of body experience of some better skier.  I give full credit to the Motherships for enabling me to do that.  I hesitate to say gear is making me better, but these skis are definitely "enablers".  I think they eliminate shortcomings and restrictions of other skis that have been holding me back.

7) In terms of length, I found 185cm absolutely perfect for my height/weight at Alta.  Never felt the need for the longer 195cm models in powder and crud, or at high speed on groomers, and I appreciated the relative nimbleness of the shorter 185cm skis in bumps and tight spaces.  Finally, it seems I have stumbled on a perfect combination for my needs.

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Big Beasts!

The faster you go the better they feel! They rip powder, plow through choppy crud like you're on groomers, and carve like you wouldn't believe. The only down side is they're heavy- for 195s with Marker Dukes mounted each ski is 9 lbs 3 oz. The weight makes them a work out in tight stuff but that's not really what they're made for. If you live in the west and primarily ski powder/ ungroomed stuff these could be the only ski you need since they still rock the groomers.

I am about 5'10" 150ish pounds. I have...

I am about 5'10" 150ish pounds. I have some EP pros for deep days or when I want to play around, and I am looking for a ski that will charge anything even in hard, icy conditions but will be able to make shorter turns in the sketchy chutes of the ridge. These are my top choice right now. Are these the right boards for me?

Responded on

Get 'em. The Mothership charges hard! If you are an aggressive skier, you shouldn't have any trouble whipping them around in tight spots. The Mo'ships aren't playful like the EP Pros, but because of the early rise tip, they turn pretty easily. The generous sidecut will carve up the hardpack and hold great on icy steeps. The stiff flex will keep you railing high speed turns, and the early rise tip with wide dimensions will float you through the deep. The 'ships would definitely be a good stick to add to your quiver.
I think you'll find this is just the right set of boards for you. Enjoy!

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Love 'em

I am from the UK and ski in the USA/Canada every season(lucky me). I like to take my own skis with me, that means only 1 pair, sadly. So, away I go....the trouble is I have 3 pairs of skis in my collection:09 Rossi S7s, 07 K2 Seths and 09 Line Motherships(185cm). Utah my destination. What would you take ? The S7s would be the obvious choice - but it had not snowed for awhile.... The Seths are my go-to all round ski... So I took the Motherships - I am a big, heavy, strong guy and the conditions looked like they would not include much powder.

I'd read all the write-ups. These are hard-charging, expert skis, that do not like to turn. After 2 weeks of hoping for fresh snow, but charging everything but, I found these skis to be pretty versatile. They turn exactly how you'd expect them too - solidly but not fast. Huge, wide turns I found very easy to carve - a surprise ? I thought they'd be a nightmare on ice and crud but no. Not at all. What is true is that they are superb at speed, only once or twice did they chatter in 2 weeks, and I was actively trying to push and provoke them as much as I could. The real shame for me is that I did not get to try them out in the pow. Hopefully that will happen later in the season. Overall: I love these skis and they have a lot more to offer than I've seen so far.

5 5

Line Mothership Ski

I took these out last weekend in cruddy conditions and I was expecting them to be a bit more ski than I could deal with but they were an absolute revelation. They go as fast as you can without being unmanageable even in bumped out, tight tree runs. Skied the whole mountain at Snowbird and then played a bit a Brighton the next day and aside from their boat anchor weight, they are about the perfect resort ski for 90% of days. They also held an edge no problem in icy spots - better than my other favorite mid-fat, the 4FRNT VCT.

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Favorite Line Ski

In my opinion, this is the coolest ski that Line has come out with. I thought that the Prophet 100 was too 'hooky' feeling-good for groomers, but, in crud was too easy to catch an edge. I like the more forgiving shaped nose of the Blend for that width. The Mothership however is awesome. My first opinion was that this ski was too heavy and stiff to whip around for quick turns. Oh no..because it floats so well, you can turn in a blink. Going fast on these is killer.
The weight makes them ski themselves!
These matched with a Hammerhead or Bishop binding would be perfect for a hard charging in-bounds tele-ski. Nimble yet steady. Fast and burly.
When it came down to it, though, they were just too heavy- both on the uphill and wallet.
Also, I'm not really a Line ski guy anymore. My favorite skis that Line made were made in Canada.
If I were to get a Line ski, and I'm still quite tempted to do so, I'd go with the Motherships.

5 5

Hard Charging Monster

Line Prophet 100's were truly that one ski that changed the way I ski. After a short stint on Rossi's I picked up some Line Motherships because of how impressed I was years ago with Line and the Prophet 100. Line and The Mothership has proven once again to impress me fully. The Mo'ship is a ski for the aggressive hard charging animal of a skier that wants to rip big open faces and stomp everything. These skis are super stable at high speeds and make bombing at mach 2 feel like cruising a groomer. The side walls on these ski are bomber and after smacking some early season rocks this year, they show very little signs of damage other than a few scratches. This ski is a stiff tough badass. But what is even more impressive, and what I truly love about Line skis, is its playfullness. Its ability to make quick turns in tight spots is awesome. A slight bit of early rise in the tips (not rocker) is just perfect for this ski and the skier who does not want to compromise high speed crud busting ability with fancy new rocker technology. I even spin these skis off park jumps from time to time. Looks wise these skis are sick. They have a classy stained mahogany wood look to them with the metal tetanol sheet on top. There are no frills with the graphics. Just basic graphics for a ski that does a lot of walking and not a lot of talking. If you crush it out there and want a ski that will handle EVERYTHING you can throw at it than this is the ski for you. have fun!

5 5

Line Mothership Rips

I had the older liner mothership (grey w/ green base) and this is a completely different ski. I don't know why they didn't just give it a new name because it is nothing like the older mothership. That being said, I loved this ski. I am 5'11'', 170 lbs. and ski mostly steep, powder runs in shoots or through the trees. The ski has excellent flotation and turned quicker than I thought it would. However, you have to work like hell to really make this ski come alive. If you aren't always on edge and on top of this ski it will soon make you it's little whiny b--ch. She likes it fast and rough and if you're not up for it she'll get bored and kick your butt. They are like tanks in the crude. It feels a little silly to stand in line with these on groomer days but my friend clocked me at 75 mph and I never felt a chatter and I don't think I maxed them out. You HAVE to keep them on edge though or you're dead. Hit the gym, get strong and then rip on this ski. Home resort, Snowbasin, UT.

5 5

Simply the Best

If you desire to dominate the mountain, this is the ski. I have both 185 (with dukes) and 195 with FKS RACE bindings and this is the ski. Multi radius turns, smooth ride, super durable. If you are a strong west coast skier you will fall in love with this ski. I think this ski breaks the rocks i hit with it because i have over 150 days on my 185s and they have minimal damage and the ski is more alive than ever.

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Hey Jonathan - seriously considering picking these up, just find the Prophet 100s to be softer than I'd like (but I do love their ability to turn quick.) Wondering how different your 185s feel from your 195s with respect to turning: much more work? About the same? Also, I'm 5'11," 180 lbs. You? Thanks for the input.

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Not Your Older Brother's Line Ski

Hard to believe the skiboard heritage of Line when you're skiing on these. The Mothership is a big, heavy, stiff, charger of a ski. Perfect for big lines and big speed. There's enough sidecut that they aren't an unmanageable plank, but trust me when I say that they don't chatter much when you're hauling.

I noticed that Line put the early rise...

I noticed that Line put the early rise into the Mothership and Prophet 130, but does anyone know if the early rise is only in the tips, or both tip and tail like the EPP?

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For Prophet 130 Early rise is TIP ONLY, not sure about the mothership...

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The early rise is in the tip only. The early rise on the prophet 130 and mo'ships is really subtle, and was added to increase float and maneuverability. It isn't even close to the amount of rocker on the ep pros. The ep pro and the mo'ship are really designed with two completely purposes in mind, and you can see it with the amount of camber and rocker in each. Very large and dramatic rocker for max floatation and playfullness in powder on the ep pros. And very minimal, and subtle on the mo'ships to make it a little more lively, easier to turn, and more stompable off cliffs to prevent tip dive.