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Lightweight Thermos

    I really like this Thermos, though I must agree with everyone else about how the rim of the bottle is too hot for immediate consumption. But anyways isn't the point of this bottle to keep things hot/warm for later consumption? I usually put hot tea in this in the morning to then later have during a hike or even at work midday. Love that this is so much lighter than stainless steel thermos.

    Hot lip, funny taste

      The metal lip gets hot, as other reviewers have noted, so you can't drink tea or coffee from it.
      So I made it a cold water bottle, but I think the lining gives the water a funny taste. Have tried baking soda to neutralize it, but it still tastes funny.

      Probably not worth your time

        If you're reading the reviews, you're on the right trail - but as far as cool trail items go, this falls short.

        I bought two for my wife and I to put coffee in and head to work (35 minute commute). Due to poor engineering, you can't drink out of the bottle for 30-40 minutes (of which the liquids are hot!) and then once the rim has cooled down, so have your liquids. Overall, this is really not any better than our plastic coffee cups in terms of insulation effectiveness.

        Bottom line - not horrible, but I can't recommend it

        + keeps liquids hot for a time
        + looks cool

        - can't drink straight from bottle (haven't bought sport lid yet)
        - neoprene-like lining on bottle cap is beginning to come up after a month, compromising water tightness
        - doesn't really outperform any other coffee cup

        Does just what it is supposed to do

          This is a lightweight and insulated mountain bottle that keeps hot drinks hot for a little while (about 4 hours). Every Sunday morning I skin up a nearby mountain with friends. I pour hot tea in the thermos around 7:30 am, drive to the trailhead and skin up in 20 degree temps until 10:00. The tea is still hot. After skiing back to the truck the tea is typically luke warm.

          Sure you could carry a vacuum thermos and keep hot drinks hotter longer, but the thermos would weigh more and will generally hold less liquid.

          All in all, this is a sturdy and lightweight insulated bottle that does just what I ask of it.

          Wide mouth?

            I had to return the bottle. Looks nice, feels nice. never used it b/c throat was too small to easily accept ice cubes. So "wide mouth" may be wider than other ISO bottles, but not wide enough for me. If you are considering buying this, and need a wide opening, investigate the diameter of the mouth first! Save yoruself some time.

            Okay until it broke

              The bottle is ok at keeping hot liquids hot. It's impossible to drink the hot liquids out of it because your lips get burned. I had my bottle for only a year, however, when the seal between the outer and inner materials broke. It wasn't dropped or anything, the seal just busted one day. Now there is dirty water sloshing around in between the inner and outer layers, making it unuseable. Don't waste your money.

              Nifty Bottle

                The ISO bottle does the job in maintaining your drink's temperature for a few hours. While it is not nearly as insulating as a proper thermos, it is a huge improvement over a standard bottle. I think the bottle will keep my water from freezing when ski touring, and it seems to keep cold drinks from getting hot while traveling in the car. While I haven't tested it yet, I think it would do a good job of keeping drinks hot when you're inside or in the car, but probably not for too long when out in the cold. The bottle is definitely big compared to the volume it holds, but it has to be. I'd say Laken did a nice job making the ISO a hybrid between your standard bottle and a bulkier, heavier thermos.

                Laken ISO bottle

                  I like my ISO bottle. I was hoping to be able to drink straight from the bottle, but the edge is metal so it is too hot with very hot drinks. After purchasing the flip top lid with water bottle style spout, I can drink my hot drinks without difficulty. The bottle is a little taller that my SIGG. I do wish it was a bit shorter and slightly wider, like the SIGG.

                  Wash often

                    I prefer my Sigg (non-insulated) over my Laken ISO Bottle. The Laken has the grooves for the cover on the outside lip of the bottle. As a result, the bottle needs to be washed frequently as I like to rest the lip of the bottle on my lips when I drink. This results in bacteria reproducing on the lip, then causing it to smell when they die off. Also, I think that you could buy an insulated thermos for less that would be more effective at keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.

                    i heart it

                      I like this bottle - I ordered the 0.7L and the size of the bottle is slightly bigger (taller) than a Sigg 1L bottle I have (because of the insulation of this Laken bottle). So, that was a surprise, but not a bad one - I got used to it, and I really love the bottle. The lining is great - I use Accelerade powder mix in this bottle and the water after a mix-use never tastes residue-y. Plus the texture on the outside is slightly bumpy so you can hold on to it.

                      Laken ISO 70 Bottle

                        I'm a little disappointed. Doesn't seem to keep icewater cold any longer than a regular aluminum bottle. Also have been unable to find out if "sport tops" are available for this. Would prefer something to drink from one handed during activity, rather than stopping to unscrew the top.

                        Is the polyethylene a "bad for you" lining?...

                        Is the polyethylene a "bad for you" lining? Especially if it is warmed for hot liquids?

                        The bottle is lined with a BPA Free lining! The polyethylene dose not come close to your liquid inside. This bottle is composed of two walls of aluminum and the foam is between them; capped on the top with recyclable PP#5 or food grade, non-toxic polypropylene .

                        So I am a little confused. First, is the...

                        So I am a little confused. First, is the inside of the bottle the aluminum or is it the polyethelene? Second, does anyone know if when you put cold water or any beverage for that fact in it, does it sweat? Thank you in advance for your help

                        The inside is not polyethelene, it is lined with a BPA Free Poly Aramide lining that has been third party tested, according to the Laken USA website. I like it because it does not hold taste. It might sweat a little because the foam that lines between the two layers of aluminum is not as thermally efficient as a vacuum, but I have never seen a vacuum double wall aluminum bottle.


                        This is a vacuum sealed insualted, sweat-proof water bottle that I found online. You can check it out.

                        This is from the eco vessel site:
                        Our Eco Vessel insulated stainless steel water bottle is vacuum sealed with 2 layers of #304 grade stainless steel and is made to be used as a thermos for both hot and cold beverages, maintaining the desired temperature for several hours. Feel secure knowing that our 100% recyclable bottles are BPA-free, and are designed for your safety, ease of use, and convenience.

                        Is this a good container for hot soup?

                        Is this a good container for hot soup?