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    Invaders are where it's at. Love these skis, could be that they were my first twins but they rock. This was my one ski quiver for a season(broke as a joke). I used these all over the mountain, resort to back country booters. While it was a little difficult to stay afloat, I still used em. It's all about your mindset, just click in and kill it. I enjoyed them in the trees, the park, the hour hike up Kachina Peak for the 4 minute rush down.

    Best ever

      these are the best skis ever. i ski the east and i only focus on park, glades, and moguls because i personally think groomers suck. these skis stand up to everything the go through. Ive alreadt skied about 130 hours on these and i plan to go to the end of april. great butters, amazing jibs, and great bounce back for moguls and tight glades. Bottom line: GET THESE SKIS!!!!!!!!!!

      love em'

        i ride hyland hills minnesota and i gotta say i love these skis the are perfect for jibs and the moderately hard pack snow we got out here i have some marker griffon's on em and the extra wide binding really sets this ski apart from the rest, super light skis and so far they seem pretty durable as well. bottom line: BUY THESE SKIS you cant go wrong with a price this low for a ski this great!

        jib lords

          king of jibs, but i have to say there squably with speed... if you got the extra 50 or 100 bucks id hit up the anthems, and i say this because i know all skiers dont wanna sit around and hit jibs all day, i mean invaders can hold up on jumps, but it's tougher. anthem is much more solid and as the reviews and product videos say on the anthem just plows threw powder.. were as the invader being so light is a little more difficult to control.

          Great Park Skis, but it ends there

            These skis are great for everything inside the park. The butter zones make it easy to pop onto rails and off jumps, and because they are so light they spin very well. Although, if you plan on doing a lot of skiing outside of the park these skis are not for you. They tend to be slow and are pretty unstable with a lot of chatter at high speeds. This should be expected though, considering the invaders are a park specific ski.

            Crazy sick urban ski

              This is by far the best park ski i've ever owned. They have a nice fast base and durable edges. Due to there light weight you can do crazy spins, switch 9's off 40ft tables and pretzel 450's off small rails. They are really poppy and fun. The side cut is great, great for carving those GS turns and buttering all around. The only possible down side of this ski is when you ski a lot of rails, they detune, but if your doing rails, this is good. So i guess nothing bad hails from this ski. Super good park/urban ski for any level rider.


                These are the lightest ski's i have owned so far. when ever i go up on my tips
                it feels so sick(buttering) These ski's also helped me with my spinning technique!! The only
                down fall of these ski's is that There more park oriented so its harder to ski through
                powder in the back country. Durable on rails.
                AWESOME SKI!!!!!


                  These are a good pair of ski's!! when ever i go up on my tips it feels so sick(buttering)!!! the only down fall of this ski is that its park oriented so its harder to go in powder with them, but not impossible. great ski for the amount of coin you pay!!! sick graphics. i also like how its a true twin
                  OVERALL GOOD BUY

                  Kid below me is a nerd.

                    Ya the invaders are pretty cheap... but what is this down syndrome kid talking about? How is line an illegitimate ski company? Ive had the same pair of line's for 2 years. And i have 2 pairs of K2 Fujatives. They have all had about the same durability you just cant be a noob and have to take care of them. This nerd is probably riding some snow blades or some sh*T. Don't talk when you dont know what your talking about. Just cause you have something against line doesn't make them a bad ski company. If your having a problem with them after 2 days its because you obviously don't know what your doing. Ive been killin it on these for 2 years without a problem. Take up racing or something if you dont know how to hit a rail.

                    NEWs 4 u, Cole

                      Hey Cole, why u have to be hatin' on erybody? If u cant ski the invaders out a da park u shouldnt be on skis, eh??? Well Cole heres some news 4 u, Maybe ur the one who cant F***ing ski... Just a thought. When u get better, u start to try to get ur skis to do more sht 4 u. when u suck... it doesnt matter. If u dont want a ski that can go fast, be stable and not delam after 1 run, stop looking. Uve found ur perfect match. If u actually require something of ur skis look somewhere else... 4frnt, armada, Salomon... MAybe thats the reason that u think that an iligetimate ski company's lowest end ski kicks A$$... Just a thought b4 u go bad mouthing an demeaning the entire ski community, try thinkin. And yea i no that k2 just aquired line, i was just tryin to prove a point.

                      i am 5'5 and about 135 lbs. what size...

                      i am 5'5 and about 135 lbs. what size should i get and are suspects better

                      Best Answer

                      I would go 171 for a park ski for you. And as for Invaders or Suspects, it depends on what you want. The Suspects are traditionally shaped while the Invaders are symmetrical. This means they ski great switch, but the tails have a tendency to hook up every now and then, usually in the deeper snow, and you have to mount them true center.

                      Im thinking about getting this pair of...

                      Im thinking about getting this pair of skis very seriously right now but i need to know if they are hard to land switch???

                      whats stronger this or the chronic?

                      whats stronger this or the chronic?

                      invaders or anthems. i ski east how much...

                      invaders or anthems. i ski east how much better are anthems on hard pack. i would like a pretty soild park ski for both park and groomers. and i like to ski fast on groomers kinda worried bout chatter. (height 6 feet/ weight 170) recommened size? thanks

                      The invaders handle groomers well, but in my experience, a wider ski is better for powering through ice and granular. the anthem is also more fun (imho) because of the flex pattern, and a wide ski give you that much more stability on rails.
                      Don't get anything less than a 178, but either the anthem or the invader would suit your needs.
                      i would go anthems though...

                      Which one is better for straight up park...

                      Which one is better for straight up park the Anthem or theese I want somthin that super poppy and stable on rails but still good in the pipe im pretty small (5.6 feet and about 125ish weight) i ski a pretty crappy park and im kinda ne which one?

                      Which ones Invaders or Anthems

                      Which ones Invaders or Anthems

                      I have been skiing these hard the whole...

                      I have been skiing these hard the whole season so far but i was thinking about getting a new ski. I ride park most the time but i am down for a good hard mogul run or some drops. i am trying to decide between the K2 Extreme and the Salomon Suspects. Which ones would fit my basic needs?

                      i am about 6'1 and bought 185lbs sking in...

                      i am about 6'1 and bought 185lbs sking in midwest, i currently own the k2 fugitives and want something like them but a little more flexible and playful but nothing heavier. i am decideing between these and the AR6s. i ski about 80 20 park to groomers. if anyone has any suggestions of which one i should get that would be great

                      I say the AR6's, they are way more stable with speed for stompin' the big hits with the speed and style needed. Tons of pop and super playful.>>>>Well I have not skied theese but i have skied on the AR6 s they r ok but they feel weird caus of the changing flex pattern but there realllllllllllyyyyy powerful skis

                      hey i dont no weather this is the right...

                      hey i dont no weather this is the right place to ask this question but i was wndering how much it would cost to ship these to england??

                      so, im 6'2 at 155ish lbs 19 yrs old skiing...

                      so, im 6'2 at 155ish lbs 19 yrs old skiing in VT. im trying to decide between the anthems and the invaders, im sort of leaning towards the invaders now, because they are thinner, i have 169 (yes i realize how redicuously short it is) fujatives ( 113-85-104 ) and never skiid a wide ski, i love the ride of my fugatives but want something my size (going to do 178) and softer, is the difference in flex between the two really that different? and the most fresh we get here at once is probally like a foot, then its gone in a day. no problems in it on my k2's. thanks in advance for any helpoh, and im like 60-40 or 70-30 park-evrythingelse.

                      I was wondering how durable these are. Am...

                      I was wondering how durable these are. Am i going to have to replace them in a year or should they last me. Also how are these on ice and hard snow( east coast conditions)

                      It depends on how hard you ride them in the park, Most park skis only last about a year if ridden hard, edges start to blow out and you might get some delam. If you mean by riding them all-mountain in ice and hardpack, they are to soft. take a look at the chronic or suspect or wall for those conditions.

                      i am thinking of getting them and i am...

                      i am thinking of getting them and i am thinking of going big in the park this year will they be a good to start on or will they just break????

                      if all you ski is park then these things will be great. Of course they are going to break and delam after 2 runs and you will have to buy another pair. they are light so for the one jump you hit you can pull some grab or spin(unless the jump is over 6-7 feet tall, then the invaders will simply explode unpon impact with the ground), but realistically these skis are good for nothing. Line is good for nothing. Simply garbage. Dont waste your money. just answering this question has made me sickHeyDon't listen to all this crap about line skis. These are perfectly fine park skis. They aren't your 6th season and still going strong ski by any means, but if you are just buying them to hit the park, your fine. Honestly, a lot of people who broke these things were riding the invaders that came out like four years ago. Since then, the entire company has changed, been bought out by K2, and they pretty much started over with their basics of constructing skis. They are a lot more durable than the piece of junk skis line used to put out when they were an independent company. I'll admit that Line used to be horrible, and they really did break and de-lam, and everything else, but skis change in four years, and these definitely have. Like someone said in their review, these skis aren't even made in the same factory as the ones that were having problems, they are actually made on the same stuff that the k2 skis are made on. Line has gone through major changes over the last few years. (adding) Line is one of best skis around, yes they did have problems with their price point ski the invader the first year they came out but now the got that problem worked out. NO brand of park ski is going to hold up for more then 2 seasons if you ride it as intended thats why they cost less. Even volkl walls rated one of best out there had problems with breaking and bindings pulling out last year so they changed the core for this year. Do you think park pro,s ride the same ski all season. Heck no they change skis as often as their underwear because they destroy them. Line and K2 are the only ones progressing freestye and freeride sking, the rest are just following. Get a pair of LINES sidewall const. skis and they will last forever pluse LINE has one of the best warrenties in buisness.