Lay it down in the park of the free and the home of the brave.

With 93mm underfoot and a 119mm tail and shovel, the Line Anthem Alpine Ski gives you stability for large terrain, while Butter Zones and Carbon Ollieband construction ensure plenty of pop and smooth handling. Take this symmetric-flex twintip to the park and use the carbon fiber ollieband (pre-stretched, vertically laminated carbon-fiber stringers) to get a little more boost out of those trannies. Line's Butter Zones taper parts of the tip and tail so there's a distinct “hinge-point” for controllable nose presses and butters off boxes. Line's fiberglass layering around the core and the Fatty base and edges give you extra thickness so you won't have to miss epic rail sessions with blown edges and bases.

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will 90mm brakes fit on these skis?

will 90mm brakes fit on these skis?

Ok so i bought these skis for my boyfriend...

Ok so i bought these skis for my boyfriend and i have no clue about ski equipment at all, was i supposed to buy like clips or something that hooks the boots onto the skis, or if he has a different pair of skis already can he take those clips and boots and just transfer them to these?

Best Answer Responded on

Hey Emily. The "clips" that you refer to are called "bindings". You do need bindings on skis to use them, but if your boyfriend has another pair of bindings on other skis they are most definitely transferable. Just take both pairs of skis to any ski shop and they'll be able to remove the bindings from one pair of skis and mount them on the other.

hey. i was wondering how much the postage...

hey. i was wondering how much the postage would be to australia roughly?
and also if you would be able to do a boot and binding deal on them?

Best Answer Responded on

Put the skis in your cart, then go to the checkout page, enter your shipping info, and you'll get a shipping quote then.

As far as I know, doesn't do any packages on ski equipment.

Hope this helps!

im kinda of an althetic build (6 ft 1) 180...

im kinda of an althetic build (6 ft 1) 180 pounds, i was wondering if this ski would be to "light" for me, or made for lighter people.

Responded on

No, this ski is for anyone, if you grab the right length. Get the 178, and it should be alright.

AHHHH ok gotcha but give me a couple skis...

AHHHH ok gotcha but give me a couple skis that you guys know are fun poppy flexi holds up at decent speeds not 55 or anything but enough to get me over any jump i want to go big on....sweet butters ollies / nollies poppy of the lip WHAT SKIS

Responded on

The K2 Extreme is a stiffer flex park ski, not a super buttery one, but handles speed and landings really well, the Disorderly is basically the same ski as the Invaders from Line, but both a decent for buttering, but similar to the Anthems. The new J.O. Pro is supposed to be a sick sick ski, but I have only tried this seasons model, which is still super sick. The Armada AR6 is the pretty standard park ski in my opinion, holds speed, stomps landings, and butters well after some break in. Another wider option is the K2 Kung Fujas, which flexes super nice, buttering all over the place, and has a wider waist for stomping anything. There are lots of other options depending on who you talk to, but these ones are all at least decent park skis. Test a couple pairs before you buy though, if you can.

Responded on

Just remember. J.F. Houle used the Armada AR6 and the Salomon Suspect skis in the Dew Tour..he was able to nose butter 270 onto handrails and still hit big jumps on them. Check those two skis out for sure...because anthems are pretty buttery..more so than you might want depending on the size of the jump.

ok another question im about 5'9 and 140...

ok another question im about 5'9 and 140 i have heard some things about the anthem like at medium speeds they are sketchy under foot and the tips wiggle or something. also i have heard that they arent soft enough to do sweet butters or ollies/ nollies. i really was taking into consideration into buying these with the griffons. but all of those things really turned me into a different direction with the pair of skis i may be getting. all i need to know is if these things are true. i need a fun poppy flexi ski that will perform. maybe not at 55 mph but at decent speeds. i heard the head J.O pros are sick. for jumps rails flex and pop need help sizes would be nice tooo

Responded on

Yeah I have tried these skis, just a fun day in the park, and they hold an edge alright, but if you are straight lining to hit that big table, then yeah, the tips can wander away from you. As for the flex, it feel super stiff pretty much at all points of the ski, and then it softens up in the butter zones, which I find are in slightly awkward places, then the tips get stiff again. Nose buttered alright, nothing special, same with the tails. You should check the J.O.'s though, I hear great things!

I'm planning on getting these skis, but I...

I'm planning on getting these skis, but I have a few questions. 1) I'm 5'8 (almost 5'9) and 140 lbs, should I go for the 171 or 178? I torn between the two because I've heard that center mounted skis ride short, but also that you want a shorter ski in park so you can get them around better.

I'm only using these for park, so that's not an issue I need to have addressed, but I do want to know how flexy they are. I've heard that they're stiff except for the butter zones, is that true? Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.

Responded on

With your size you can get either ski, but they do ride short with the center mount. The flex pattern I find weird sometimes, because of what you said, the buttery zones are the soft spots and the rest is pretty stiff. For the lengths, the 171 is good for snapping out spins, but the 178 would be better on bigger booters.

Responded on

Go for the 178. A shorter ski is not better for park. Longer is better in almost every way, with the exception of "snapping out spins," plus it will make you a better skier in the long run.
About the flex pattern. It is similar to the Invader but a little stiffer. You should be able to flex them pretty well, depending on the stiffness of your boot, but the will hold up on bigger kickers. I wouldn't take these off a 25 meter, but you should be fine against anything leading up to that.

i have been looking at the anthems for...

i have been looking at the anthems for some time now and i just cant make up my mind... i have also been looking up the salomon suspects... i have so many questions about these skis. the flex im from new york and 75% of the year is hard pack snow 25% is choppy pow. but i usually am at the park hitting jumps rails boxes and some powder in the trees. i have been riding liberty kgb for 2 years and is way to stiff for me . so my real question is what ski will get me through jumps boxes rails and a LITTLE pow and some buttering and fun playful flex.... with a reasonable price... anyone

Responded on

I ride the anthems on the east coast and love em' ... They are soft enough for hits and jibs and wide enough to cut through crud.. You may want to wait to see next seasons Afterbang to come out heard it a sick. Check it out. Also if u get the anthem or any symetrical ski go a bigger to compensate for tip length.. I have quite a few pairs of skis and also enjoy the armada ar6 .. Another great ski.

Responded on

These boards sound perfect for you. You will definitely enjoy the flex, and the price is RIGHT.

5 5

Most fun

Sickkk ski.. Well said momentum.. If interested in anthem go for it . It a great all around ski .. Go bigger in length to compromise for center mount .. Super fun ski that makes switch riding simple .. Find myself doing a lot of butters and snappy 180s everywhere.

I was wondering if i should buy these or...

I was wondering if i should buy these or wait for the line afterbang to come out. I am 5,4 105 and ride alot of park. t

Responded on

Not many people have ridden the Afterbang, but most reviews are positive. I'd say either ski would be good for a lot of park skiing

Responded on

Both skis would be good.
I would wait for the afterbangs though. they sound alot more appropriate for someone your size.

Im around 5.6 and weigh around 105 lbs....

Im around 5.6 and weigh around 105 lbs. Im only 14 so im still growing. I should be around 5.8 or 5.9 next year, so i can still grow into skis. At the most, ill probably only grow to 5.10. So would a 171 or 178 anthem be better for me? Also, other people have said these are a dedicated park ski and groomers arent so great on anthems. Is this true? I spend around 50/50 on park and groomers, but I want to be in the park more because the groomers get boring once youve done them over and over. Im only a beginner park skier but i have been doing downhill for 5 years. I need a versatile twin tip ski for groomers and park. I will only have one ski in my quiver so any other suggestions on skis would be nice tooThanks.

Responded on

If you are good at skiing, they should be fine on groomers. You should definitely get 178 if you think you can control a bigger ski. Look at the Line Chronics, they shred the park, but are excellent all over the mountain

I'm 5'7 and about 140 pounds. I ski the...

I'm 5'7 and about 140 pounds. I ski the Line Anthem with the bindings on centre, but I'm not really happy with the Ski. To me the Line Anthem seems pretty stiff and somehow not really light either to do tricks on grooms, and the performance in the BC is ok but not great either IMO.I'm looking for a softer, lighter ski that has a better performance in the BC then in the Park. How is the Salomon Lord compared to the Anthem?

Responded on

The lord is 3 times stiffer then the anthem, its like a 2x4. You think the anthem is stiff, it is one of the softer park skis. If you want a real soft park ski for back country use the line elizebeth is it, but you may think it's to wide for you but it's what your looking for.

are these flexy

are these flexy

Responded on

Yes and no. The butter zones help them flex when you butter, but they aren't too flappy when you are on groomers.

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New breed

Some quick background: I'm 5'7" and 175#. I would call my skiing style "power based" more than finesse. This is my second center-mount ski. I have the spiral version, but I'm putting my comments on the main page for this model.

Yes, Center-mounts ski differently. Mainly, you have more tail behind you. This means you will probably forget about it in the bumps or get a surprise on a step-up, but not much else changes. Yes, you need to center-mount these, otherwise they ski really weird.

I am skiing a 171cm and the ski skis short, but has pretty good float. The "butter zones" mean that the ski tips and tails will flex when you pumped these in the powder. I found that this makes them ski like a softer ski in the powder and let me chophop out of the powder. That being said, they still hold an edge pretty well and carve like mad. Anyone who can't ski powder with these doesn't know how to ski powder and probably needs to bulk up a bit. Believe it or not, these skis reward those with big gun legs more than stiffer skis. They won't float for you, but they have so much pop they are a ton of fun if you have the junk in the trunk to use that flex pattern.

In the park and pipe and just generally screwing around, they are very poppy and get you plenty of boost at the lip. On re-entry, the butter-zones allow the ski to be very forgiving.

My one complaint is that the ski is squirrely at high-speeds (i.e. 25-30mph and above.) if you stay on base. Basically, don't hold these flat and straightline a groomer. The symmetrical design means they start kicking around. To counter this, just stay on edge and carve big, fat arcs burning your knee and dragging your hand all the way down.

Wicked fun ski. Not a do-everything-"properly" ski, but definitely a do-everything-"fun" ski. And it's that what it's about?

im looking for a ski that will last and...

im looking for a ski that will last and is a good big mountain and a good park ski. also i kinda would like some float is there a ski that can do that.

Hey guys,Im getting a new pair of skis...

Hey guys,Im getting a new pair of skis pretty soon here but idk what to get. I basically like to ski everything that my east coast mountain has to offer. Basically for right now its either the anthems or chronics. I know the chronics are stiff, but are they still able to butter at all? Im about 5'11 195lbs and i need some help.

Responded on

they are a stiffer park ski, but butter real well, more of a allmountain park ski then the anthems.

Responded on

at your size, you will mos def butter the stockings off of chronics.

5 5

dope ski

this is the most thugging ski i have ever ridden. i switched from the k2 publice enemy to this and there is no comparison. i can carve these in switch better than most people can normal carve. the pop on these skis turns the whole mountain into your terrain park. people who say these can't ski powder probably aren't great skiers. get the anthem and turn your mountain into your personal playground

will this ski do well jibbing in the...

will this ski do well jibbing in the powder?

Responded on

It doesn't offer a ton of float, and is pretty stiff, so probably not exactly what you are looking for, although you can try it and see. It's down to preference.Adding a bit: I just got out on these the day after a storm and they are nice and stiff on groomers, but the Butter zones offer nice flex on the tip and tail to porpoise up and out of powder. True, they won't float on top of the powder like waterskis, but you're not getting them for that... They have a ton of pop and handle in powder like a soft ski and handle on groomers like a stiffer (albeit symmetrical) ski.

which skis would be better for everyday...

which skis would be better for everyday park skiing these or the invaders?

Responded on

The invaders are a little more of a traditional park ski. These are a bit fatter and could also be used as an all mountain ski. They will both handle the park fine; jibbing will probably be a little easier on the invader as they have smaller dimensions and are thus lighter.