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Pollard’s powder paintbrush.

Eric Pollard designed his signature pro model to ride and land switch in the deep better than anything else. The Line EP Pro is super fat, soft, twinned-up, and rockered at the tip and tail for ultimate float in bottomless powder, and that means windlip 540’s, bomb-drop 180’s, and shifty zero spins off backcountry kickers are now within the realm of possibility. Somebody even told us the EP Pro’s full wood core and traditional sidecut make it fun as hell on groomers too, but then we’ve never been one to spread rumors…

  • 45cm x 30mm tip and tail rocker puts you on top of the fluff pronto
  • Maple Macroblock core smoothes out cut-up pow and crud fields
  • Fatty Base & Edge sidewall construction takes a beating on the hill and on the tuning table
  • Early Taper at the tip & tail prevents hooking in soft snow
  • Topsheet artwork by Eric Pollard

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Unanswered Question

I got a pair of these for really cheap...

I got a pair of these for really cheap from my brother and was thinking of mounting the with some tele bindings. I was wondering if these would make a good telemark Ski or of some attribute of them would make that a bad idea.

How do these handle crud and extremely...

How do these handle crud and extremely diverse snow conditions?

Responded on

These are an extremely versatile ski, easy to ride but really caters to the intermediate to advanced skiers out there who love pow, but need their park too.

How do these compare to the Hellbents?

How do these compare to the Hellbents?

Responded on

Way more versatile, more of a all-mountain ski (despite what people MAY say about the Hellbents- they are a pow ski). These are skis for most everybody for intermediates- easy to ski but fun and jsut the right amount of stiffness for the control required by advanced skiers. Plus, the hellbent graphics are pretty lame.

Unanswered Question

so i just picked up my new ep pro's and...

so i just picked up my new ep pro's and jesters. looking for some suggestions where i should mount these bad boys...? mostly resort riding and backcountry, 175-180 lbs and im 6'4. thanks, peace out

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My new daily tool!

The EPP is the most fun you can strap to your feet. Be it powder or hardpack (just watch out for chopped crud!) this ski is sick fun. I've always skied stiffer skis (Atomic Sugardaddy, Line Mothership, ect.) but when I went to this soft little tool, my eyes were opened to a new kind of skiing. No more do I worry about landing in deep snow... the tips are almost impossible to burry. The tails are so springgy that even my non-jibbery style can get off the ground. Not the best ski for crud or chopped snow, because it is so soft that you can fold the thing in half, but I ride them on ice all the time. The reduced running length on hardpack makes it seem like you're skiing 120cm skis... it's very interesting at first, but I'm in love with the feeling now.

I love my EPP and take it everywhere. Graphics are sick too... thanks Line and EP!

My new daily tool!
Responded on

just picked mine up! mounting jesters on them and im kind of stuck at where i should mount them? ne suggestions

I am looking into getting a bigger pow ski...

I am looking into getting a bigger pow ski than my 168 Nomads with BD O1's. I'm debating over the EP pros or the Salomon Czars, both would be mounted with a hammerhead. Anybody skiied either of the skis as a tele setup? I'm curious if the EP pros will be a bit too soft, and where to mount them. I'm 6'1" and 140 lbs. and want a nice playful pow tele-ski.

Responded on

Hey Gavin,

Last season I mounted the EP Pros with Marker Dukes and spent around 30 days touring in and around the Wasatch range (Alta, Snowbird, Brighton). Not the lightest setup and surely a West Coast kit, however I had plenty of success skinning around. Sometimes slow going on traverses and well-worn paths because the EP is far wider than almost any other skin setup therefore you're almost always breaking a wider track than most. Little tricky to get used to at first given the wider than necessary stance, but once you're acclimated you'll find that the EP is unlike any other ski. Extremely soft from tip-to-tail and the reverse camber means you end up with a smaller footprint (and effective edge if things get dicey on a z track) for skinning on anything packed (not undoable though).

As a tele-ski I would expect that these would take some serious getting used to considering the amount of forward pressure you're exerting throughout each turn. Admittedly I've only spent a few days on tele setups though.

Bottom line: s o f t, medium to heavier ski (08/09 model I rode), and I would buy these again in a heartbeat.

Considering the flex I would question throwing anything less than a Duke or a Baron on these if you expect to ride any amount of chunder or choppy conditions.

A friend of mine here at Backcountry has DynaFits on his Czars and raves about the setup. Between the 111 waist, the wood core, and the tip rocker I would suggest the Czars for a TELE setup.

My two cents.

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Slash Machines

When it starts snowing i don't know if I am excited to ski pow or just rip around the mountain on these sleds. Man when i ripping down the mountain and see a virgin wind lip and i look down and see these sex machines under my feet I dam near get a boner. Do yourself a favor and buy them. God Bless Eric Pollard, I Love You?

EP Pro's in Whistler

EP Pro's in Whistler

I love the contrast the orange bases make. I haven't had a bad day on them yet.. most fun ski I've been on, along with my Prophet 100's for touring. These are the 09-10's
-Myself on Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, B.C.

Responded on

is that a weird optical illusion that reverses the base colors from what the compnay photo shows, or are your skis just like that (with the orange clouds and white background)? that's pretty cool

Responded on

Line makes half of their product with one colour and the other half with the opposite, so as to reduce waste of ptex base material!

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my personal floation device pfd

love them from 6 inches and above utah powder they are a pfd i set my with marker jester they rock. if you what do do tricks in backcountry or just huck cliffs or even just ski powder turns these are your ski

I'm in need of a Pow ski for my 6'3" 210...

I'm in need of a Pow ski for my 6'3" 210 lb self and want to put marker duke's on them to try out alpine touring as well. I do like them to be more playful, perhaps riding switch on occasion and going really fast isn't at the top of my priority list. Would the Eric Pollard's be a good choice or are they going to be too heavy? Perhaps momment bibby pro 186's ?

Responded on

Either of those skis would perform for you. The momment bibby is a little less symmetrical front to back and therefor might be a better choice if you aren't skiing switch a lot. Neither have much camber if any under foot and won't be lively in anything but pow. For touring the momments might be a little lighter and easier to set trail with.

Responded on

Unless they changed the flex on the EP Pro's from last year, they will be way to soft for you. I am 6'6", but only 195 and I found the EP Pro's way to soft. On the other hand, I loved the Bibby's. I'd even look into the 190 Bibby's if I were you. The little bit of camber will be nice for touring and the extra length with be awesome in the powder.

Best Answer Responded on

way too big for the ski. Your tails will wash out and you will backslap the majority of the cliffs you drop. I'd say look stiffer.

Responded on

I wouldn't say the EP Pro is too soft for you unless you are a gung-ho charger. If you are a straight-up charger, I would look to something else with a bit more stiffness to it. If you like to bounce around, jib in the powder here and then rip freshies there, then the EP Pro is perfect. I love it, but, I also love the Bacons as well. I am 5'8" and grossly overweight at 195# and these things still are awesome! Take a little getting used to a first, but, after that they are straight up fun. I would not take them down anything to steep and packed, but, that is not my style anyway.

This year EPs or 130s? I ride the cottonwood...

This year EPs or 130s? I ride the cottonwood canyons and am all about the pow. Help

Responded on

Either would be good. Not knowing what kind of skier you are, I couldn't really make any suggestions. If you like to pull some crazy maneuvers in air and on snow, and you like a lot of forgiveness in your ski, you should probably check out the EP pros first. The EPP's are more of a laid back, relaxed kind of ski- just like the chill, wide stanced Eric Pollard. On the other hand, if you pretty much like to go straight and fast, and ski more agro, the Line Proph 130's would be good. Also check out the Bentchetlers; they,re kind of in between.
Also, if you're in the Wasatch, check out Bluehouse Skis. The Mavens are reverse camber, early taper and are 139 underfoot. The Maestros, also reverse cam, early taper are 118 under foot. Both are incredible skis, and are about half the price of Lines.

5 5

These skis are big...and FUN.

Probably my favorite powder ski yet. I had never skied anywhere near that big previously, so I had no idea what to expect, especially being a small guy. I on threw a pair of Marker Griffons and put them to the test.

At first, I was reluctant to take them out unless it was a major powder day. Soon, I realized that they are fun in almost any condition. They're extremely soft...and can pretty much pop off anything with the tails. The more I skied them, the more I realized you could just look where you want to ski, and you ski it. No questions asked. It was the first time I could drop cliffs and launch rollers in deep power without feeling like I'd be thrown "over the handlebars".

Obviously, they aren't going to handle well on crud and hardpack, but they can definitely hold their own ripping down the groomers to get back to the lift.

The EP's are landing pads for your feet. Go get yourself a pair!

Responded on

how big are you man? i'm having problems deciding weather i should get these skis because of my size

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I haven't ever skied the EP pro in the conditions it was meant for. I have skied other similar skis in those conditions so I know that this ski would absolutely kill it in deep pow. I did get to use these skis in the park though. They were pretty fun, I could nose/tail press things so easy, even did a few 50-50 presses on some picnic tables. They killed it. I hope I can try them in the deep soon!

I am currently on Prophet 100's with...

I am currently on Prophet 100's with Fritschi's.
I am really looking at the EP Pro's for the deep days, but Line didn't come to Whistler to demo last year. I did try the Rossi S7's, Movement Flyswatters, Icelandic Nomads, and K2 Hellbents.
I loved the Flyswatters and Nomads and the S7's in powder, but I didn't like the Hellbents too much. They were too heavy and sloppy to move around (albeit I was on crud/groomers rather than deep powder since it was April).
My question is, for those that own EP Pro's... how similar are they to the above skis? Also, which binding would you suggest? I LOVE my Fritschi's on my Prophets since it makes it really light so I can fly through the trees.. but they aren't so good for hucking cliffs or going insanely hard, which I would no doubt be doing more with EP Pro's...

Best Answer Responded on

If you didn't like the Hellbents, you won't like the EP pro either.

If you liked the S7, check out the Armada JJ, 4Frnt CRJ, Atomic Blog, Atomic bent chetler, and Moment Night train.

Responded on

I'd say that out of those skis, the hellbents are probably the most similar. The EPs are big and floppy. I absolutely love them for powder days and heck, they're even pretty fun for just ripping around the mountain. As for hucking cliffs, these things are landing pads. No more 'flying over the handlebars' in the deep stuff because the tips won't dive.

this or the armada jj's

this or the armada jj's

Responded on

Hey Warren. It would depend on how you like to ski. Both skis are pretty much meant for the same conditions and it just comes down to how playful you want a ski to be. The EP Pro is a little playful, but also on the surfy side. The JJ is super playful and can spring out poppy turns at a quick rate. Go for the one that suits you best and hope this helps you out.

Responded on

The EP pro can't ski crud..the JJ can... bottom line

Responded on

If you're using the ski as your deep day/pow only tool the ep pro has more rocker, no camber, more width. Therefore it will be the better choice. If you plan on using this ski in other conditions than just untracked, fresh pow, the JJ is stiffer and has camber, and is more versatile overall. So it depends on what you're looking for. The JJ is definitely the more versatile of the two, but the EP pro will give you better float. So it's a matter of what exactly it is you're looking for.