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Hydration with style.

    Love it. I've owned Laken bottles before and were so impressed with them, I purchased five this time around (for presents). It's a light, durable, sleek looking, easy to clean, and the price was great. I use the bottle at work and tennis.

    Good So Far

      Out of the box, I was surprised at how light this bottle is. It also does a great job at keeping fluids cold even in sunlight. Much better than various plastic bottles on the market. I mainly use this bottle in the gym, but I also take it out on missions with me here in Afghanistan. So far, it’s held up pretty well considering the beating it’s taken in my "go bag". Overall, the Laken Classic is a great product that I would recommend to everyone.


        This is a good size to last me all day at work, plus I like the top--it's easier to unscrew than my small Sigg. It's big, but just barely fits in a car cupholder. I have the green--it's a really nice deep emerald color. I think it's sold out, but I bet the other colors are great too! The only negative for me is that with the wide mouth I sometimes spill it all over myself, but it's probably just me...

        good lookin and quality

          the orange is a fabulous color. only problem for me is the other side of the bottle hits my nose whenever i take a sip. it doesn't happen for my husband so maybe not an awesome mouth for small faces. doable though for sure.

          Very Nice

            I'm completely happy with this purchase. The double-walled construction keeps your beverage insulated well, and the cap construction is key. It covers the outside of the rim where you drink from, and threads easily for quick on/off. The one liter size is great for a semi nalgene size bottle, although it doesn't fit in a standard cup holder. I've dropped it a couple times now, withs dents to prove it. The inner wall dented as well, but it hasn't harmed or affected any of it's insulative properties. My only beef is that the loop on the cap is of an odd shape — even a large caribiner won't properly fit on. I mean it clips on, but the small side of the clip doesn't fit under the part of the plastic cap, if that makes any sense. Otherwise, I'm very happy about the purchase.

            This was my review (a little more than) two years ago, and I stand by it. I recently left my Laken at an airport – it's gone forever =( This bottle had tons of character (via stickers and dents). I'm going to buy the exact same bottle in the exact same color, just because it's THAT GREAT OF A BOTTLE.

            great bottle

              i like this better than the sigg design we have. its larger mouth means i can put ice in it and i like that the lid screws on in a few turns as well as covers the rim where i drink. i use it for every day use and love it.

              nice bottle poor lining

                i have used the bottle nearly every day since i have gotten it (about 4 weeks now) and it works fine.. i mean, its a water bottle. it holds water. my main complaint is if u leave water in it overnight it seems to hold the flavor of the liner which is very plastic-chemical like. it does the job but i would not recommend it for everyday use

                Not bad

                • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

                The 1L Laken has a great widemouth for ice cubes and easily cleaning, but the bottle dents easily (especially when full) reducing the capacity. I have no complaints about the paint job, I care about the amount of and quality of water I carry. The food grade interior coating does not change the taste of water and there is no concern with drinking too much from aluminum.

                The screw top remains snug after a lot of jostling too, though its just as hard to clean as a Nalgene top. A carabiner will not fit easily on the top of the cap, making it hard to just clip to a pack.

                Read this before you buy...

                  Adequate for the job, but the real thing doesn't look like the photo. It looks less like brushed metal and more like it's been coated with a thick shiny shellac, and is more gold than bright yellow. I was disappointed about that.

                  Dents easily, I found out, and doesn't fit in my bike waterbottle holder - it would've been nice if they had provided measurements so I could've found that out *before* I purchased it.

                  High marks

                    Really good. I like it better than my wife's Sigg(harder to get the cap on/off, narrow mouth makes it hard to clean), and better than my old nalgene. Doesn't change the flavor of water at all, and so far it's durable and easy to clean. It will fit ice for cold drinks, and is even large enough for tea bags.

                    it says that this thermos is BPA-free, but...

                    it says that this thermos is BPA-free, but there is no certificate or something like that?

                    Can someone please give me the dimensions...

                    Can someone please give me the dimensions of this bottle to include the cap when it is screwed on?

                    my name is laken and i mainly want one of...

                    my name is laken and i mainly want one of these because my name is on it but i also want to know if it is a good water bottle i mean i dont want the taste of aluminum in my mouth after getting a drink does it leave that taste?

                    I'm looking for a wide mouth aluminum water...

                    I'm looking for a wide mouth aluminum water bottle. Does the Laken Classic Bottle, 1L, really allow for ice cubes?

                    Can anyone explain why this is better than...

                    Can anyone explain why this is better than a non-BPA nalgene? Nalgene can be frozen, holds boiling fluids, has a wide mouth, is lighter, transparent to see fluid level, do not dent, etc..All of the above for Nalgene wide mouth bladders, which have the added benefit of reducing the required volume as the beverage is drunk.

                    Can you pour boiling water into the Laken...

                    Can you pour boiling water into the Laken bottles, or any of the epoxi-lined bottles?

                    Best Answer

                    Putting boiling water in the epoxi-liner has the potential to damage it substantially. If you're wanting hot beverages, try this from Laken:

                    Is it safe to leave water in the Laken...

                    Is it safe to leave water in the Laken water bottle to freeze overnight in the fridge ??

                    Best Answer

                    The info sheet with my Sigg aluminum bottle, which is basically the same, says it is not suitable for deep freezing but that it can be refrigerated.There's a possibility of the aluminum cracking due to expansion if frozen for extended periods of time.

                    Does Bakcountry carry a stainless steel...

                    Does Bakcountry carry a stainless steel double walled water bottle ~half a liter?