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Patch kits are great to have as backup. In theory, you can get a patch kit, throw it in your pack, and forget about it until you need it. That's the theory. The reality is, by the time you need it, it comes out of its little pouch looking like a battalion of rats decided to run nibble-durability tests on it and it failed. On top of that, the little tube of rubber cement magically dried out even though it was sealed. The folks at Lezyne are as tired of this phenomenon as you are. Thus, the Lezyne Alloy Patch Kit. Of course, the first thing you notice when you see the Alloy Patch Kit is the fancy aluminum box. It's more than just clever packaging, though.

The Alloy Patch Kit's forged aluminum case and rubber end cap are durable and waterproof. You can forget about rat attacks once the Alloy Patch kit is in your pack. The rubber cement issue is solved as well, due to the absolute lack of rubber cement. The synthetic rubber patches are backed with an aggressive adhesive that conforms to inflated tubes and requires no dry time. Even the patch kit instructions have a self-adhesive backing to use as an emergency tire boot in the event of a blown sidewall. You'll want to replace that tire, of course, but it's a quick fix that will get you home without having to hike.

Each Lezyne Alloy Patch Kit contains nine glueless patches, a stainless steel scuffer, and emergency tire boot/instructions. Refill kits are available.

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I love this patch kit

    I've been a big fan of glueless patch kits for a while but have been disappointed with the quality of what was available until now. The patches are a ripstop variety and are very, very sticky and are super easy to use. The boot that's included will be very useful if you need it (better than a GU wrapper). Plus, the container everything comes in could have alternate uses.

    Must have

      Put one of these in every pack/bag you own for biking.

      Good quick patch kit. A buddy got a flat on a tubeless in So. Utah, used the self-adhesive backing to patch the blown side wall... finished the trail (5+miles).

      I've had to use the patches numerous times and have never had any issues.

      Recommended patch kit

        Nice little kit. Weighs 28g and contains all of the necessary components. The scuffer works well and the patches stick pretty well (better than some other patches from well established companies). The case certainly has a wow factor despite its simple design. The plug is a little hard to get out at time. Plus, the contents take some tapping to get dislodged. Otherwise, great little kit.

        Lezyne Alloy Patch Kit

          Lezyne has come up with a nifty little kit. With a hard and waterproof case your patches will be in good shape when you need them. I have yet to use a patch, but I'm sure they will do the trick. The Alloy Patch Kit isn't the lightest one around but it's a great little set.