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    It really is a shame what is going on here. I bought two of these lights not too long ago and neither of them worked. I honestly think every time they are sent back they are just re-stocked and re-sold. Huck and roll should probably be looking into why people are sending them back. I contacted light and motion and explained to them what was going on. They are aware of the issue and explained that these lights have probably sat in a warehouse for close to 3 years. They are replacing mine with the new 180 lumen version luckily or I would be finished with both companies. Serious disappointment with huck and roll on my end.

    Bad Lights!? Bad @$$!

      The same happen to me, arrived did not work. Pissed, sent Huck n Roll an email at 2am my time and woke up to an answer at 7am. Sorry we will send you another keep the one you have. Awesome customer service! Did not bother me with, send it back or just pay shipping, none of that junk. 2 days later new light! As you can see on my photo Lejeune, I ordered another light and now have two working lights, and one dead one (hahaha). The lights are bright enough to use during the day and scares away the darkness!

      Bad Lights!? Bad @$$!

      Lejeune showing off doubles during the day!

      I slapped these on my 1964 French Champ Du Monde Lejeune Road bike. These lights are so bright you can use them as Day time running lights! I ride in the river beds and there are no lights there. So when the sun goes down you better have some lights. This is the way to go! Going through fwy under paths, tunnels and more, one at the floor and one straight ahead. Not only is it safer by lighting up the whole river bed, but it allows you to push for faster speed when you can see where you are going!

      Lejeune showing off doubles during the day!

      Good light

        Light and Motion discontinued this product in 2009 and some have sat on the shelf so long that the battery won't charge. But Realcyclist has a good exchange policy and if you can find one that works, you can get an amazing deal on a good 120 lumen light. I paid $19.99 (versus $129.99 MSR).

        total rip off: dead on arrival

          decided to buy even after reading other reviews: it wil not happen to me. Unfortunately this is a total rip off: the light does not work at all and it s**ks to pay for return shipping! I guess I really bought an expensive charger - that one seems to function...

          Very disappointed.

          Absolutely Amazing! Recommend Highly!!!

            I bought a few of these and they are awesome. We do night riding on our motorcycles and one of these on each dirtbike is enough to get us out at night moving at a reasonable speed.
            The straps have to be attached properly, loop them up through and then down onto the snaps, then the straps work great and these lights don't move at all no matter how technical the terrain. We now have 7 of these in my riding group and every single one has been amazing. Easily worth paying 75$ each for these things!!!

            You can see about 20-25 feet with these. Also, we charged them over night before taking them out and using them and got 4 hours on every light. Much better than the 2 hours the stats say. The only weird thing is they don't go dim at all when they start to die, they just shut off. 4 hours of 100% and then they're done.

            Poor ethical call on Huck and Roll's part...

              Pretty lame that Huck and Roll continues to sell a product that often doesn't even work...the heavy discount does not make this ok...ethically, it's hard to trust this company again. If they would pay return postage, it would be worth sending them back, but since I probably won't buy anything from them again, it ends up being another exercise in futility. Huck and Roll, you owe it to your customers to pull this product....

              I wanted to like it, but...

                I purchased this light from Chain Love for even less money than sold here. Against the advice of most reviews I went for it because the price was right. The first unit came in with obvious signs of being previously used and dissassembled. Plus it didn't work. I sent it back and a replacement unit was received pretty quick. The new unit worked a total of three times. After the first charge it turns on for 3 mins and then turns off on its own. The light emits a pretty strong beam but it's useless if it doesn't stay on for more than 3 minutes at a time.
                Save your money and buy something that will actually work.

                You get what you pay for

                  I wonderful price got me to buy the light. I enjoyed it for early morning rides, though I found it hard to properly secure to my handle bars. The biggest bummer, after about 3 months it stopped working. One day is worked fine and the next time I used it, nothing! I would recommend spending a little more for a more reliable light.

                  Vega 120

                    Light works great. Good output(beam is a little narrow)but is fine for around town.light was a little loose when i received it so i tried to tighten the little screw that hold the light to mounting bracket.i did not turn to hard but when i did,the plastic washer in the mount fell apart.i replaced it with a metal washer and it has been fine since then. the light is worth $20.Michael

                    If it worked at all it might be good?

                      I got two of these on SAC and both, BOTH of them were DOA. Plug them in, nothing happens. Left them charging overnight, they still do nothing. The chargers both put out 7.5V at 1A like they're supposed to, the lights just don't seem to care. I tried to pull one apart to see if I could test out the battery and you cannot disassemble them, the battery is glued to the light housing. Sending them back, pissed I have to pay return shipping.


                        Mounting strap allows light to rotate under the bar. Battery is not lithium ion, so it's heavy and it won't last. I charged it and left it alone for a week before night riding and it had completely lost its charge. I bought this on chainlove for $20 thinking I couldn't go wrong, but this light is never going to be a good choice. For twenty bucks, I guess its a unique looking paperweight.

                        Bad mounting system

                          Only one star because of the mounting strap. Less than three months of very occasional use on a 3-spd commuter (never off road, and parked in the garage) and the strap broke. On one strap setting, it would slip, and on the next it broke. L&M does not stand behind this either; they told me to buy a new strap. It was practically brand friggin' new. The light itself is good, but really it's just a ridiculously expensive flashlight. No more L&M products for me.

                          edgpaul, I tinkered around on Light & Motion's website and found replacement straps for $3, which seems reasonable. They also offer different mounting systems if you're not content with the one you have at the moment.

                          Click on "Parts & Accessories" (Body) and on the resulting new window, click on "Mount Kits / Accessories" (Left Nav)

                          If for nothing more than principle, I agree they should stand by their product. But, I suppose offering replacement parts is a step in the right direction towards "support", not ideal, but an attempt. FWIW

                          Good Commuting light

                            This light does the job and throws a pretty good beam for commuting. I really like it for commuting when I pair it with a helmet mounted light and this on my handlebar.
                            Haven't tried it mt biking yet because the plastic strap to secure the light to the handle bar or stem doesn't hold it in place that well when it gets rough. If you can find a way to secure it really well for off road I would give this 4 stars.

                            Mounting straps can't just be wrapped around the bar and then snapped into place, they need to be looped up through the hole in the mount first, and then bent down and around onto the snaps. After we figured this out, the mounts don't much at all no matter how technical the dirtbike trails gets.

                            How many lumens do I need for trail riding...

                            How many lumens do I need for trail riding at night?

                            Of course, personal preference plays a big role in this choice, but I would recommend at least 200 lumens to adequately light up your trail ride! How many lumens you need depends on how fast you are going, how technical the trail, how many switchbacks, etc.